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Note to Hillary Clinton: Right-to-Work Laws Are Very Popular

Hillary Clinton wondered why she's not leading more in the polls. Attacking a popular law won't get her there. … more

We Verify Teachers Union Pay Claims, You Choose Whether to Trust Them

Union officials just can't see to be accurate when discussing teacher compensation. … more

Union Claims Experienced Teachers Make Less Than $30K - They Don't

The Michigan Education Association has a history of misstating facts. It did it again involving Benton Harbor teachers and their salaries. … more

Michigan Class Sizes Hard to Find, So Public Radio Reports Opinions

“What is the average class size in Michigan's schools?” Get the data, not opinions. … more

Wild West: What Education Establishment Calls Parents Choosing Their Kids’ School

“The Wild West” has become the unsubstantiated, clichéd battle cry of anti-charter school interests in Michigan since the state repealed an artificial cap on their number in 2011. … more

Troubling Lack of Student Test Progress Deserves Candor, Not Spin

The most recent test results of the statewide assessments for Michigan public school students is cause for concern, not celebration. … more

State Ed Chief: Opening School Near Another One is 'Wasteful'

The state superintendent of public schools said putting two public schools near each other and asking them to compete is a waste of taxpayer dollars. But what if one is failing and the other excels? … more

This Fall Will Be the First Time There are Fewer Charter Schools

This year will mark the first time since charter schools opened here in 1993-94 that the number of Michigan charters goes down. … more

Labor's Voices Sound More False Notes On Teacher Pay

Union president says a teacher who made $51,000 plus in 2014-15 needs subsidized housing. … more

Hard to Find: 'Teachers On Food Stamps'

A persistent theme in the narratives promoted by teacher unions is that their members are so grossly underpaid that many qualify for food stamps. It's a rare occurrence. … more

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Emmet County Commissioners are spending millions of dollars on lavish ambulance stations and an observatory to gaze at stars. The projects are being funded by a bond issue that bypassed voters.

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