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Not Much Mystery Behind $9 Million Raised for Prop 4

Proposal 4 supporters expect voters to believe that the union is spending $9,593 per name for a registry

… nearly $9 million into Proposal 4.  The SEIU is trying … in the push to get Proposal 4 passed, but the ballot … more

Proposal 1 a Referendum on PA 4

… state about the ballot proposals on the Nov. 6 ballot. … or reject Public Act 4 of 2011. A "yes" vote … this week explaining proposals 1 through 5.) Proposal … choices. Public Act 4 is the emergency manager … more

Families Forced Into SEIU Scheme Relieved and Thankful After Proposal 4 Defeat

Robert Haynes: 'It took ordinary people like us to bring attention to what was really happening.'

… thanks to the defeat of Proposal 4, they should soon be … being spent by Proposal 4 supporters. Aside … the constitution, to 44 percent in favor. That … more

Law Enforcement Does Not Universally Support Proposal 4

State sheriff's association says it's wrong for special interests to meddle with State Constitution

Backers of Proposal 4 are trying to create … enforcement leaders support Proposal 4. That's not so. Michigan's … more

Commentary: Proposal 4 Excludes Caregivers From Getting State Employee Benefits

SEIU wants forced unionization locked into state constitution but only to take money from caregivers

… Union and supporters of Proposal 4, which would lock the … language of the proposed constitutional amendment … of. Proposal 4 is a money grab, plain … more

An End Finally in Sight for the SEIU Dues Skim

Voters overwhelmingly reject the forced unionization scheme

With Proposal 4 soundly defeated, the … union contract expires. Proposal 4 lost by a wide margin . … more

Commentary: Prop 4 Supporters Promise Programs That Already Exist

Home-based caregiver proposal would lock SEIU unionization scheme into state constitution

… telling people what Proposal 2 won’t do instead … Monette then says that Proposal 4 ensures that will … passage of Proposal 4. The federal Home Help … more

Hospital SEIU Members Say Home-Based Caregivers Get 'No Benefit' From Proposal 4

'They don’t receive sick time. They don’t get vacation time. They can’t file a grievance'

… unionization alive with Proposal 4 , don't like what their … Michigan, is using Proposal 4 to try to keep the … majority (more that 44,000) of those paying … more

Michigan Ballot Proposals

… commentary on the following proposals expected to appear … down Prop 4: Election Update! … regarding these ballot proposals as Center analysts … more

Prop 4 Not About Home Care

… do proponents of Proposal 4 maintain that the … over 30 years? Proposal 4 is about taking money … more

Michigan’s May Tax Proposal

Proposal 1 would raise taxes $2 billion

… effect if approved. Proposal 1 would increase the … household by between $477 and $525 in 2016. Part … Credit. Overall, the proposal will increase state … under Proposal 1, a 4 percent increase. A … more

Prop 4 Would Put Union Scam in Constitution

… state about the ballot proposals on the Nov. 6 ballot. … a Referendum on PA 4 Tuesday: … this week explaining Proposals 1 through 5.) Monday: … Billions Proposal 4 is the third of three … more

Media Resoundingly Rejects Prop 2, Prop 4

Only two weekly newspapers support either of the union-backed plans to alter the state constitution

… Election Day looms, Proposal 2 and Proposal 4 are without any … it.  Proposal 4 , which would lock the … more

Prop 4 Op-Ed in Detroit Free Press Ungrounded

… opposing views about Proposal 4 — the home-based caregivers … article in support of the proposal is from Dohn Hoyle, who is Prop 4 spokesman and executive … more

Gov. Snyder Could Replace Board That Helped Facilitate Forced Unionization Of Home-Based Caregivers

If Proposal 4 passes, constitutional amendment would lock in current union-stacked board

… the situation if Proposal 4 were to pass in November. Proposal 4, which Gov. Snyder … help unionize about 44,000 home-based caregivers … more

Do Prop 4 Supporters Know What It's About?

