News Story


Spring 2013 Edition

In this issue:

  • Lawsuit Filed To Protect Teachers’ Rights
  • Union Will Use ‘Any Legal  Means’ To Combat Members Who Want To Leave
  • Three Cheers for House Democrats
  • Reform Starts in the States, Not in Washington
  • Applauding Michigan Legislators Who Supported Workplace Freedom and Liberty
  • Republican Senators Against Right-to-Work
  • Republican House Members Who Voted Against Right-to-Work
  • SEIU ‘Skim Tracker’ Stops Ticking
  • House Rep Wants To Force Homeschool Parents To Report Attendance To The State
  • Consumers Are Best Arbiters of the Market
  • Right-to-Work Comes To Michigan: A Visual Time Line
  • Average Michigan Government Employee Compensation Exceeds Six Figures For The First Time
  • Hathaway Pension: First Check Due Before Sentencing
  • Government Workers Average Twice As Many Sick Days Per Year As Private-Sector Employees
  • Is Repeal In The Cards For Michigan’s Prevailing Wage Law?
  • Balance Increased Road Spending with Cuts
  • Union President Receives ‘Outstanding Organizing’ Award For Shutting Down School To Protest Right-To-Work Law
  • Taylor School Board Approves Contract Forcing Teachers To Pay Union
  • Bill Would Require One Year Of Residency To Qualify For Welfare
  • Legislators Chip Away at Proposal A Property Tax Limits
  • Proposed Law Would Prevent Unemployment Benefits For Certain Drug Users
  • Employees In Right-to-Work States Are Richer
  • Hazards of Long-Term Union Security Agreements
  • UAW President Bob King Admits Proposal 2 Was About Right-to-Work
  • The Facts On Subsidized College Degrees
  • I’m Just A Bill