Administrators: 98 Percent Of Michigan Teachers Average Or Above

Just 1 out of every 384 Michigan teachers deemed ‘ineffective’ by their school’s administration Read more


Even After Right-to-Work, Unions Still Big Political Spenders in Michigan

Organized labor gave millions to Democratic candidates and groups in 2018 Read more

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Charters Top List Of Detroit's Best Public High Schools

City’s 3 best were charters Read more


Think corporate welfare isn’t a waste? Read these studies

Research continues to demonstrate the ineffectiveness of these programs Read more

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Government Broadband’s Record Is Bad; Traverse City Going For It

City-owned utility wants a federal ‘energy savings’ loan to bankroll it Read more

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Law Requires Public Schools To Report Bullying, Not All Do

With 50,000 students, Detroit reports just five incidents Read more


Michigan Can Continue to Thrive in 2019

Better public policy will bring more people to the state Read more

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State Phone Mandate Could Cost Small Business Millions

Firms may just junk their landline phones and go all cellular Read more

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Teachers Can Choose To Do More Than Just Teach - And Get Paid More

Yet the union says teachers are walking out because of the extras Read more


Once a Leader, Michigan Now Falling Behind in Licensing Reform

New research shows licensing leads to large declines in jobs Read more

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