… of a group pushing Proposal 4 , the forced unionization … exactly would this ballot proposal change? Enshrining … thing Delisle claims Prop 4 will do  is already … more

SEIU Under Investigation over Prop 4

'Dues Skim' took $35 million from Medicaid recipients

… financing of a ballot proposal last year. Proposal 4 , which would have … people, was defeated by 14 percentage points. Chad … more

Making Sense of Michigan's Ballot Proposals

Chart explains supporters, opponents and what the six proposals mean for Michigan

… with six statewide proposals that could reshape … Granholm. Proposal 4 would allow the SEIU … most attention is Proposal 2 , which would enshrine … proposal. Prop 4 supporters say it would … more

While Helping Out Injured Ex-Wife, Man Forced Into Union

Proposal 4 would ensure that people like Richard Nottage remain unionized public employees

… if voters approve Proposal 4 on the Nov. 6 ballot. Supporters … also are claiming that Proposal 4 would create a registry … more

SEIU 'Dues Skim' and U-M Research Assistant Bills Brought On Proposal 2

Issues brought to the forefront by the Mackinac Center cited by UAW President as reasons for ballot proposal

… in bringing about Proposal 2 . That's what United … voters, 58 percent to 42 percent. In the wake … recent interview . Proposal 2 on the 2012 ballot … bill, House Bill 4246 , reached Gov. Snyder's … more

Proposal 2 Would Declaw Emergency Managers in Proposal 1

… November ballot, some proposals are bound to impact … or reject Public Act 4 of 2011, the state’s … best example is how Proposal 2 impacts Proposal … upon in Public Act 4. One of the most material … more

Making Sense Of The Complicated Ballot Language For Proposal 1

Personal property tax cut would result in $500 million tax decrease when fully phased in

Proposal 1 on the Aug. 5 ballot … language: PROPOSAL 14-1 APPROVAL OR DISAPPROVAL … who researched the proposal and wrote a policy … school districts. 4. Prohibit Authority … more

Bars, Restaurants Could See 280 Percent Increase in Labor Costs With Minimum Wage Ballot Proposal

Small business owners fear negative consequences; group pushing proposal disagrees

… said he thinks the proposal would put restaurants … all workers from $7.40 to $10.10 per hour … workers. If the ballot proposal were to pass, Michigan … to make at least $7.40 per hour, but tipped … more

Love it or Hate it, Voters are Aware of Proposal 1

Poll suggests substantial turnout on May 5

… the battle over the Proposal 1 sale tax increase … conducted April 1, 2, and 4, consisted of robocalls … landlines. ~~~~~ See also: Proposal 1 Will Cost Average … landline phone numbers of 4,000 likely voters. Those … more

Michigan Sales Tax Hike Proposal May Provide Schools With Less

What the law says now and what it would be changed to

The tax hike proposal that goes before … of Proposal A in 1994. In the Michigan Constitution, … the language in the proposal not only wouldn’t … two portions — the 4 percent that had existed … more

Voters Reject Special Interest Power Plays

Proposals 2-6 soundly defeated

… soundly defeated. Proposal 2, which would have … in a landslide 58%-42%, as did Proposals 3 through 6. F. … double-digits. As was Proposal 4, the SEIU scheme that … more

Proposal 2: More Power for Government Unions

… state about the ballot proposals on the Nov. 6 ballot. … 5.) Monday: Proposal 1 a Referendum on PA 4 Today: Proposal … this week explaining Proposals 1 through 5.) Monday: … more

Which Ballot Proposals Are 'Grassroots'?

… international bridge ballot proposals are not a grassroots … group.  Proposal 4: The Unionization of … effort . If you think a proposal on the November ballot … group, you’re wrong. Proposal 5 is another maneuver … more

Happy Anniversary Proposal A

… ago, on March 15, 1994, Michigan voters approved "Proposal A," a fundamental … the initial rollback, Proposal A capped property … state sales tax from 4 percent to 6 percent, … more

Back to the MEGA Future: Good Jobs for Michigan Reinvents Failed MEGA Program

Proposed law shares remarkable similarities with old, failed law

… law of 1995 and the proposed Good Jobs for Michigan … (specifically, Senate Bill 242 ). There are many … that this tax capture proposal will be any more effective … between 2005 and 2014 , which means the entire … more

Infighting at the SEIU

Union behind Proposal 4 facing lawsuit that was filed by its own employees

… the union behind Proposal 4 , which would lock … comment. ~~~~~ See also: Proposal 4: The Unionization … members. Of those, about 44,000 are home-based … more

