Michigan Well-Being Metric Stuck in 'Balanced' Position

State-to-state migration may be the single greatest tool for comparing the quality of life in different states.  … more

Teacher Shortage Claims: Republicans Did It

Liberal Michigan Public Radio columnist Jack Lessenberry blamed the Republican party for alleged declines in the teaching profession. However, one school district received more than 2,000 applicants for a single teaching position in 2017. … more

Property Owner: Mackinaw City’s Ban On Airbnb Rentals Violates Our Rights

The Mackinaw City Village Council banned rentals of less than 30 days in part of the residential section of the village. … more

Michigan Jails’ ‘Pay-To-Stay’ Jail Fees Stir Controversy

“Pay-to-stay” is little known practice of county jails throughout Michigan. Jails can charge inmates from $20 to $60 per day (the maximum under state law), which can leave an individual with thousands of dollars of debt upon release. … more

Facts About Michigan’s Infrastructure You Never Hear

In the debate about the condition of Michigan and America’s infrastructure, the doomsayers seem to have the loudest voices. Yes, more investment is needed, and there are some high profile disasters, but the news isn’t all bad — far from it. … more

Detroit Public Schools Super Responds To ‘Charter Students Outperform’ Report

Dr. Nikolai Vitti, superintendent, Detroit Public Schools Community District, responded to a story that reported charter students outperform traditional public school peers. … more

Michigan Legislature’s 10 Most Revealing Votes of 2017

Supporters of free markets had little to cheer for based on what Michigan’s 99th Legislature did in 2017. … more

The Numbers Are In: Detroit Charters Outperform Detroit District Schools

An analysis released late last year suggests that students in Detroit charter schools attain a higher level of academic achievement on most subjects than their peers in the city’s conventional public school district. … more

State Senate Tightens Rules on Driver’s Licenses

The state Senate passed a bill on Nov. 29 to continue a policy that keeps Michigan drivers from renewing their license if they have three or more outstanding parking tickets.  … more

Unlawful In Michigan To Work For Less Than $9.25/Hour

The state of Michigan is one of a number of states that saw their minimum wage rise with the start of the new year. As of Monday it became unlawful in this state to employ a worker for less than $9.25 an hour. … more

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