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Tom Gantert

Managing Editor of Michigan Capitol Confidential

Tom Gantert is Managing Editor of Michigan Capitol Confidential, a daily news site of the Mackinac Center for Public Policy. When Gantert arrived at Capitol Confidential as Senior … more

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Don’t Limit Workers’ Right to Work

Bill would limit individual rights

… employees to vote on right-to-work .” “If the employees … majority of employees in a workplace to vote to force … union. Under Michigan’s right-to-work law, employees … more

Americans are Moving to Right-to-Work States

Right-to-work states gain 480,000 people from domestic migration

… another aspect of the right-to-work debate that does not … continue to move to right-to-work states. The Mackinac … more


For the umpteenth time: No, wages won't collapse.

… challenge in defending the right-to-work concept, it isn't researching … Patriot : By undermining workers’ rights, this unfair scheme … more

The Intellectual Firepower Against Right-to-Work

Who's who on right-to-work

… opponents of a Michigan right-to-work law cite figures generated … of employment. The right-to-work law in Michigan … the communications workers union; the food and … more

Right-to-Work and the Mackinac Center

Touting labor freedom for 25 years

… freedom to choose their workplace destiny through a right-to-work law, which … closer to granting workers the freedom to choose … that window toward right-to-work since 1990, … more

UAW Flier Short on Facts

Union right-to-work myths dispelled

… together a flier on right-to-work "facts"  that it is … their counterparts in right to work for less states." Fact:  Unions … untrue. Claim: "Workers in free bargaining … more

That’s What We Said

Right-to-work studies confirm Mackinac Center findings

… 26th state to adopt a right-to-work law. One product of … legislative vote on right-to-work in West Virginia, … positive effect on workers and state economies. … more

Right-to-Work Laws Work

New study shows economic advantages

… Policy released a new right-to-work study titled, " Economic Growth and Right-to-Work Laws " in which these … more

Right-to-Work in Michigan: A Visual Time Line

How the Center and others led the effort for two decades.


Right-to-Work States Have Faster Income Growth

Last year, seven of the 10 states with greatest increase in income were right-to-work

Opponents of right-to-work insist the policy causes … are 25 states with right-to-work laws ensuring no worker … more

The False Social Concerns About Right-to-Work

… expresses concern that right-to-work states are doing worse … trends are in favor of right-to-work or forced unionism states, … more

Is Right-to-Work Racist?

'In a right-to-work state, I am a free man because my labor belongs to me'

… in the debate over right-to-work in Michigan. Michigan … naturally be supportive of right-to-work laws. "All of the … more

Incomes Rise in Right-to-Work Michigan; Officials Project More To Come

Opponents' 'right-to-work for less' predictions fall flat

… quarter. When Michigan’s new-right-to-work law was enacted at the … couple years. In their work, officials consider … employment by calling it “right-to-work-for-less.” more

Right-to-Work: The Form to be Free

… Teamsters, describes how helped him exercise his Right-to-Work by providing information … more

Poll Results Could Be Positive Indicator For Right-to-Work Advocates

Michigan State University poll finds only 41 percent think right-to-work law will hurt Michigan

… adults believe the new right-to-work law will either help … same day that state's right-to-work law officially took … more

Right-to-Work Will be Blamed

If Gov. Snyder loses re-election

… support and enactment of right-to-work. Blaming a Gov. Snyder loss on right-to-work would, of course, be … more

Unionized Government Takes and Spends More

… arbitration laws, and right-to-work status. Here’s … more

Majority of States in Country Are Now Right-to-Work

West Virginia Legislature overrides Governor’s veto

… will make the state right-to-work, meaning unions will … country’s 26 th right-to-work state, following … longer be able to get workers fired for not paying … more

Fears of Right-to-Work Proving False

In the most important economic measures, RTW states dominating

… Michigan becoming a right-to-work state, opponents predicted … growth and population — right-to-work states are far … what would happen to workers and the state. But … more

Right-to-Work Laws Influence Migration

People flocking to RTW states

… critics who claim that right-to-work laws reduce economic … decade, six have a right-to-work law and a seventh — … more

West Virginia Could Become 26th Right-to-Work State

Unions unhappy, orchestrate protests

… Wednesday night to protest right-to-work and other items on the … becoming the nation's 26th right-to-work state. Indiana, … more

New Evidence: Right-to-Work Laws Work

Center scholar co-authors CEI study

… effects for states with right-to-work laws. RTW states enjoy … capital, firms and workers. Eventually these … more

Right-to-Work Legislation Possible in Indiana

How will this affect Michigan?

