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Taxing My Free Speech

Michigan bed and breakfast David Gersenson has asked the Mackinac Center Legal Foundation to help him fight a tax for advertising he doesn't want or need. … more

Michigan's Guild-Ridden Licensing Apparatus

Jarrett Skorup, policy analyst at the Mackinac Center for Public Policy, discusses occupational licensure in Michigan. … more

Civil Society: Downtown Boxing Gym Youth Program

Not waiting for government to the rescue, a Detroit father has reached out to at-risk youth through the sport of boxing. Today, his enrichment program puts young people on a path to educational success. … more

Why School Choice Matters

Sandy Smith has firsthand experience with the benefits of school choice when families face tragedy. But state rankings don't always reflect how well schools are working for families. … more

Children Naturally Understand Free Markets

Participants in the 2016 Detroit Children's Business Fair show their grasp on how markets work. Featured are responses to the such thoughts as hoarding profit for personal gain, penalizing those who earn more and regulating private business. … more

For Me, Free Markets

A U.S. graduate student from Russia shares his observations about the rising popularity of socialism in the U.S. among millennials. … more

Working in Detroit: Paving the Way for New Ventures

It took more than a year but the City of Detroit now allows pedal pubs to live up to their name. Customers are now allowed to drink alcoholic beverages while peddling these unusual pub platforms.  … more

Principles Not Politics

Our national politics are in turmoil but the Mackinac Center for Public Policy will continue to promote policy that improves the lives for all people of Michigan. … more

Working in Detroit: Competitive Advantage

Businesses succeed when they listen to the market and provide customers with an advantage that differs from the competition. The Detroit Institute of Music Education is attempting to do that in the field of higher education. … more

Working in Detroit: Managing Risk

Detroit Bikes is betting on the Detroit name and its history of manufacturing excellence to make its mark in the competitive industry of bicycle manufacturing. Founder Zak Pashak wants to make cycling enjoyable and accessible and is doing it with no special favors from government. … more

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Renting out the family summer cottage is a common practice in Michigan, and with today’s technologies, it’s easier than ever, empowered by services like AirBnB, HomeAway, VRBO and more. These short-term rentals mean vacationers can find a place much more easily and inexpensively, while owners can earn some extra money. It seems like a win-win. Not everyone agrees. Some in the accommodations and tourism industries aren’t happy with the increased competition and are advocating for limiting people’s rights to rent out their homes. Some homeowner associations are pushing back as well. And while cities like Detroit and Grand Rapids have mostly embraced home sharing, some local governments have restricted and even banned the practice.

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