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Films or Potholes?

Cost of film subsidy program would repair over 5 million potholes

… million for the state's film subsidy program. Previously, … they should end the film program and use the … are pledging toward films for the upcoming fiscal … a lot of reasons , film subsidies are one of … more

Cap the Film Incentives and Kill the Film Industry in Michigan? Not Yet

Film Industry Supporters Crying Wolf Over Governor's Plans for Film Subsidies

… Free Press column , film industry proponent and … refundable, unlimited film incentives, you might … “…effectively chases films away. No successful … wants to be the last film in, then find out the … more

Clock is Ticking on Michigan's Film Subsidies

Unless the bill is vetoed, film incentives end soon

… would kill the state’s film subsidy program, was … hard to argue that film subsidies have been … appropriated to the coffers of film studios, there were fewer film jobs in the state … more

Michigan Chamber CEO Blasts Film Subsidies as a 'Boondoggle'

Bill extends film subsidies indefinitely

… to extend Michigan’s film incentive subsidy program … Rich Studley blasted film subsidies during withering … taxpayer dollars spent on film subsidies would be better … roads. “If the Michigan film subsidies were a movie … more

Will Michigan Taxpayers Be Giving KISS Millions For the Rock Band's Film?

Gene Simmons slaps down socialism but KISS film may accept film subsidies

… incentives the Michigan Film Office approved in 2011 for the KISS film "Cadillac High"? Simmons … to reapply for the film incentive and hasn’t … spokeswoman for the Michigan Film Office. It is unclear … more

Film Incentives Clearly Hurt

Studies show a lack of positive economic impact

… elimination of Michigan’s film incentive at The Detroit … but the studies of film incentives are clear. … — have argued that [film incentives] don’t succeed … more

Michigan May Send Film Credits to the Cutting Room Floor

Bill looks to end subsidies, $500 million and no job gains later

… originally appropriated for film production subsidies … Katie Carey said the film credit program “has … find that with the film credits, that's one … $494.4 million on the film credit program from … more

Michigan Has Fewer Film Jobs Than it Did Prior to Incentive Program

$500 million later, 100 fewer jobs

… Michigan has fewer film jobs than it did when … Michigan had 1,561 film jobs in 2013 (the latest … the state had 1,663 film jobs. See chart nearby. Michigan … per year subsidizing film productions. Previously, … more

Five Reasons Government Subsidies For Films Are A Bad Idea

Politicians help Big Hollywood soak taxpayers for few benefits, much harm

… of expenditures for film, television, music video, … debated Michigan's film subsidy program  on … are: The Michigan film subsidy program does … nearby ). It's true that film production companies … more

Box Office Bombs: Made in Michigan

Many films are getting more money from Michigan taxpayers than they are at the theaters

"The Genesis Code," a film shot in Michigan, received … during the two years of filming and its theatrical release. The film received a lot of media … attention because it was filmed in west Michigan. … more

Michigan's Film Incentive Program Has Been A Bust

Taxpayers have spent nearly $450 million with little to show for it

… changed its open-ended film incentive program to … devoted $444.7 million to film productions from both … establish a permanent film industry. Approved film productions spend money … more
Film Jobs in Michigan

Film Tax Credits Don’t Grow the Economy

… state’s newly minted film tax credit program, … Corporation reported that film incentives created zero … actually has fewer film-related jobs than it … Michigan is not alone. Film tax credits, more commonly … more

New Evidence: Film Incentives Still Don’t Work

Research from Michael Thom analyzes a variety of programs

… once the most generous film incentive program in … that despite giving film producers half a billion … were no signs that the film industry in Michigan … states and found that film incentive programs, … more

Film Subsidy Supporters: Mich. Program a Failure

A 'race to the bottom'

… California featured several film incentive boosters who … opposition. Henchman pointed out that film incentive programs are … more

Film Subsidy Bucks Buy Video Games: Does Hollywood Glitz Still Shine?

… Michigan’s controversial film tax subsidy, taxpayers … August, the Michigan Film Office awarded Scientifically … Clooney this month at a film festival what he thought about filming in Ann Arbor. Clooney’s … more

Republican-led Legislature Votes Overwhelmingly to Continue 'Big Hollywood' Film Subsidy

Senate passes bill 34-4, House 92-15

… allowing the state’s film subsidy program to continue, … $100 million for the film subsidy program. The … how much the Michigan Film Office can authorize, … converts the previous film incentive program into … more

Hey! Is that Brad Pitt in the Frozen Food Aisle?