… to act quickly on a right-to-work bill that could be introduced … for Michigan. Right-to-work laws prohibit employers … more

MEA Misleads on Oklahoma Right-to-Work Numbers

In the past decade, Oklahoma jobs are up 3.8 percent while Michigan is down 13.8 percent

… were to become a right-to-work state , unions could … putting together a “Right to Work Facts” page, … Around the country, many workers flee their union … more

The Human Side of Right-to-Work Legislation

These are real people who have been hurt by forced unionization

… closer to  becoming a right-to-work state, the focus often … one. In our state, right now, tens of thousands … reasons to support worker freedom based on that … more

Unions Admit Forcing People to Pay Dues is Political

U.S. Supreme Court considers right-to-work for all

… essentially guaranteeing right-to-work for all public sector … millions of government workers around the nation … supporter: When right to work was imposed … more

Former MEA Local Prez: Union May Lose 40% of Members – Including Him – if Teacher Right to Work Passes

… much-talked about “ right-to-teach ” legislation … Association membership if right-to-work for teachers became … perspective of the worker,” Malanga said. “That’s … more

West Virginia Right-to-Work May Turn on Supreme Court Race

Possible backtracking on worker freedom if union-endorsed candidate elected

… leave the state’s new right-to-work law in peril. On that … down the state’s right-to-work protections. As … those who favor giving workers the freedom to choose … more

What Right-to-Work Means

A view from a union contract

… of becoming the 24th right-to-work state in the nation. Rep. … Levin called it "frightful ... for the people … can see what right-to-work actually does in practice, … more

Right-to-Work, Tax Rates Paint Interesting Picture

Worker freedom, low taxes draw people

… statistics numbers involves right-to-work laws and American migration. … have moved from non-right-to-work states to ones with … more

Right-to-Work States See Larger Gains

Personal income and population growth numbers released

… the passage of the right-to-work law had in the performance, … between states with a right-to-work law and those without … more

Right-to-Work States Have Higher Incomes

When adjusted for cost-of-living

… claim by opponents of right-to-work, whether it be from … income is lower in right-to-work states. But these naysayers … more

Senate Leader Supports Right to Work For Teachers

… R-Monroe, said he will support right-to-work for public school employees, calling it a “right-to-teach.” Richardville … didn’t support right-to-work for the entire state, … more

Employees In Right-to-Work States Are Richer

When adjusting for the cost of living, workers in right-to-work states have 4.1 percent higher incomes

Scores of right-to-work critics ranging from … per-capita incomes in right-to-work states as why the new … more

From Long Shot to Victory

Larry Reed recalls right-to-work fight

… we had called for a right-to-work law for Michigan, but … freedom-related issues including right-to-work and when Idaho … was: "So let's get to work on it!" I had lived … more

Survey: Teachers in Right-to-Work States Live Quite Comfortably

However, teachers' union still pushing stories that claim right-to-work linked to poverty, problems

… bemoans “ life in a right-to-work state ” in a story … which already was a right-to-work state. Dennis lamented … more

Count Update: 145 School Districts Have Deals That Dodge Right-to-Work

… school districts signed right-to-work-dodging contracts that … 28 when the state's right-to-work law went to effect. … more

Study: Right-to-Work Laws Lead To More People, More Jobs and Higher Pay

Report looks at RTW states and data from 1947 through 2011

States that have passed right-to-work laws have seen increased … totally disentangle right-to-work from every other … allowed states to give workers the choice of whether … more

Right-to-Work Gives Teachers a Choice

Unions aren't the only option if employees want protection

… transitions to a right-to-work state , the main benefit … more
Right-to-Work Comparisons

A Pair of Republicans Help House Dems Dump Right-to-Work

… permitted to create "right-to-work zones." Within these … whether it provides right-to-work protections to its workers. … more

Little Evidence That Unions Make Workers Safer

Workplace injuries are plummeting in right-to-work states

… warning West Virginians a right-to-work law would lead to more … Are workers safer when they’re … deaths on the job. Right-to-work prevents unions … more

