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Snyder Calls Legislature's Penalty For No Merit Pay 'Unenforceable'

Governor still approves budget that dings scofflaw districts 5 percent

… withheld from a public school district that ignores … sponsor of the education spending bill, said Snyder … governor's approval of the school budget for the coming … place conditions on spending for programs that … more

Teacher Gets $80k Salary, Spends Half His Time on Union Work

Ann Arbor teachers union agitating for more

… teachers who are paid by school districts throughout … to do union work on school time; Klein’s arrangement lets him spend half his time on union … clock. At least 70 public school districts had so-called … more

Detroit Schools Would Already Be in Deficit if Not for Teacher Vacancies, Extra State Money

Officials looking to fill vacancies that could push them into debt

… reconstituted Detroit public school district would already … would once again be spending more than its current … the still-shrinking school district under the direction … asset sales, and underspending in personnel-related … more

How to Get a Property Tax Hike: Spend Big on Democratic Political Consultant

West Michigan taxpayer dollars were hard at work this spring — promoting higher taxes

Kent Intermediate School District paid a Democratic … matter the cause — to spend so much money creating … resource advantages public schools and municipalities … distributed to regular school districts, which cover … more

Top Legislative Leaders Make School Pension Reform Their Top Budget Issue

‘Underfunding has made benefits expensive, costing 37 percent of each school district’s payroll’

… the state-run public school pension system to employees … $1,600 per pupil less to spend each year. Also, he … unfunded liability the school pension system has accumulated. … to statewide school spending in the first year … more

School Funding in Michigan Reaches All-Time High

Record revenues for schools likely will continue

… proclaiming that Michigan schools received insufficient … little idea how much schools already are spending. When looking at … definitively saying schools need additional funds … more

If School Pensions are ‘Vital,’ They Should Have Been Properly Funded

School employees are the state’s largest creditors

… system, the one for school employees, is a slow-motion … than what the state spends annually on prisons. In … unfunded liability makes school employees and retirees … creditors. This is not fair. School employees never consented … more

Parents Blast District For Using Emergency Contact Info To Push Tax Vote

Bait and switch? District makes robocalls on election day

… the Chippewa Valley Schools district are upset … school district, yet CVS spends more on classroom instruction … rejected Chippewa Valley Schools’ $89.9 million bond … contact information for school and emergency use only.” “Their … more

Election Today! And Plenty of Taxpayer-Funded Electioneering, Too

Schools and local governments drive trucks through election-law loophole

… placed on the ballot by school districts that have … finance loophole to spend public tax dollars to … proposals for public school districts. A typical … by Kent Intermediate School District, which is asking … more

Another Michigan School District, Another False Union ‘Teacher Pay Cuts’ Story

This time it’s Macomb County’s Clintondale district

Clintondale Community Schools is in contract negotiations … 2015-16. Clintondale’s spending outpaced revenue … concession since the 12/13 School Year.” ForTheRecord … pension system for public school employees. The increases … more

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A “bottlenecker” is someone who uses the power of the government to limit competition in the market and artificially boost their own profits. Bottleneckers use a variety of methods to achieve their goals, including tax loopholes, regulations, occupational licensing requirements, minimum wage laws and many more. The end result when these special interest bottleneckers succeed is fewer choices and higher prices for consumers, fewer job opportunities for workers and less innovation throughout the economy.

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