Ideas For Fixing the Financial Manager Law

… manager law, Public Act 4 of 2011, by voting against Proposal 1. This reinstates … eliminate both Public Acts 4 and 72 and made their … differences between PA 4 and PA 72. The … more

All Five Constitutional Amendments Soundly Defeated

Emergency manager law repealed

… Vernuccio said of the Proposal 2 defeat. “The voters … agenda.” Proposal 4 , a scheme that would … percent in Michigan and Proposal 2 being defeated with … meaning that Public Act 4 of 2011 is repealed. “With … more

Union Electrician and Wife: 'The SEIU Never Did Anything For Us'

Milliron family says they don't think the SEIU should be able to lock its forced unionization into the state constitution

… get me back with Proposal 4 .” The SEIU … and I’m on the clock 24/7.” The Macomb … state constitution with Proposal 4. That worries … more

Michigan Taxpayers Don’t Need to Spend $4 Billion Annually on Infrastructure

Recent report has been misinterpreted

… voters rejected a proposal to increase this … that Michigan needs $4 billion each year in … even tax increases proposed in the ill-fated Proposal … infrastructure. There are 74 recommendations that … more

Emergency Manager Law Makes Pontiac Reforms Possible

… or reject Public Act 4 of 2011. This law gives … choose “yes” Public Act 4 remains in place, if … Legislature enacted PA 4. That was the ability … department to see why PA 4 is needed. Emergency … more

Michigan Taxpayers Don’t Need to Spend Another $4 Billion Annually on Infrastructure

… that voters rejected a proposal to increase the existing … that Michigan needs $4 billion each year in … even tax increases proposed in the ill-fated Proposal … infrastructure better. Some 74 recommendations will … more

SEIU 'Dues Skim' Days Are Numbered

Work to get caregivers their money back continues

… was the approval of Proposal 4, which would have locked … dissolved as of April 14, 2013. "Finally, … soundly rejected Proposal 4 by a margin of 56 … more

The Cost of the Proposal 1: The May Tax Vote

… taxpayer. The proposal increases sales and … expect to pay between $477 and $525 in 2016 if voters approve Proposal 1. There are … initially levied at 41.7 cents per gallon. … more

'It's hard to believe the union could get away with something like this'

Ex-Teamster says it's 'thievery' that the SEIU is taking money he could use to take care of his mother

… been used to bankroll Proposal 4, a proposal on the November ballot … money. Prop 4 supporters have used … more

Health Care Unionization Campaign Changes Its Story — Again

Ballot proposal avoids the one issue it is about: Money for the SEIU

… “ Keep Home Care Safe ” proposal campaign has made … 1981. Backers of Proposal 4 as the ballot measure … claim that passing the proposal would create the Home … scheme to organize 44,000 home health care … more

Michigan Road Spending Near an All-Time High

And just as much as state would have spent if Proposal 1 passed

… had voters approved Proposal 1 in May. “This … being spent on roads — $400 million from the General … same amount that the proposed long-term solution … funding. Of the rest, $400 million comes from … more

Federal Tax Proposal Not Perfect, but Good for Michigan, Nation

Reform plans are on the right track

… since 1986. The proposed legislation would … $12,000 for singles and $24,000 for families while … the first place. This proposal will allow more people … Revenue Service, 3.4 million Michigan citizens … more

$1.6 Billion in Savings Lost Under Prop 2

Proposal 2, the “ Protect … $2.3 billion to $4.3 billion in unfunded … Center report . [4] MPSERS reforms. …  (accessed Sept. … more

Federal Spending To Top $4 Trillion in 2017, Highest Ever

Up $210 billion from last year

… Trump administration proposals to cut next year's … projected to break $4 trillion for the first … government will spend $4.06 trillion in the fiscal … billion more than the $3.46 trillion the feds expect … more

SEIU Fined Almost $200,000 Over Actions Tied To 2012 Ballot Proposal Campaign

Union suffers another loss related to dues skim, which took more than $34 million from home-based caregivers

… that it bankrolled Proposal 4 in 2012, which would … violations surrounding Proposal 4. According to a … SEIU took more than $34 million from home-based … more

