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Principles Not Politics

Our national politics are in turmoil but the Mackinac Center for Public Policy will continue to promote policy that improves the lives for all people of Michigan. … more

Working in Detroit: Competitive Advantage

Businesses succeed when they listen to the market and provide customers with an advantage that differs from the competition. The Detroit Institute of Music Education is attempting to do that in the field of higher education. … more

Working in Detroit: Managing Risk

Detroit Bikes is betting on the Detroit name and its history of manufacturing excellence to make its mark in the competitive industry of bicycle manufacturing. Founder Zak Pashak wants to make cycling enjoyable and accessible and is doing it with no special favors from government. … more

Local Taxpayers Speak Out on Pension Underfunding

Jim Riley got his own fiscal house in order so he could retire. Now he wonders why his city government can’t do the same for their employees, and taxpayers who could end with huge bills from the unfunded retirement liabilities. … more

Amiah's Story: How School Choice and a Job Got Her on Track

The right school can turn around a child's life. Amiah came from a broken home, living with a mother who abused drugs. Her grandmother, who helped raise her, died when she was young and after a fight at her traditional public school, she was kicked out. But she found hope. Amiah ended up at Lighthouse Academy, a charter school, which eventually led her to connect with Jobs for Michigan Graduates, a non-profit which connects kids with employment opportunities. Through that, she got a job with a metal factory, enlisted in the Air Force and will be attending college … more

Working in Detroit: American Dream

After moving to the U.S. from Liberia at age 11, Tracy Garley is living the American Dream with her own shop and she thinks there's no better place for success than Detroit. … more

Low-Income Families Need Private Schools, Too

At Detroit Cristo Rey, students from low-income families work to pay for their private school tuition. Unlike a number of states, Michigan fails to offer those families any financial assistance in the form of vouchers or credits. … more

Workers Choice: A Path Forward for Unions and Workers

Workers who chose to leave unions want to fend for themselves but current law requires unions in union shops to negotiate their pay and work conditions. "Worker's Choice" gives employees the freedom to choose representation. … more

In Our Hands: It's Time to Reform Pensions in Michigan

The most important public policy question in Michigan is what to do about retiree benefits. The amount of debt owed to public employees at the state level, in the education system and at the local level is astounding — tens of billions of dollars governments have promised but failed to set aside.  … more

Forced Advertising Tax on Michigan Tourists

A Michigan lodge owner is fighting a tax he is forced to collect from his customers to support advertising by a regional tourism bureau. The Mackinac Center Legal Foundation has filed a suit on behalf of George Galbraith to retain his First Amendment rights. … more

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A non-insurance based health care model called Direct Primary Care is gaining traction in Michigan because it saves money and provides better access to doctors.

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