News Story


Spring 2012 Edition

In this issue:

  • Ecorse: Regaining Control
  • Snyder Signs GSRA Bill
  • Teacher Upset She Can't Retire at 47
  • ad liberties: Relentless Positive Medicine
  • Video Shows President Obama Top Politicians Praising Failed Green Company
  • Green Eyeshadow On Red Ink: 'Green' Jobs Fail To Live Up To the Hype
  • Chevy Volt Costing Taxpayers Up to $250K Per Vehicle
  • Detroit: The Triumph of Progressive Public Policy
  • The Dangers of Painting
  • Better Late Than Never: An End To the 'Dues Skim'
  • Cutting Librarians and Therapists Would Save Prisons Millions
  • UAW Member: Union Workers 'Need To Embrace' Right-to-Work Laws
  • Indiana Is a Right-to-Work State
  • Union-Supported Ballot Proposal Targets Right-to-Work, Recent Reforms
  • Mixed Messages Persist on State's Prison Spending
  • Bill Would Require CEOs Get Drug Tested If Company Gets Loans, Grants Or Tax Credits
  • School Districts Will Soon No Longer Be Responsible For Deducting Teacher Union Dues
  • School Pension System Affects Everyone
  • 1,200 Hours To Be a Lawyer, But 2,000 To Be a Barber
  • University of Michigan Spends $129K To Produce a Degree
  • Creative Arts: Exaggerated Teacher Union Claims Not Supported By The Facts
  • Teachers' Union Manual Shows How to Organize Illegal Strikes, Use Children During Bargaining
  • MEA's Underpaid-Teacher Claims Don't Fit With The Facts
  • There's No School Retiree Health Benefit 'Entitlement'
  • Are Teachers With Master's Degrees Forced To Take Food Stamps?
  • Who Are Your Lawmakers?
  • I'm Just a Bill