I'm Just a Bill

A sampling of proposed state laws, as described on

… Jones, R-Oneida The bill proposes to authorize a retirement … HOUSE BILL 4813 Give state … Rapids The bill proposes to give cities, villages townships … create. HOUSE BILL 4577 Increase school … more

The Price Tag on the Ballot Proposals

Constitutional changes would cost billions to Michigan taxpayers, citizens

… to judge many of the proposals extend beyond dollars … contribute to a union, as Proposal 4 requires) there also … implemented. Proposal 4. Voting “yes” on Proposal … more

Prop 3 Would Cost Taxpayers Billions

… state about the ballot proposals on the Nov. 6 ballot. … a Referendum on PA 4 Tuesday: … this week explaining Proposals 1 through 5.) Monday: … claiming more than 94,000 new jobs and “$10 … more

Per-Pupil Spending About Even

… Oxford Foundation’s proposed revision of Michigan’s … grader might only cost $4,500, but an 11th grader … school options. The proposal has received harsh … an average of $7,284 per pupil in 2010-2011, … more

Small Business Owner: An Increased Minimum Wage Hurts Everyone

… Kelly The ballot proposal that would raise … indicates that today 1 in 4 restaurants fail in … significantly with this proposal. Furthermore, future … coalition behind this proposal suggests that this … more

October 19, 2012, Weekly Roll Call

… insurers: Passed 33 to 4 in the Senate To … "No" Senate Bill 1141 , Authorize enhanced … more

November 30, 2012, Weekly Roll Call

… authority: Passed 24 to 14 in the Senate To … from $2 per acre to $4 per acre the amount … "No" Senate Bill 1240 , Extend lawsuit … more

October 26, 2012, Weekly Roll Call

… by the state from a $4 deed and recorded document … from $3 per month to $24 per month, adjusted … time. House Bill 5848 : Allow two-wheeler … more

Prop 5: Protecting Taxpayers from the Government

… state about the ballot proposals on the Nov. 6 ballot. … a Referendum on PA 4 Tuesday: … this week explaining Proposals 1 through 5.) Monday: … Billions Thursday: Prop 4 Would Put Union Scam … more

Union Power Grab Proposal Heading To Court

… "Protect Our Jobs" proposal for the Nov. 6 statewide … other change in Section 4. "This proposal … get to vote on the proposal will now be decided … date by which ballot proposals need to be ready … more

School District Allows Union, Employees To Exclude Material From FOIA Requests

Legal expert says they are breaking the law

… requests could arise if Proposal 2 passes.The union-backed … Section 7 of that Act (423.507), 'An employer … which are more than 4 years old.'  However, … more

School Districts Value Best Teachers $1 More Than The Worst

District officials said merit pay law is an 'unfunded mandate'

… districts could undo if Proposal 2 passes in November. … became effective Jan. 4, 2010, that said public … more

Union-Supported Ballot Proposal Targets Right-to-Work, Recent Reforms

UAW-backed constitutional amendment would prevent future workplace choice

It was billed as proposal to prevent Michigan … legislation (P.A. 4), which was designed … the anti-right-to-work proposal would attempt to gather … needed — to put the proposal on Michigan's November … more

Cutting Federal Great Lakes Funding Would Not Be an Environmental and Economic Crisis

… President Trump’s budget proposal. Michigan’s senior … GLRI receiving almost 4 percent of the total … lots. In Chicago, $4.3 million in GLRI funds … more April 1 Weekly Roll Call Report

… instead contains several new proposals to amend the state … sales tax of up to 4 percent on merchandise … their employees. Under the proposed amendment, that law … more

Projection: Repealing MBT and Surcharge Creates 120,000-plus Jobs

… Gov. Rick Snyder has proposed replacing the tax … would require some $4 billion in spending … more

Many More Walk To Work As Take Subsidized Transit in Michigan

Politicians talking metro transit tax again, but costly buses and trains benefit few

… transit property tax proposal for the November ballot … counties. A similar proposal in November 2016 would have imposed $4.6 billion in new property … 96,000 people walk and 4 million people drive. Ten … more

$500,000 Retirement Nest Eggs Likely Under Teacher Pension Alternative

Like the current system, new one intended as a hefty supplement to Social Security

… numbers on what their proposed alternative would … employer contribution of 4 percent of their salary … pension system, the proposed alternative is intended … hires would have $514,184 after 30 years. … more

No Auto Bailout, but Johnson Controls Got Big Government Subsidies

… automotive suppliers on proposed government support … On Feb. 4, Democratic presidential … more

Some Teachers In This District In Line For 17 Percent Pay Hikes

But superintendent says his schools are underfunded

… Feb. 7. They include a proposal to increase public … million, or as much as $240 per pupil. Reaction … the Governor makes a proposal that is a 3% increase, … in 2007-08, or $7,384 per pupil when adjusted … more

There Are Alternatives to PA4 ...