Indiana Leads the Manufacturing Belt

… poised to pass a right-to-work law , which would make … gain from enacting a right-to-work measure. A right-to-work … more

Government Is Different From Unions

The fallacy of a 'right-to-live' law

… promotes in MLive a “ right-to-live ” law to balance right-to-work laws in Michigan. … the attempt to make worker freedom proponents … more

Right-to-Work States Have Lower Workplace Injury Rates

Big Labor’s fatal error on state employee afflictions

… Labor that becoming a right-to-work state will result in lower workplace safety. This is … Oklahoma, which became a right-to-work state in 2001. … more

Free The Unions — Let Workers Who Don't Pay Represent Themselves

Labor unions who complain about right-to-work 'freeloaders' should free them

… blames it on Michigan’s right-to-work law. Taylor is … years. She calls right-to-work the “right-to-freeload.” ForTheRecord … more

Rule Request Would Require Public Sector Unions To Notify Members Of When They Are Eligible To Resign

Union members often unaware of limited windows when they can opt out under state's right-to-work law

Having the right to leave a union doesn't … the state's right-to-work law, union members can … sense," said Patrick Wright, vice president of legal … the state's right-to-work law went into effect, … more

Rumors of Unions' Post-Right-to-Work Death Exaggerated

'Unions have seen very little decline in membership'

… the impact the 2012 right-to-work law had on unions in … Michigan passing its right-to-work law with a title that … more

School Union Proposes 9-Year Contract To Prevent Members From Exercising Right To Not Pay Dues

Berkley Education Association tries to avoid right-to-work law

… members from having the right to opt out of the union.  The … state's new right-to-work law, which gives workers the right to not … allow the union the right “to pursue any other … more

History, Economics and Right-to-Work

… 2012 passage of a right-to-work law in Michigan was … economics displayed by anti-right-to-work politicians on the inside. The … more

Republicans Against Right-to-Work

Four Michigan Senators voted against worker freedom

… years, many doubted a right-to-work bill had enough support … becoming the nation's 24th right-to-work state made headlines … however, voted against giving workers the freedom to choose … more

Right-to-Work Laws Are Not Inspired By Hitler

The Nazis saw government as the absolute authority

… While at the union right-to-work protests  this past … strange: Is allowing workers the right to choose whether to … more

Michigan Is a Right-to-Work State

Violent union protest outside leads to vandalism, damaged equipment, a tent pulled down onto children and an assault

… become the nation’s 24th right-to-work state. Gov. Rick … believe this is pro-worker." Under right-to-work laws, no employee … more

Strong Support for Right-to-Work Measures in the Michigan Legislature

… Indiana may soon enact a right-to-work law, a long-simmering Michigan … wrote earlier , right-to-work states appear to have … more

At Least 90 School Contracts Expire This Month, Allowing Teachers To Leave Union

August is the only month for school employees to exercise right-to-work rights

… teacher. When the right-to-work law was signed, teachers … past the date in which right-to-work took effect. Derk … more

Fears of Right-to-Work Proving False

… Michigan becoming a right-to-work state, opponents predicted … growth and population — right-to-work states are far … what would happen to workers and the state. But … more

Despite a Setback, Right-to-Work is Advancing Across America

… would have brought right-to-work protections to public … government unions in non-right-to-work states can still get … more

Tea Party Groups Engaged In Battle For Right-To-Work

… deal with a possible right-to-work bill and union executives … heard regarding the right-to-work discussion in Lansing. "We're … more

Right-to-Work Event Marred By Protesters Spitting At Worker Freedom Advocates

Union activists and supporters disrupt event where Mackinac Center expert was invited to speak

… protesters holding anti-right-to-work and other signs … Wash., to talk about worker freedom resorted to … so worried about the right-to-work event Thursday … about the benefits of worker freedom. However, … more

What a Right-to-Work Law Will Mean For Indiana

… of passing a state right-to-work law. Such a law would prevent workers from being compelled … government passes a right-to-work law, and if … more

Freedom to Work: A New Right-To-Work Effort in Michigan

… states that have enacted right-to-work laws. These laws allow workers to choose whether … "Michigan Freedom to Work" held a news conference … more

CMU, Ferris State Protecting Worker Rights

Some universities not agreeing to lengthy agreements that force faculty, others to pay dues or fees after right-to-work law goes into effect

… averted the state's new right-to-work law. The Ferris … from exercising their right to decide if they want … nation's 24th right-to-work state late last year. Some … more

Michigan Considers Allowing Ex-Offenders to Work as Health Professionals

A step in the right direction on licensing

… a huge step in the right direction. While there … limited or banned from working in health care professions. … bills are a step in the right direction by giving … society by finding legal work. House Bills 5450, … more

Right-to-Work: What Now for Schools?