Almost every argument in favor of film subsidies is wrong

… state's subsidies to film producers . ForTheRecord … are about to kill the film industry in this state, … taxpayer dollars to film producers. Michigan … pictures since Michigan’s film subsidy program began … more

Plot to Kill Film Credits Begins to Look Plausible

… chance that Michigan’s film subsidy program will … something like the film credits would be something … something like the film credits. Clearly … a major reason the film credits hadn’t been … more

House Vote on Terminating Michigan Film Producer Subsidies

House rejects $50 million per year program

… state tax dollars to film-production companies. … had 1,663 full-time film-industry jobs in 2008, … requiring any leftover film subsidy money be used … losses from a past film-related deal. The Granholm … more

Film Incentive Bill Sows Its Own Expansion

… expand the state’s film incentive program, which … law was to allow the film office flexibility to … version of the bill gives film productions shooting … doesn’t let the Michigan Film Office decide how much … more

Another Film Subsidy Failure

Michigan 3D media company, Speedshape, paid by taxpayers to help make Spy Kids 4, owes taxes and rent

… thanks to Michigan film incentives in 2011 to … release from the Michigan Film Office. The Weinstein … million by the Michigan film tax incentive.  However, … is bothered that the film was not shot in Michigan … more

Will Michigan GOP Continue Michael Moore Film Subsidies?

Program is a waste of taxpayer money

In 2011, left-wing filmmaker Michael Moore sat … council for the Michigan Film Office. The office is … costs for his 2009 film “ Capitalism: A Love … million from Michigan’s film subsidy program. In … more

Warning: Increase Film Subsides Now and Risk Regrets Later

… one-time allowance for film subsidies in Michigan. … Richardville, R-Monroe, on the film subsidies: “(Richardville) … allocated to the state’s film incentive program for … bill to change the film subsidies that would … more

Michigan Film Subsidies: Two Years, $117m — and No Film Job Growth

… years since Michigan's film subsidy program became … people employed by the film industry in Michigan … program began. The film subsidy program was … authorized $117 million in film credits, and the Department … more

Film Incentive Supporters Ignore the Facts

No evidence that Michigan's program is worth the cost

… communications for the Michigan Film Office, responded to … co-authored about Michigan's film incentive program. Unfortunately, … independent studies on film incentive programs; … money losers — the film incentives were not … more

GOP Budget Spends More on Film Subsidies

Picking Hollywood over taxpayers

… spent on Michigan’s film subsidy program. Spending … program. Michigan’s film subsidy used to be the … give-backs. Last year, the film subsidy gave millions … rich Hollywood studio films like " A Very Harold … more

Film Incentives: The $50 Million Sequel

State Rep.: 'I think the studios made a big push for them ... they won me over'

… cutting Michigan's film incentives in half, … include any money for the film incentive program. The … again. Appropriations for the film incentives are one item … a compromise on the film incentives, such as … more

State Subsidies for Hollywood Dying in Iowa and Drawing Fire In Missouri and Michigan

… second thoughts about film tax incentives. Iowa … Rick Snyder has said that film credits aren’t sustainable … recommended ending its film incentives. The report … Branstad, said the film credit in their state … more

Batman and Superman vs. Taxpayers

Film subsidy costs taxpayers almost $8 each

… year $35 million to film the "Batman vs. Superman" movie to be filmed in Michigan. In … hook for $7.80 for the film. Perhaps taxpayers can … released in 2015. Film subsidies are bad … more

Why Film Subsidies Must Go

Independent studies show Hollywood corporate welfare a bust

… column  on Michigan's film incentive program should … a clear conclusion: Film subsidies have to go. Researchers … spectrum agree that film incentives don't create … Foundation says the film incentives "are costly … more

Three Reasons Why Michigan Should End Film Incentives

Results show the investment is not worth it

… would end the state’s film incentive program. The … state should cut the film incentives once and … reasons: 1. No increase in film jobs . According to … Statistics, there are fewer film jobs in the state … more

Riches-to-Rags Story Developing For Movie Operations in Michigan

House budget proposes eliminating state's $50M film subsidy program

If the state’s film subsidy were a movie … proposing to eliminate the film credit completely. Nancy … to vote against the film subsidy. "I think … economic return of using film credits is minuscule … more