... But the unions will like them even less

… tempered PA 4 when it was proposed. The Mackinac Center's original proposal provided for judicial … alternatives to PA 4 is somewhat like asking the … problem. PA 4 is not without its drawbacks. … more


Fall 2012 Edition

… this issue: Proposal 2 Would Cost Taxpayers … Dropped Proposal 4: The Unionization of … Says Study: Proposal 3 Would Result in … Caregivers Proposal 4 Supporters Promise Programs … more

Emergency Managers: A Distasteful Necessity

… unions are backing two proposals which would repeal Public Act 4, the Local Government … legislation like PA 4 by making government … directly repeal PA 4. PA 4 expanded … more

What the Emergency Manager Referendum is About

… a whole, they could propose a ballot initiative … that if Public Act 4 is repealed, the state … the action. PA 4, the emergency manager … manager law. If PA 4 is repealed, that would … more

State Senate Passes Legislation to Define Home Health Care Providers as Private Individuals

Attorney: Ballot initiative to revive lucrative and illegal SEIU scheme would violate U.S. Constitution

… Foundation. Government-sector unions recently proposed a constitutional … take an additional $4 million from aid intended … that if passed, this proposed amendment would violate … late 2006, more than 40,000 Michigan home health … more

How Right-to-Work and the End of the 'Dues Skim' Killed the SEIU in Michigan

Membership, revenue and political spending plummet

… tried to pass a ballot proposal, which would have … Michigan Constitution. But Proposal 4 of 2012 went down … election and ballot proposal year. All … more

What the Emergency Manager Referendum is About

Supporters of Proposal 1 on the Nov. 6 ballot, … the action. PA 4, the emergency manager … a whole, they could propose a ballot initiative … manager law. If PA 4 is repealed, that would … more

Legal Foundation Defends Clients Caught in a Catch-22

… they overwhelmingly rejected  Proposal 4 , which would have … employees.  Unfortunately for those 40,000-some workers, who … funneling more than  $34 million  to the Service Employees … more

The Human Side of Right-to-Work Legislation

These are real people who have been hurt by forced unionization

… editorialized against Proposal 4. The Detroit Free Press … more

Be Wise in Deciding How to Spend Taxpayer Funds on Infrastructure

… Part of the reason Proposal 1 of 2015 (promoted … state should spend $4 billion more each year … should pay more. 4. Identify and recommend … more

Why Michigan Needs a Tax Cut

People know better how to spend their own money

… reason to favor the proposed tax cut.  When … income tax rate from 4.25 to 3.9 percent .  The … the tax rate to under 4 percent would make Michigan … such as Indiana (3.4 percent) and Pennsylvania … more

Pension Protestors Should Be 401(k) Supporters

Offering 401(k)-style benefits is good for teachers and taxpayers alike

… with this savings, the proposed plan would be more … defined contribution, 401(k)-style retirement … put in 3 percent. The proposed plan requires less … employees put up to 6.4 percent of their payroll … more

Sports Stadium Deals Consistently Strike Out

Cities fail to negotiate deals that protect taxpayers

… Claire McCaskill has proposed legislation that … worth just under $4 million per year . Sen. McCaskill’s proposal would require the … stadium if at least 14 other NFL stadiums have … more

UAW Prez: SEIU ‘Dues Skim’ More Important Than RTW

… and to criticize “ Proposal 4 ,” a proposed state constitutional … netted them over  $34 million  so far. The … more

House Road Plan Is Solid

A way to fix roads without raising gas taxes

… perhaps adopting a proposal to put a Taxpayer … Editor's Note: On Dec. 4 the state House approved … reasons to like this proposal: it doesn’t unnecessarily … idea could save $224 million a year just … more

