Best Schools In Michigan Would Vanish If For-Profit Charters Were Banned

Four of the best performing charter schools in the state would be closed if two Democratic candidates for governor had their way. … more

Post Labor Day Weekend Good Time for Tourism Talk

There have been some recent developments and debates on the tourism front. They involve empty criticism of the Mackinac Center’s tourism study; an Auditor General investigation into a Pure Michigan consultant’s reports and the announcement that the Michigan Economic Development Corporation will again bid out the right to calculate a return on investment for the Pure Michigan program.  … more

The Quiet Good News: US Economy Is Doing Really Well

While not much is being said about it, the US economy is thriving. The median household income is at an all-time high. … more

More Inaccuracies in New York Times Attack on Michigan Charter Schools

The New York Times Magazine published a 7,000-word story on Sept. 5 that attacked Michigan’s charter schools. Among the themes it promoted was one popular among charter school opponents, that charters are all about the money because their boards hire for-profit education management companies to operate their schools. … more

New York Times Cherry-Picks Data In Takedown Of Michigan Charter Schools

Stanford University's Center for Research on Education Outcomes calls itself "the nation's foremost independent analysis of charter school effectiveness. But its reports were ignored in a New York Times magazine article critical of Michigan charters. … more

New York Times Article, Critical of Charter Schools, Misses Key Point on School Funding

The New York Times Magazine ran an article critical of charter schools and mischaracterized school finances in Michigan. The article repeated a myth that districts serving poor communities are not funded as well as those in more affluent ones.  … more

False Claims, Inaccuracies Rife in New York Times Article On Michigan Charter Schools

An article in the New York Times Magazine gave a view of the state of charter schools in Michigan that is contradicted by the official record. … more

DTE Declines Participation In Township Wind Farm Debate

Michigan’s largest electric utility, DTE Energy, declined to participate in a public forum about wind farm development in Bay County’s Beaver Township this week, citing concerns that the meeting wouldn’t be balanced. … more

New Subsidies Show Which Groups Are Important to Lansing Politicians

The state recently approved its latest round of business subsidies, announcing that three companies would receive taxpayer money to create “at least” 1,500 new jobs. If history is a guide, few of these jobs will ever materialize. … more

Michigan Charter School Growth Modest Since Limits Lifted In 2011

There are only 38 more charter schools today than when the state enacted a law to phase out the cap on charters in 2011. … more

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Obamacare repeal-and-replace is underway, and regardless of whether it passes or fails big, changes are coming for Michigan’s medical services and insurance industry, and the state’s social welfare system, especially Medicaid.

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