Michigan Was Right to End Film Incentives

New report backs up legislators

… wrap up the state’s film subsidy program – … than 40 states have film incentive programs, … giving tax dollars for film production. A state … benefits. Proponents say subsidies for filmmaking are good for the … more

Government Report Shows Film Jobs Stagnant Despite Incentives

State has pledged approximately $400 million from taxpayers for little return

… nation's most lucrative film incentive program, then … result of our aggressive film incentives we are not … one key aspect of the film industry — post production … spokeswoman for the Michigan Film Office, said in an email … more

Lone Democrat Votes Against Party Line on Film Subsidies

… House voted to repeal a film producer subsidy program … says: Since 2008 the film subsidy program has … direct cash subsidies to film producers, entirely … more

House Budget Puts Roads Above Film Subsidies

Some Republicans protecting Big Hollywood corporate welfare

… which  would end the Michigan film subsidy program  and … been  big backers  of the film program, even pushing … biggest fans of the film incentive .” “It … Michigan.” The film subsidies are an  inefficient … more

So Long Film Subsidies

Other 'economic development' programs should be next

… no longer offer new film productions taxpayer … development considering that film incentives passed with … ineffective for the film industry and should … more

That's a Wrap! Film Subsidies Terminated

Bill ending program now a law

… phases out Michigan’s film subsidy program. The … prohibits the state film office and the relevant … entering into any new film subsidy agreements or … to have a Michigan Film Office to assist moviemakers … more

Why Politicians Love Film Subsidies

Sen. Stabenow to appear in Batman v. Superman

… spending $500 million on a film subsidy that pledged … more

Film Subsidy Money Has to Come From Somewhere

Actress's defense a case study for why movie program is an economic failure

… part of the state’s film subsidy program. The … back the Michigan film tax credits, which previously … percent subsidy to select filmmakers. Most of this … your experience like filming the show in Michigan … more

Michigan Senate Votes to Remove Sunset Provision Ending Hollywood Subsidies

Bill also removes cap on high-paid actors; now moves to the House

… extend the state's film subsidy program beyond … money used for the film subsidies could better … right now, rather than films, we get much more bang … House. The original film subsidy bill passed … more

Cost to Replace Lost Jobs with Michigan Film Subsidies: $39.4 Billion

… estimates that Michigan film production tax breaks … During that year the film incentives' net cost … jobs with subsidized film production jobs would … "direct" jobs generated by film production subsidies … more

House Committee Votes to End Michigan Film Incentives

$500 million spent with no overall increase in jobs

… $50 million per year film incentive program. The … the committee, saying film incentives are a poor … $500 million on the film subsidy program since … overall increase in film jobs in the state. … more

Select Few Benefit from Film Subsidies

While crumbling roads affect everyone

… vs. Superman " being filmed in metro Detroit demonstrates … Dorris, Oakland County film commissioner, provided … get the idea that the film subsidies are a great … economic literature on film subsidy programs, and … more

Taxpayer Funded Films Flop With Viewers

Taxpayer advocate: 'Economic health is not created when people's labor is used to make things nobody wants'

… "Love and Honor" was filmed in Ann Arbor in 2011, … movie was released, the film was more like its original … company $1.6 million in film incentives for $4.1 … office . Entertainment One Films said " Freaky Deaky ," … more

What Happened in Five Days?

State Rep. Rose Mary Robinson changes her mind on corporate film subsidies

… eliminate Michigan’s film credits. “I know … more

'Low Winter Sun' Buzz Ignores Taxpayer Subsidies

Media reports overlooked $7.5M state taxpayers paid for TV drama to film here

… the drama series was filmed. "I was intrigued … Low Winter Sun. Filmmakers can get back as … thanks to the Michigan Film Office's film credit. That's … more

The GOP Politicians Who Voted Against Ending Film Subsidies

Those voting for more tax credits explain why

… eliminate the state’s film subsidy program. The … vote. Michigan’s film subsidies date back … inspire a home-grown film movie industry to take … number of full-time film jobs here, from 1,663 … more

December 5, 2014, MichiganVotes Weekly Vote Report

Road funding, religious freedom, film subsidies more

… Bill 1103 , Extend film producer subsidies: … subsidy payments to some film productions until 2022 … more

Star Struck: Why States Chase the Film Industry with Subsidies

While economists on the right and the left say they shouldn't

… opportunity to put Michigan’s film subsidy program to rest. … demonstrating that state film subsidy programs are … authored a study on state film subsidies four years … study was that “state film subsidies are costly … more

Senate Votes to Continue Film Subsidies

Will House put Michigan residents above Hollywood actors?

