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Memo to Reporters: Follow the Money!

On Hollywood subsidies

When Hollywood actors come to town, reporters often resemble the president of a fan club — rather than objective observers — when it comes to their style of reporting. … more

Without Fracking, Oil Prices Would be at Record Highs

Crude oil would cost at least a record-setting $150-a-barrel today if not for increased oil production in the United States, according to the top administrator at the U.S. Energy Information Administration. … more

UAW Dues Hike was Unnecessary

The union’s website says the purpose of the fund is to “lessen the financial burden on striking UAW members and their families,” but the current fund is sufficient for this purpose. A serious look at the numbers calls the union leadership’s cry for more funds into question. … more

Some Progressives Want to Silence, not Debate, Opponents

'Intellectually challenged, paranoid'

Rather than participate in the national discussion involving the market place of ideas, some on the “progressive” side of the debate want to silence — or in one extreme case imprison — those who disagree with them. … more

U-M Economist Says Feds Shortchanging Michigan by Tens of Thousands of Jobs

Early BLS report 'seriously wrong'

The monthly U.S. Bureau of Labor unemployment report that generates most of the national media stories is “seriously wrong” and shortchanging Michigan of tens of thousands of jobs every year, according to a University of Michigan economist. … more

A Democrat's Reasons For Supporting School Choice

Harvey Santana earns endorsement of education choice group

“By voting my conscience rather than following the predictable patterns of party politics I feel I am paving the way for a new generation of leaders in Michigan," Santana said. … more

Right-to-Work Will be Blamed

If Gov. Snyder loses re-election

To the conservative base, if Gov. Snyder were to lose it will be because he ignored basic principles. To seasoned citizens, if Snyder were to lose it would be because they think he hiked their taxes. Yet, for the national mainstream news media, though these elements will have contributed to his loss, they will be considered trivialities not worth mentioning. … more

FOIA Reform Legislation Languishes in Senate

Senate leaders quiet about bill to improve government transparency

A measure aimed at assuring that government entities can’t use artificially inflated costs to stifle the public’s ability to obtain information is buried in a Senate committee.  … more

Manufacturing Rebound Puts Michigan Back in the Ballgame

State surging to once again match its competitors

Manufacturing in Michigan has made a comeback. Following a decade of slumps and dips, the increase in manufacturing jobs in the state is outpacing the nation as a whole and in terms of the actual number of manufacturing jobs the state is poised to surpass Illinois. … more

Senate Approves 'Talk Like a Pirate' Resolution

Good argument for part-time legislature

For the second year in a row, the Michigan Senate has approved a resolution supporting Sept. 19 as “International Talk Like a Pirate Day.” … more

Union Bullying Members is Shedding Them: Over 500 People Leave Operating Engineers

Another welcoming people has gained them back

An official from a Michigan union that bullied members who opted out under the state's right-to-work law by printing their names in its online newsletter is now saying they have had to abandon public school unions for lack of support. … more

Government Transparency Bill Stalled in Senate

Michigan House passed bill six months ago

It’s been six months since the Michigan House passed House Bill 4001, but the Senate has taken no action on it apart from referring the bill to the Government Operations Committee. … more

Democrats Call for Moratorium on New Charter Public Schools

Bill would cap school choice

“We find it interesting that House Democrats are falling over themselves to introduce bills to restrict school choice for underserved students while ignoring the abysmal performance of the 85 percent of traditional public schools in our major cities that are ranked at the very bottom of the state’s accountability system." … more

Parents Speak Out on Effort to Halt School Choice

Legislators pushing charter school moratorium ignore public 'Schools of Choice' in areas they represent

When several state lawmakers spoke Sept. 18th in support of a moratorium on new charter public schools, they seemed to be overlooking what is going on in their districts. … more

Top DIA Officials Receive Huge Raises While Running Deficit, Raking in Taxpayer Money

Detroit Institute of Arts director sees compensation increase from $455K to $514K

Soon after voters approved a three-county $230 million millage for the Detroit Institute of Arts, its top two officers received increases of $58,415 and $98,564 in compensation. … more

Feeling Fine About the End of the World

Book review of Kevin Williamson's latest effort

Williamson seemingly enjoys placing counterintuitive theories in the middle of his texts. For example, he writes “failure is what makes us rich.” … more

Environmental Group Praises Michigan For Press Releases About 'Green Jobs'

Past job claims rarely came to fruition

While job creation can be a badge of honor for many politicians, a report praising Michigan for adding "green jobs" is a bit premature. … more

Michigan Supreme Court Justice Suggests Legislature Clarify Criminal Intent Statutes

Citizens are committing crimes without knowing it

Michigan Supreme Court Justice Stephen Markman wants state lawmakers to clarify statutes that criminalize administrative offenses. Offenders are often surprised when they are charged with a “strict liability public welfare offense” because it is not obvious the act is a crime. … more

10 Facts About Pension Systems in Michigan

Why reform is so vital

It is difficult to avoid numbers when talking about underfunded pension systems, but here are some illustrations that will hopefully help citizens grasp the enormity of the problem in Michigan. … more

Liberal Economist: 'Mostly White' Oakland County Deserves the Blame For Detroit's Problems

County official: 'He doesn't understand what he is talking about'

By all accounts, the state and Oakland County are major stakeholders in Detroit. Here’s some things Robert Reich overlooked about how county and state taxpayers help fund Detroit. … more

Like most powerful innovations, Uber disrupts the status quo by competing with established business interests. In Washington, D.C., the service was an instant hit with city residents - and almost as quickly found itself at odds with D.C.'s powerful taxi lobby and its allies on the city council.

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