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If At First ... Legislature Looking To Rein In Auto Insurance

Special interests halted past reform efforts Read more

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Medical Welfare Programs Look To Price Another Year Of Life

Is a beneficiary’s ‘quality-adjusted life year’ worth the cost of a drug? Read more


Union Membership Continues to Drop Nationwide

The Janus decision is having an effect on membership Read more

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Court: OK For Wayne County To Seize Man’s Car For 3 Years

Legislators considering changes to state asset forfeiture law Read more

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State Employee Morale Drops As State Spending Rises

Gov. Whitmer is concerned Read more


Michigan’s Democratic Governor Pushes Special Corporate Tax Break

There are more important priorities Read more

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Media Smokestack Images And Air Pollution Spin

Those billowing white clouds coming out aren’t what you may think Read more


Dead Last In Payments to Local Governments And Everything Else

The dangers of relying on outdated data Read more

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Numbers Are In: Fossil Fuels Kept Furnaces Running During Polar Vortex

Wind production fell 79 percent over three coldest days Read more


Michigan School Funding ‘Dead Last’? Watch That Methodology

Third in a series of how claims about public school revenue claims are often misleading Read more

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