… unions, making it a right-to-work state. While … implementation of the right-to-work law would deprive a … more

Collective Bargaining a 'Right' to Coerce

"Positive rights" and "negative rights" are the confusing … with an individual worker if at some time in … passing a “ right-to-work ” law. Michigan has … more

Worker Freedom Advocates Lobby Legislators in Lansing

Event held to urge a right-to-work vote and show support for legislators who vote 'yes'

LANSING — Right-to-work supporters were straightforward … state lawmakers Tuesday: Right-to-work is an issue that needs … more

Kroger Reaches Deal With Union Postponing Right-to-Work Law

… before the state's right-to-work law goes into effect, … It Universities Dodging Right-to-Work Law Under Scrutiny Taylor … representing Kroger workers in Michigan pushed … more

Right-to-Work-for-More: Income is Growing in Michigan

Despite union warnings

… percent. Michigan became a right-to-work state in December of … says: When Michigan’s right-to-work law was enacted at the … more

More Jobs, Higher Pay Since Right-to-Work Passed in Michigan

Since its right-to-work law took effect, Michigan … Snyder for signing right-to-work into law, claiming … the number of people working, adding 141,990 jobs … more

A Look at Unions in Michigan, Five Years After Right-to-Work

Most of state’s largest unions have seen a collapse in members and political spending

… union power – became a right-to-work state, most of its largest … their total — since right-to-work went into effect. … Michigan began allowing workers to choose whether … more

Note to Hillary Clinton: Right-to-Work Laws Are Very Popular

Democratic candidate asks ‘why aren’t I 50 points ahead’ because of union issue

… back against so-called right-to-work. Right-to-work is wrong for workers … more

Reopening Union Contracts Could Free Workers

Altering contracts will trigger right-to-work law, according to legal expert

… to avoid the state's right-to-work law may trigger it anyway … 27 deadline for the right-to-work law to take effect. "We … more

Right-to-Work States Enjoying Faster Job Growth

Establishing a right-to-work law, by which employees in unionized workplaces can opt out of … considering their own right-to-work law this month … more

Michigan Becomes 24th Right-to-Work State in the Nation

‘The power an idea can have when it is pursued with principle and persistence,’ says Center president

… Michigan the 24th right-to-work state in the nation. “The … Center has said right-to-work was right for Michigan … more

As Right-to-Work Expands, So Do Union Membership Rolls

… 2016 under the title, “Right-to-work strengthens workers.” In March, … UAW members work in right-to-work states like … more

Right-to-Work Poll Numbers Fit the Pattern

… the nation's 24 th  right-to-work state , some polls … that has some excited right now was done by Democratic-leaning … he wanted right-to-work legislation delivered … more

State Economic Development Group Has Little To Do With Job Success

Analyst: 'Right-to-work’s success will be determined by Michigan’s overall economic performance'

… of the state's new right-to-work law. In an MLive … say in how successful right-to-work will be in Michigan. "Right-to-work's … more

Judge Upholds Right-to-Work Dodging Tactic

… denies teachers their right to leave their union for … recently passed right-to-work law. "If upheld, … from exercising the right to leave the union without … Following Right-to-Work more

Michigan Loses $2.5 billion Yearly Income; Right to Work States Gain Billions

… growth in income were right-to-work states.  The National Right To Work Legal Defense Foundation … more

Making Michigan Right-to-Work: Encouraging School Districts to Follow the Law

When Michigan’s right-to-work law was passed in December … union tried to avoid right-to-work. Incredibly, … district unions have worked to avoid and circumvent … more

Making Michigan Right-to-Work: Encouraging School Districts to Follow the Law

When Michigan’s right-to-work law was passed in December … questions under Michigan’s right-to-work law. These districts … district unions have worked in conjunction with … more

Legislation Announced to Make Michigan the 24th Right-to-Work State in the Nation

