News Story


Summer 2011 Edition

In this issue:

  • Costly Union Worker Special Favor Barely Survives With Help of Two Michigan Republicans
  • Taxpayers’ K-12 Money Diverted to Union Business
  • State Taxpayers May Eat $1.6 Million Loan for Defunct Green Bus Company
  • ad liberties: Losing Control of Government?
  • The $39 Billion Bill for 'One of the Best Public Pensions Around'
  • ‘Big Oil’ PropsUp Michigan’s Teacher Pensions
  • Politicians May Prop Up – But Not Reform – ‘One of the Best Public Pensions Around’
  • Just One Michigan Republican Votes for Labor Union Monopoly Over Government Construction Work
  • Senate GOP Says Three Unpaid Parking Tickets is Valid Reason to Hold Up Driver License Renewal
  • House Votes to End Taxpayer-Financed Union Negotiators
  • Flint Loses Out On $1.1 Million ‘Green Energy’ Buses — Now Wants $2.5 Million Version
  • School District Admits 'Big Mistake' Over 'Get Rid of Snyder' Phone Alert
  • Step Increases: The Big Teacher Raises That Don’t Make the News
  • Inconvenient Truths Disappear Down Government ‘Memory Holes’
  • Which Republicans Can Snyder Count on for K-12 Reform?
  • Breaking Bad: Dearborn Gives Four Problem Teachers $197K to Go Away
  • Michigan’s Government-Mandated Beer Contracts: Harder to Escape Than Marriage?
  • Ann Arbor Schools Find and Oust 200 Ineligible Dependents from District Health Plan
  • Super Speedway Notches Second State Subsidy
  • Lawmaker Seeks More Transparency for SWAT Team Raids
  • Ineligible Dependents on Ann Arbor Schools’ Health Plan Cost District $766K in 2010
  • Who are Your Lawmakers?
  • I’m Just a Bill