News Story


Summer 2014 Edition

In this issue:

  • SEIU Membership Drops 80 Percent After Dues Skim Ends
  • Michigan Families Helped Harris v. Quinn Succeed
  • The 89,000 Clean Energy Jobs Myth
  • How To Tell What a Bill Actually Does
  • Michigan Loses 40K Grads; Corporate Welfare Program Paid $127K Each To Keep 125 Of Them
  • Beverly Hills Cop
  • Daycare Workers Could Get Refund
  • Charters That Fail, Close
  • Wind Power 'Success Story' Was a Massive Failure
  • Michigan vs. Minnesota Report Says Little About What Policies To Pursue
  • Michigan Teacher Pension Costs Increase to Nearly $1 Billion Per Year
  • From Detroit To The Ivy League: One Student's Journey
  • Bill Would Allow Strip Searches for Misdemeanor Crimes; Probable Cause Not Necessary
  • State School Rankings a Poor Measure of Charter Public School Performance
  • MEA Sends Credit Agency After Teacher Who Stopped Paying Dues
  • Right-to-Work States Dominating In Job Growth
  • Union Opposes Privatization For Others, Outsources For Itself
  • Reuben Sandwich With a Side of 500K Lost Jobs
  • Union Surrenders Member Benefits To Keep Unenforceable Clause In Contract
  • Non-Christians Given 'Special Consideration' In Union Teacher Contract
  • School Districts Copying Each Other's Homework While Calling Increased Funding a 'Cut'
  • Teamsters Drop Case Requiring Non-Members Pay Unfair Fee
  • Legislator Blames 'Shady Bankers' For Detroit's Problems Despite Voting To Double Debt
  • MEA Still Chasing Thousands Not Paying Dues Or Fees
  • Hypocrisy Over Private Organizations 'Profiteering' Off Education System
  • I'm Just a Bill