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What Law Says Is Optional With These School Districts And Unions

Cozy management/labor relations in public school districts contribute to abuses Read more

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Payroll Size Questions Put Hold On Rochester Hills Library Tax Hike

Where are the library books? Official asks why not user fees for nontraditional programs Read more


Divide and Conquer: Democrats in Congress Pushing Unions on Workers

PRO Act gives unions unfettered access to employees Read more

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State Data Doesn’t Support Newspaper’s Dire Report On Bridges

Fewer bridges are in 'poor' shape and more are in 'fair' shape Read more


Growth Fuels Budget Priorities in House and Senate Budgets

Real Cuts to Corporate Welfare on the Table Read more

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Dem Bills Make Companies Prove Innocence On Equal Pay

Yet important new Harvard study undermines basis of workplace sex discrimination claims Read more

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Benton Harbor Schools Errs In Reporting Teacher Salaries

Mistake distorts public discussions of education policy in Michigan Read more

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All Quiet On The ‘Photo-Cop’ Legislative Front — For Now

Revenue-seeking municipalities and device vendors behind push to bring red-light cameras Read more


Private School Decline May Be Overstated

Families need more, not fewer, education options Read more

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No State Education Board Majority To Take $47 Million Federal For Charters

The schools get the money anyway Read more

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