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State Revenue Increasing by $640 Million

With the media reporting about a “tax-cut fueled budget deficit," taxpayers may not be aware that the state is gaining revenue from 2015 to 2016. … more

State Out Nearly $300M from Cigarette Smuggling

We estimate that the Great Lake State lost $298 million from the untaxed cigarette trade in 2013.  … more

The Costs and Benefits of Wind Energy: Competing Groups Hold Forums

A Michigan Capitol Confidential reporter was removed from a pro-wind energy forum a few minutes after it began. … more

Why Not Double the Prevailing Wage

Michigan’s prevailing wage law sets an arbitrary mandate for what public entities (like schools) have to pay for construction projects.  … more

Governor Signs Bill Freeing Up Market Approach to Health Care

Medical retainer agreements between physicians and patients will not be considered “insurance” in Michigan under Senate Bill 1033. … more

State Agency Wants $1,500 for a No-Cost Electronic File

The state agency wanted to charge for paper copies of electronic information. The Mackinac Center didn't want the paper copies, but was told they still had to pay for those costs. … more

Open Letter to the Liquor Control Commission

The Mackinac Center's Mike LaFaive tells the state's liquor control commission to change their rules that make distributors post their prices for anyone to see and then prohibits them from changing them for up to 180 days. LaFaive says it is the public that suffers. … more

Speed Limit Reform Died Last Year but May be Revived

Speed limit reform bills in both chambers failed to make it out of committee last session but are expected to reappear this session. … more

MEDC's New Program: Government Funding Government

A $50,000 grant would benefit the city of Ypsilanti, which owns a historic freighthouse building that serves as a farmers market that needs money to be transformed into a “public space.” … more

How Michigan Blew a Hole in its Budget

The House Democrats harshly criticized the GOP for allowing the Michigan Economic Development Corporation to hand out billions in corporate tax subsidies. What they didn't say was their own Democratic Gov. Jennifer Granholm expanded the program.  … more

For the Record

MLive columnist Susan Demas wrote that the state of Michigan's General Fund revenues are decreasing. They are projected to increase by the Consensus Revenue Estimating Conference, just not by as much as previously reported. … more
Michigan House Democrats say the GOP is to blame for the Michigan Economic Growth Authority program that has given select large corporations billions in taxpayer dollars. But Democratic votes were vital to creating the program in 1995. … more
The current budget shortfall is due to select tax credits approved during the Granholm administration which are being honored. … more
The MEA's unions routinely post the names of the former members who opt out of the union in newsletters that get posted online to make their work place as hostile as they can. … more
Michigan State Board of Education President John Austin flip flopped on his stance on educational adequacy studies. … more
In 2008, Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm was trying to make this state the "green energy" capital of North America. So the state and federal government awarded six "green companies" $231 million. A state report shows in 2013, that investment produced just 44 full-time jobs. … more
Michigan doctors are accepting more Medicaid patients, but most of the Medicaid benefits in this state occur when local hospitals negotiate a flat per-beneficiary rate with the state. … more
Number of homicides is different from the homicide "rate." … more
Homer Community Schools new interim superintendent said his brother will also be paid to help share the duties of his new role. … more
It is not correct that the state’s budget is expected to run a deficit nor are these fund projections due to a decrease in revenue. … more