‘Historic day for both Michigan and the nation,’ says labor policy expert

… Lake State the 24th right-to-work state in the nation, … freedom.” Extending right-to-work protections … Snyder termed the “Workplace Fairness and Equity … more

Court Rules in Favor of Mackinac Center Clients

Ruling says union and district violated right-to-work law

… years after Michigan’s right-to-work law passed, teachers … court affirmed our rights as sovereign individuals … ensure our right to work.” As explained … more

Right-to-Work States Attracting More Citizens, Wealth

Eight of top 10 states increasing personal income were RTW

… to those states were right-to-work states, according to … overall. Michigan became a right-to-work state in March. Only … more

In Defense of Liberty: Unions, Right-to-Work and Majority Rule

… institutions.  Many opponents of right-to-work laws justify their ability … opposing laws that protect worker freedom. It is … republic in which certain rights of the individual are … more

Early Returns On Michigan As a Right-to-Work State: Incomes Rising

State's per-capita income growth ninth fastest in the nation

When Michigan passed right-to-work in December of 2012, … officials derided it as “ right-to-work for less .”  Senate … quick to predict that workers’ compensation would … more

Lawmaker: 'No Real Savings’ in Wayne State Contract

Contract with little financial benefit that avoids right-to-work law could cost university

… unions dodge Michigan's right-to-work law without getting … February. Under Michigan’s new right-to-work law, requiring an employee … more

Making Michigan Right-to-Work: Implementation Problems in Public Schools

… of Michigan's new "right-to-work" law by public school … more

Recalls Could Include Republicans Who Voted 'No' on Right To Work

Democrat consultant: 'The idea that you can do a bunch of successful recalls is unrealistic'

… of Republicans enacting right-to-work legislation , there … Republicans who voted against right to work in the picture. There … more

Right-to-Work States Dominating In Job Growth

… for job growth are right-to-work states, while nearly … job growth are non-right-to-work states. More broadly, … more

Kentucky Becomes Nation’s 27th Right-to-Work State

Bluegrass State first of several likely to pass such legislation in 2017

… became the nation’s 27th right-to-work state over the weekend. Kentucky … jobs as a result of right-to-work. Jim Waters, … longer be able to have workers in the Bluegrass … more

Fact and Fiction About Right-to-Work: A Reality Check at the One-Year Anniversary

Opponents predicted economic collapse, dangerous workplaces and other things that didn't happen

… Michigan adopting a right-to-work law predicted dire consequences for the state if workers were given the rightworkers were given the right to decide if they wanted … more

Some School Districts and Unions Embrace Right-to-Work

Pewamo-Westphalia and Hamilton put worker freedom into union contracts

… impeded implementation of right-to-work before the March 27 … union contracts before the right-to-work law took effect, but … more

Majority of Fastest-Growing U.S. Cities Are In Right-to-Work States

77 of the top 100

… cities were in Texas, a right-to-work state. The state was … fastest-growing cities were in right-to-work states. Eighteen … more

Court of Claims Tosses MEA's Right-to-Work Lawsuit

State Capitol was closed when union protesters pushed past guards, impeded medical workers

… when they passed the right-to-work law in 2012 while the … did not impair the rights of the public as a … stated that the right-to-work bill was not passed … more
West Virginia State Emblem

Stage Set For West Virginia to Become Next Right-to-Work State

Senate willing to override governor's veto

… to become the 26th right-to-work state. That would give … states that have enacted right-to-work laws in the last four … more

Universities Dodging Right-to-Work Law Under Scrutiny

Wayne State University agrees to unprecedented contract

Negotiating right-to-work-dodging contract extensions could … funding. Michigan's new right-to-work law prohibits contracts … more

VIDEOS: Union Right-to-Work Protest Goes Violent

'Worker freedom' tent ripped down; filmmaker punched in the face

… Capitol as they protested right-to-work bills that were being … also: Facts On Right to Work vs. Forced Unionization … harassed members of the "workers freedom" coalition who … more

Union Prez Schooled On RTW

… outdated information on right-to-work salaries from 2001 (President … their counterparts in right-to-work states. (Economic Policy … more

'Real Jobs' vs. 'Job Announcements' In Right-to-Work Debate

Media cites questionable study

The debate over right-to-work has seen statistics … its move to become a right-to-work state, and specifically … more