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Policy Proposed for Medicaid Workers Too Broad, Harms Patients and Consumers

… Human Services has proposed a policy that would … one federal estimate, 4 million Michigan residents … providers. (Under the proposal, people with a criminal … Policies such as the newly proposed ban would turn a criminal … more

Many More Walk To Work As Take Subsidized Transit in Michigan

Politicians talking metro transit tax again, but costly buses and trains benefit few

… transit property tax proposal for the November ballot … counties. A similar proposal in November 2016 would have imposed $4.6 billion in new property … 96,000 people walk and 4 million people drive. Ten … more

Some Teachers In This District In Line For 17 Percent Pay Hikes

But superintendent says his schools are underfunded

… Feb. 7. They include a proposal to increase public … million, or as much as $240 per pupil. Reaction … the Governor makes a proposal that is a 3% increase, … in 2007-08, or $7,384 per pupil when adjusted … more

Detroit Would Mandate Video Surveillance, Make Businesses Pay

ACLU, others concerned; live video to police from inside thousands of firms

A proposed ordinance in the city … of night — initially 4 a.m. but possibly 10 … applicable laws, the proposed mandate raises questions … Firms must also pay $140 to $180 in monthly … more

Michigan Legislature’s 10 Most Revealing Votes of 2017

Which side were your lawmakers on?

… far too many. The proposed bill would have given … round-up. House Bill 4001 , (Don’t) cut the … the current rate of 4.25 percent to 4.05 percent. The damage … more

Best Of The Best

CapCon’s most popular stories from 2017

… campus speech. The proposals would require Michigan’s … the state at $80,334. Utica was followed … dropped. No. 6 story: Proposed Wind Turbines In Michigan … Public Schools ($78,345), Walled Lake Consolidated … more

How Right-to-Work and the End of the 'Dues Skim' Killed the SEIU in Michigan

Membership, revenue and political spending plummet

… tried to pass a ballot proposal, which would have … Michigan Constitution. But Proposal 4 of 2012 went down … election and ballot proposal year. All … more

Federal Tax Proposal Not Perfect, but Good for Michigan, Nation

Reform plans are on the right track

… since 1986. The proposed legislation would … $12,000 for singles and $24,000 for families while … the first place. This proposal will allow more people … Revenue Service, 3.4 million Michigan citizens … more

Cutting Federal Great Lakes Funding Would Not Be an Environmental and Economic Crisis

… President Trump’s budget proposal. Michigan’s senior … GLRI receiving almost 4 percent of the total … lots. In Chicago, $4.3 million in GLRI funds … more

Federal Spending To Top $4 Trillion in 2017, Highest Ever

Up $210 billion from last year

… Trump administration proposals to cut next year's … projected to break $4 trillion for the first … government will spend $4.06 trillion in the fiscal … billion more than the $3.46 trillion the feds expect … more