… provision for the state’s film incentive program, meaning … MIRS News about the film credit program. “These states (with film incentive programs) … to the nature of the film industry, most of the … more

Michigan Film Subsidy Winner Costs 10x More to Make Than It Earns

… advocates of the Michigan film tax incentives said … they had in mind. Filmed in Grand Rapids, the … according to the Michigan Film Office. Had it been filmed in Louisiana, it would … more

Analysis of Michigan Film Subsidies: Two Years, $117m - and No Film Job Growth

… years since Michigan's film subsidy program became … people employed by the film industry in Michigan … program began. The film subsidy program was … authorized $117 million in film credits, and the Department … more

State Film Incentives are the Real 'President Business' Villain

… recent blockbuster film titled “ The Lego Movie. ” The … cash subsidies for filming the movie “Batman … more
Exhibit A: MFO 2009 Annual Report

Analysis: Lawmakers Fail to Answer Questions About Film Subsidy Transparency

… about the Michigan Film Incentive and how well … can you tell us about film money?" appear common-sense, … think that the existing film incentive legislation … extent. The Michigan Film Office makes its legally … more

October 24, 2014, MichiganVotes Weekly Report

Extend film subsidies, and more key votes from 2014

… Bill 1103 , Extend film producer subsidies: … state subsidies for film productions, and make … state tax revenue to film producers through in … more

Senator Called Film Subsidies 'a Waste,' Now Votes to Continue Them

… considered Michigan’s film credits to be “a waste” … to extend Michigan’s film subsidy program beyond … spent on out-of-state film industry salaries. "He … Daley) has voted for the film credits about every … more

How Would You Spend an Extra $130?

Film incentive programs take from everyone to give to a few

… Tannenwald remarked that film incentives were a bad … of tax money in the film incentive budget. more

Taxpayers Handcuffed By Money Being Given To Beverly Hills Cop Production Company

Viacom reported $3.7 billion profit in 2013, but Michigan taxpayers will surrender $13.5 million for filming in the state

… million in Michigan while filming. Viacom CEO … Foundation, who has studied film incentives around the … Drenkard said. Even filmmaker Michael Moore questioned … Michigan should give film subsidies to a corporation … more

Stage Doors and Broken Windows

… plea for more state film subsidies that ignores … previously unlimited film subsidies at only … this equation that the film subsidy beneficiaries … precisely the refrain of film giveaway advocates when … more

Hollywood Battles Michigan's New Budget Chief

“There’s no other place in state government where we just say ‘we’re going to pay 42 percent, and let us know what the bill is.’”

… battle over Michigan's film subsidy program has … monetary favors to the film industry. Since … Feb. 22. “Michigan's film industry to fade away … strident supporters of the film incentives, which include … more

Michigan Taxpayers Already Paid for 'Oz'

Film costs state taxpayers almost $9 each

… Powerful," opens today. The film cost the studio about … the state’s generous film subsidy program. In … should be seeing the film for free. Michigan … the state gave the film studio $39.7 million … more

From Here to Eternity?

Motion Picture Association of America letter wants permanent corporate welfare for movies

… constantly told that film incentives are supposed … considered for major feature films.” The MPAA represents … nearly every major film and television producer … without any uptick in film jobs. In California, … more

The Irony of Michigan's Film Incentive Program

A documentary criticizing subsidies gets them while another praising the program does not

… welfare from the Michigan Film Office. Chris-Teena … Fall of the Michigan Film Incentive” and didn’t … more

Firefighters or Mitch Albom's Movie Subsidy?

… spreading among Michigan film subsidy beneficiaries … Free Press’s main film subsidy cheerleader, … Detroit Free Press, a failed film studio project is the … owned utopian 104-acre film studio and “retraining … more

Public Employee Pension Systems Raided To Pay Film Studio Bills

Michigan teachers and state employee systems paid $1.68 million so far for Pontiac studio

… has analyzed state film credits around the country … like supporters of the film tax credit be held financially … struggles on the film tax credit being reduced.  The … more

Governor Describes Film Subsidies as Jobs Program, so "Why Not Give Them Spoons?"

