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A non-insurance based health care model called Direct Primary Care is gaining traction in Michigan because it saves money and provides better access to doctors.

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Let Local Schools Decide Their Calendars

An increasing number of school districts want to open their doors to students in August. This growing demand provides further justification for ending the requirement that districts ask state bureaucrats for permission to start the academic year before Labor Day. … more

Spending Up $1.8 Billion But Publication Claims Michigan ‘Disinvests’ In Schools

The Grand Rapids Business Journal blamed the lack of qualified workers for a business on a disinvestment in the state's public school systems. Except, the public K-12 education funding has increased by $1.8 billion since 2011. … more

Despite Record State Revenue, Spending Interests Predict Budget Meltdown

Media headlines warned of deficits and painful cuts. Instead, state revenues increased by $1 billion this year. … more

State Police Pay 43 Officers Over $300k Each To Not Retire

The Michigan State Police paid seven troopers more than $400,000 each to delay taking early retirement and a lifetime pension. Another 36 officers were paid more than $300,000 each to not take advantage of an early retirement privilege.  … more

One in Four Of This District’s Teachers Missed More Than 20 Days of School

Throughout Michigan, public school districts are saying there is a substitute teachers shortage. But in one school district, the average teacher missed 17.36 days out of a 186.5-day annual work schedule. … more

Oughta Be A Law? Neighbors’ Dispute Leads To Air Conditioner Noise Rule

The city of East Lansing enacted an ordinance earlier this year making it illegal to operate an air conditioning unit louder than 55 decibels at night and 60 decibels during the day as measured from the property line. … more

State Troopers Collect $400,000 Plus In Legal Pension Double-dipping Plan

Dozens of Michigan State Police employees have received payments of more than $300,000 to $400,000 in addition to their annual salaries as part of a program to encourage employees to delay taking early retirement. One Michigan State Police employee received $459,924. … more

State of Michigan’s Great Lakes Invasive Carp Challenge

If Asian carp become established in the Great Lakes, they could decimate Michigan’s fisheries and would have a significant negative impact on Michigan’s $2.43 billion fishing industry. … more

City Income Tax Proposal On November Ballot Sparks Business Revolt

A large number of East Lansing businesses have expressed opposition to an income tax proposal the city council has placed on the Nov. 7 ballot. … more

Targeted Business Subsidies vs. Broad Tax Relief

There is a massive turnover of jobs that goes on without politicians having much say or influence.  … more

Michigan’s unemployment rate dropped to 3.7 percent in July, the 16th lowest among the states. The national unemployment rate in July was 4.3 percent. Michigan had the highest unemployment rate in the nation from April 2006 to February 2010, a span of 47 months.

… more

For the Record

MEA President Steve Cook says teachers don't have any time to go to work conferences during the school year. But the Lansing School District gave its teachers 746 days to attend conferences on school time last year. … more
The city of Lansing has several retired police and fire employees who make more in retirement than they did while working. The reason? Pension calculations that reward employees who can pile up overtime as they near retirement. … more
The Grand Rapids Education Association is promoting a myth that there's a teacher shortage. That district received as many as 740 applicants for one teaching position. … more
Despite a Democratic state rep's claim, unflattering comparisons aren't made just about women. … more
Michigan's taxes through June have generated an extra $875.9 million compared to the same time period in 2016. And some politicians said the state couldn't afford a cut to the income tax that would have cost $463 million. … more
Gov. Rick Snyder told a radio station he doesn't believe in buying companies into our state. Yet, the state approved $63.8 million in 2016 to 84 companies. … more
Excellent Schools Detroit was an operation that said it would fix Detroit's troubled public schools in 2010. It never happened and now Excellent Schools Detroit has closed. … more
A short-term substitute teacher at Rockford Public Schools is paid $75 a day. The cost of a full-time teacher's health insurance can cost the district $71 a day. … more
MEA President Steve Cook says teachers have no time to attend professional conferences during the school year. Yet, the MEA holds its own conferences during the school year. And the state law and the union contracts the MEA negotiates mandate professional development time. … more
The Detroit News has granted Michigan Education Association President Steve Cook a regular forum in its editorial section to express his union’s views on the teaching profession in this state. Cook has repeatedly promoted false claims and disingenuous themes about teaching. … more