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Fewer Kids Statewide Does Not Mean Less Money For Schools

Having fewer students in Michigan doesn't mean there's less money being generated for public schools. In fact, despite a drop in enrollment, Michigan's K-12 public schools are getting more money than ever. … more

Rising Revenues Never Enough For Michigan Cities And Their Lobbyist

A city commission member for the city of Traverse City says they don't have the money to repair the streets. The city's revenues tell a different story. … more

2003 Granholm: ‘California, Eat Your Heart Out!’

Former Gov. Jennifer Granholm chided the state of California and praised Michigan as the place to live in 2003. Then, less than a month out of office, she bolted to live in the Golden State. … more

No, Michigan Teachers Did Not Experience Pay Cuts In 2017

The average teacher salary fell to $61,875 in 2015-16, the fifth consecutive year it declined. But the vast majority of public school teachers aren't taking pay cuts. … more

Detroit Schools Spend More, Educate Less Than Other U.S. Urban Districts

The Detroit Public Schools Community District spends more per student than all but eight of the nation’s 100 largest school districts, or $14,259 … more

Electric Car Tax Subsidies Survive; Save The Earth Or Welfare For The Rich?

The federal tax reform bill expected to be approved by Congress this week temporarily retains a tax credit for people who buy an electric car. … more

School Officials’ Definition Of Spending Cuts Different From Most People's

Utica Community Schools has made reductions to try to balance its budget, but not nearly what they claimed. … more

No Sports At Charters? Good Teams Can’t Undo A Poor School

National education writer and frequent critic of charter schools Diane Ravitch wrote in a Detroit News op-ed that she blames free-market reforms and charter schools for the problems in Detroit’s public school system. … more

Fire Chief Calls City’s $92 Million Pension Debt ‘Responsible’

Midland Fire Chief Chris Coughlin said the city has been very responsible in funding pension liabilities. He may want to recheck the math on that. … more

Critic Cites Performance In Other States To Attack Michigan Charters

Alan Singer is an education professor at Hofstra University in New York, and as a contributor to the Huffington Post, he has written numerous posts attacking public charter schools. … more

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There have been 17 exonerations in Michigan involving misapplied forensic science. Several groups from different sides of the political spectrum are calling for improvements to forensic science and for better transparency and quality control in crime labs.

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