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Emmet County Commissioners are spending millions of dollars on lavish ambulance stations and an observatory to gaze at stars. The projects are being funded by a bond issue that bypassed voters.

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Michigan House Passes Bills Rolling Back Arbitrary ‘Handyman’ Licensing

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Flashy Projects Generate Taxpayer Losses

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Before Flint’s Lead Crisis, City Council Raided Money from 'Water Fund'

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Budget Gimmicks, Debt and Deficit Smokescreens Preceded Flint Lead Crisis

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What You Owe for Pensions

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Should Michigan Cities Be Allowed to Ban Pit Bulls?

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Michigan Bill Legalizes March Madness and Fantasy Sports Bets

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State’s '21st Century Jobs Fund' Spent $100 Million For Just 1,052 Jobs

The state’s 21st Century Investment Fund has contributed nearly $100 million in investments since 2006, yet only 1,052 jobs have been created or retained. … more

For the Record

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Union officials just can't see to be accurate when discussing teacher compensation. … more
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“What is the average class size in Michigan's schools?” Get the data, not opinions. … more
“The Wild West” has become the unsubstantiated, clichéd battle cry of anti-charter school interests in Michigan since the state repealed an artificial cap on their number in 2011. … more
The most recent test results of the statewide assessments for Michigan public school students is cause for concern, not celebration. … more
The state superintendent of public schools said putting two public schools near each other and asking them to compete is a waste of taxpayer dollars. But what if one is failing and the other excels? … more
This year will mark the first time since charter schools opened here in 1993-94 that the number of Michigan charters goes down. … more
Union president says a teacher who made $51,000 plus in 2014-15 needs subsidized housing. … more
A persistent theme in the narratives promoted by teacher unions is that their members are so grossly underpaid that many qualify for food stamps. It's a rare occurrence. … more