… understanding of the state film production subsidies: "Goal of film tax credit is jobs, … more
Michael Moore

Michael Moore's 'Greed' Message Doesn't Apply to His Film's Financiers

Film incentives an accepted part of business plans

… taxpayer subsidies for filming in Michigan. Yet … for tax credits for filming part of the movie … at the Traverse City Film Festival and questioned … logic of the Michigan Film Incentive program, which reimburses … more

Little House on the Subsidized Prairie

Melissa Gilbert says she won't start theater company unless Schauer wins

… subsidies it delivers to film producers from the current … creating a sustained state film industry has been challenged … voted to limit its film subsidies. It currently … major future feature films.” According to … more

Mark Ruffalo Wants Government to Defund the Police — But Fund His Films

'Hulk' star has appeared in many taxpayer subsidized movies

… government, but subsidizing film production is not. Like … who also benefit from film subsidies. Specifically, … money appearing in films whose producers were … taxpayer dollars via state film subsidies. His subsidized … more

Media Ignores Costs In Film Coverage

Lawmakers exchange bad policy for Hollywood glitz

The Michigan film subsidy program is a … stories about the Disney film, "Oz: The Great and … its subsidies, the film program brought the … achieved no growth in film jobs in the meantime. The … more

Power to the People: 2015 Brought Some Key Reforms to Michigan

Bye-bye film subsidies, hello limits on improper or abusive police and prosecutor actions

… costly subsidies for film producers and new laws … prosecutors. Death Sentence for Film Subsidies On … phases out Michigan’s film subsidy program. Launched … Michigan taxpayers to film producers, many of whom … more

Fuzzy Film Math

… Press on the Michigan Film Office stated that its … promoted by the Michigan Film Office. According … University study of the film incentive program, there … jobs created by the film productions in 2008. But … more

Politicians Should Stand Up for Taxpayers

Instead of sending their money to Hollywood

Proponents of the Michigan film subsidy program, which … spends $40 million on film subsidies, most of which … million per year on film subsidies, is if politicians … more

$72 Million in Film Credits Not Reported by Film Office

The Michigan Film Office, under Gov. Jennifer … gave out to Hollywood’s film producers, according … out by the Michigan Film Office. Hohman caught … put out by Michigan Film Office and compared … more

Hollywood Grinch: Michigan Taxpayers Give 'A Very Harold Kumar Christmas' Millions

Does the film violate the state's obscenity standard?

… Christmas” $8.3 million for filming in this state. The … state reimbursed the filmmakers for $8.3 million … statute that allows the film subsidies. The … spokeswoman for the Michigan Film Office, didn’t respond … more

Contrast Over Right-to-Work, Film Subsidies, Detroit Bailout In 31st District Senate Race

State Sen. Mike Green vs. State Rep. Kevin Daley

… Daley) has voted for the film credits about every … "In my opinion, the film credits are a waste. … a penny toward the film credits. "My opponent … bailout." Rep. Daley said his film credit votes were primarily … more

While Taxpayers Shell Out Big For Hollywood Stars, Media Fawns

Michigan continues 'Big Hollywood' film subsidy

… they just finished a film in. The actors then … thanks to Michigan’s film tax credit program. Clooney’s … got $5.23 million in film subsidies and “Answer … or Reel Steal? New Film Costs $4.26 Per Michigan … more

Film Transparency – Just say No?

… transparency in the state’s film subsidy program. On … require the Michigan Film Office to regularly post specific film production spending … of transparency in the film industry in March, 2009 … more

Hollywood Transforms Itself to Milk Multiple States for Movie Money

'Transformers' movie series got millions from taxpayers in Michigan, Illinois and Florida

… 2010, then-Michigan Film Office Director Carrie … locations " during the filming. However, Michigan … spent $24 million for filming 30 days in Illinois … about  $7.6 million  in film tax subsidy money from … more

Mitch Albom's 'Single-Industry' Blunder

There's much more to Michigan's economy than autos

… has distributed to film producers since 2008: … more

Corporate Welfare for Hollywood Comes First

Michigan's roads can wait

… state’s flop-filled film subsidy program shot … about it, the state’s film subsidy program is nothing … and there are fewer film jobs in Michigan now … A bill to continue film subsidies zips through … more

Is Shooting a Film in Detroit Like 'Being in Prison'?

