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One day, a Detroit grocer didn't get his ice delivery, the next day, he decided to go into the ice making business. Thirty-five years later, U.S. Ice has become a Detroit success stories with plans to expand beyond the city's borders. The secret ingredient: service.

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For the Record

Union president says a teacher who made $51,000 plus in 2014-15 needs subsidized housing. … more
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Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton made a campaign stop in Michigan this week at which she pitched clean energy as a way to build the economy. … more
The City of Detroit's response to fixing its out-of-date payroll system? The check is in the mail. … more
The state was hoping to become a world capital for advanced batteries in 2010. Five years later, there were just 918 battery manufacturing jobs. … more
Former Gov. Jennifer Granholm’s use of Dr. Seuss-like rhymes to entertain delegates at the Democratic National Convention this week took a dark and hyperpartisan turn in a stanza mentioning the Flint water tragedy. … more
During her appearance before the Democratic National Convention, former Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm tried to channel Dr. Seuss as a way to take political shots at Republicans. … more
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