Minimum Wage, Minimum Employment

… long list of policy proposals and counter proposals, including perhaps … With 2014 upon us, policymakers … (best economist under 40) or Nobel Prize.  The … more

Ten Reasons to Reject State Obamacare Exchange

With a hat tip to the Goldwater Institute in Arizona

… to Michigan and to the proposed state exchange that … the exchange. "4. While federal mandates … cease at the end of 2014. Both PPACA and the proposed regulations prohibit … more

Had Enough of the Political Class Cash Machine? Compact for a Balanced Budget

… for a convention to propose a federal Balanced … resolution, and one 24-hour-long convention … find out what it might propose — if anything. The … secure a BBA by July 4, 2017, if not sooner. … more

Public-Sector Retiree Health Care Benefits are Unreasonable

… prefunding. Still, the proposed bill would eventually … now that House Bill 4701 has passed the … benefits offered by 24 major private-sector … a year — roughly $400 million than the pay-as-you-go … more

October 10, 2014, MichiganVotes Weekly Report

… Gaming Control Board had proposed restrictions on this. … votes of the 2013-2014 session. Senate … to preempt a ballot proposal mandating that employers … the Senate on March 4, 2014 To "tie-bar" … more

Will Republicans Backtrack on Corporate Welfare Cuts?

Many economic development programs receive bipartisan support

… Investment top GOP Proposal.” Their nine-point … He also approved a $4 million increase in … more

July 12, 2013, Weekly Vote Report

… cap put in place by Proposal A in 1994 capped annual … Voting   House Bill 4714 , Advance Medicaid … "No"   Senate Bill 401 , Insulate DIA … more

July 5, 2013, Weekly Vote Report

… cap put in place by Proposal A in 1994 capped annual … Voting   House Bill 4714 , Advance Medicaid … "No"   Senate Bill 401 , Insulate DIA … more

Use a Charter School Board to Reorganize Detroit Public Schools

… plan, including his proposal to use local property … per pupil or about 4 percent of what DPS … Charter Schools. This proposal could be as simple … more

Detroit Consent Agreement: Another Kick of the Can?

… percent to 2 percent, as proposed by Detroit city officials … Michigan’s Public Act 4 to restructure or even … bases. Sadly, this proposal is typical of Detroit’s … “defined-contribution” programs like 401(k)s. Defined-benefit … more

Upside-Downside of “9-9-9” Income Tax Reform

… His “9-9-9” advocacy proposed dumping the current … persistent changes —14,000 amendments between … fiasco befell Indiana’s proposed tax-easing more than … to the payer. 4. Affordable-Efficiency … more

Dec. 9 Weekly Roll Call Report

… available" jobs. Some of the proposed changes reflect what … week. House Bill 4701 , Transition … collect money from a proposed mandate that would … 1997 to contribute 4 percent toward their … more

House Republican Policy Plan Lays the Groundwork for Action

Pensions, education, criminal justice all areas ripe for change

… paycheck. We will consider proposals to improve the current … system costs the state $4 billion each year and … hold the line on new proposals, cut back on what … education. We will support proposals to fund students … more

December 5, 2014, MichiganVotes Weekly Vote Report

Road funding, religious freedom, film subsidies more

… of Corrections, as proposed by House Bill 5216. Who … Senate Bill 1149 , Authorize new state … Michigan roads from 164,000 to 80,000 pounds. … requirements: Passed 24 to 14 in the Senate To … more

March 30, 2012, Weekly Roll Call

… new coverage mandate proposed by Senate Bill 414, … operation: Passed 24 to 14 in the Senate To … $100 million and $140 million annually for … more

Note to Michigan's Tourism Lobbyist: GEICO Pays For Its Own Advertising and You Should Too

Michigan taxpayers are paying for something private businesses normally pay for themselves

… $33 million has been proposed for next year. The … spends an additional $4 million on "Pure Michigan" … collect an additional $40,000 from customers. The … approach.” (See page 40.) In other words, … more

Choice in Electricity: A Good Idea Michigan Abandoned

… shortages. Part of their proposed solution is to eliminate … program with Public Act 141 of 2000. Over the next … rates increased by 24 percent from 2008 to 2014, Ohio’s only grew by … more

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