… actors who worked on the film made what appeared … Paul Giamatti compared filming a movie in Detroit … Giamatti was in the film, shot partly in Ann Arbor … $4.9 million subsidy that the film received. "The … more

'Batman vs. Superman' Swings Super Subsidy Deals from Multiple States

A challenge to boosters' claim that incentives can plant a sustainable industry

… who posted photos of filming in East Lansing and … vs. Superman will be filmed in several states, … one of them says the film is eligible for its own film subsidies. In addition … more

Movie Made in Israel Gets Michigan Tax Dollars

… outside the state for a film shot entirely in another … problems with the Michigan film incentive program, which … spends in the state. Film subsidy supporters always … provide subsidies, film producers will shop … more

Lawmakers Tackle Film Credit Transparency

… sifting through the bills filmmakers had chalked up while filming in Michigan and submitted … Clint Eastwood and filmed in the Detroit area, … laundry list of what the filmmakers wanted to be reimbursed … more

Lawmakers Tackle Film Credit Transparency

… sifting through the bills filmmakers had chalked up while filming in Michigan and submitted … Clint Eastwood and filmed in the Detroit area, … laundry list of what the filmmakers wanted to be reimbursed … more

State 'Super' Sizes Movie with Subsidy

Hollywood getting more corporate welfare from your pockets

The Michigan Film Office announced recently … Superman-Batman movie would film in Michigan and collect … scope of the deal and film left me asking if one … million dedicated to this film and others is a colossal … more

Sun Sets on Another Cop Drama Shot In Detroit; Taxpayers Lose More Money

Neither media hype, nor millions from taxpayers could keep 'Low Winter Sun' from being canceled after one season

… according to the Michigan Film Office. "Detroit … ABC police drama, was filmed in Detroit in 2010 … Michigan. Like most film projects set in Michigan, … inherent deficiency in films that get taxpayer subsidies. … more

Film Incentive Drama May Upset Reforms

… known as the Michigan Film Incentive is scheduled … reimburses 42 percent of a film production’s costs … Legislature created the film subsidy program in 2008. … the state’s economy. Film productions would receive … more

Film Subsidy Secrecy May Be Ending

The details of how film production companies … the most lucrative film incentives in the country. … whether the Michigan Film Office will be as transparent … state that the Michigan Film Office is permitted … more

Democrat Contradictions: Corporate Tax Breaks Bad, But Incentives for Hollywood Good

Dems criticize MEDC, but want to give more money to millionaire movie moguls

… Bob, founded Miramax Films in 1979 and then sold … supported the state's film subsidy program and … million from the state's film incentive program in … to eliminate the film subsidy entirely from … more

The State Should Dissolve the Michigan Film Office Advisory Council

The Michigan Film Office Advisory Council … to restructure the state’s film incentives and cap the … is different from the Michigan Film Office itself. The film office administers the state’s … more

Michigan's Solyndra?

… borrowed to set up a film studio in Pontiac, essentially … up to 42 percent of film producers’ Michigan … scaling back the absurd film subsidies, taxpayers … picking up 42 percent of film producers’ expenses. … more

Big Hollywood Bailout: Taxpayers Spent Nearly $40 Million To Subsidize Disney's 'Oz'

Michigan citizens helped pay for Disney's record profits

… nearly $40 million in film tax credits. That … Michigan handed out to film producers. Ironically, the state film subsidy nearly matched … 2012.  "Oz" was filmed in Pontiac at Michigan … more

Analysis: Michael Moore Appears Ready to Take Film Subsidy for Anti-Subsidy Film

… yesterday reported that filmmaker Michael Moore expects … $1 million in state film subsidies for producing … state funds for a film that denounced government … to 42 percent of the filmmaker's total spending … more

Memo to Reporters: Follow the Money!

On Hollywood subsidies

… and businesses to the film's producers, which many … producers $7 million to film in the city. Instead, … according to the Michigan Film Office . After … Government Subsidies For Films Are A Bad Idea Super … more

Economic Interference Week

Economic Development Week is no cause for celebration

… about $450 million on a film incentive program that … gave subsidies for film production work done … Michigan before the film incentive took effect … Legislature eliminated film subsidies in 2015. The … more