News Story


Fall 2013 Edition

In this issue:

  • Lawsuit Filed Against Teamsters For Extra Fee Imposed On Right-to-Work Employees
  • Detroit Bankruptcy
  • The Detroit Narrative Will Shape the Nation
  • Two Democrats Join Republicans at Top of Tea Party Scorecard
  • School Districts Cannot Require Parents To Buy School Supplies
  • Right-to-Work Event Marred By Protesters Spitting At Worker Freedom Advocates
  • ‘Low Winter Sun’ Buzz Ignores Taxpayer Subsidies
  • Right-to-Work Laws Lead To More People, More Jobs and Higher Pay
  • Unions Cry Crocodile Tears Over Municipal Pensions
  • Legislation Grants More Money, Taxpayer Debt For University Construction
  • Senate Bill Aims to Bolster Corporate Welfare 
  • Mother May I?: Nanny state politicians and bureaucrats getting in the way of liberty, happiness
  • GOP Controlled Legislature Passed Medicaid Expansion; Gov. Snyder Signed Bill
  • Experts: Earthquakes, Water Usage Not Concerns With Fracking in Michigan
  • Lighting Water On Fire? Gas In Water Supplies Existed Long Before Fracking
  • Pension ‘Assumptions’ are the Problem in Detroit, Statewide
  • National Commentary Wrong About Detroit’s Failure
  • Former State Treasurer Diverts Blame for Detroit’s Problems 
  • Township Supervisor: ‘I Want People to Know Where Their Money is Going’
  • MEA President Goes After Local Teachers’ Union President
  • MSU English Professor Threatens Students in Anti-Republican Rant
  • SEIU Under Investigation over Prop 4 ‘Dues Skim’ took $35 million from Medicaid recipients
  • Loss of Funding Not To Blame For School District Failures
  • State, Media Encourage Playing the Lottery
  • I'm Just A Bill