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Public charter schools give parents more options. They provide options that may not be available in a traditional public school setting. tells the stories of parents and students who find value in public charter schools and how their lives have been improved with choice. Visit for more information.

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Governor's Budget Pays for Medicaid Expansion with a Gas Tax

The largest proposed change in Gov. Rick Snyder’s executive budget is to use money freed up by a tax hike for roads to pay for the state’s Medicaid expansion. … more

State Officials Lose Official Representation in Flint Water Lawsuit

Attorney General Bill Schuette wants to withdraw as legal counsel for seven former or current Michigan Department of Environmental Quality officials concerning legal matters surrounding the Flint water crisis. … more

Speed Trap Empire Strikes Back at Reform Effort

A legislative effort to deter speed traps has hit a speed bump. … more

College Grads Attracted to Opportunity Before Bike Lanes

The past decade suggests that simply targeting people with college degrees is an ineffective strategy. People move to places where there are employment opportunities. … more

Marquette County Takes on EPA

A Michigan senator claims the EPA had already made its mind up to reject a project but let supporters continue to work on it. … more

Taxing Matters: Michigan's Middling Rank

The Tax Foundation recently published its latest ranking of state and local tax burdens. The report placed Michigan in 25th place as of 2012. … more

Detroit Classrooms Are Not Overcrowded

Read stories about overcrowded Detroit Public Schools' classrooms? The average class size is about 22 students, according to the district. … more

Government's Free Pass to Trespass

Government property assessors have been known to walk around private property when homeowners are gone to get what they want. … more

New Bills Would Put Teeth Into Ignored Teacher Strike Law

Recent sickouts that have kept at least 34,000 students in Detroit Public Schools from attending classes may mean that future sickouts could cost school districts some of their state aid.  … more

Sports Stadium Deals Consistently Strike Out

Cities negotiate terrible agreements with pro sports franchises most of the time. That leaves taxpayers in a vulnerable position. … more

For the Record

Just from economic growth, two major state funds are projected to get $725 million more next year. … more
Karl Marx’s “The Communist Manifesto” is must-reading at many Michigan college campuses. … more
When a municipality says things like, "secure our future by dedicating funding to take care of streets," most people would think that is a phrase encouraging people to vote yes on a tax hike. But that's not how the state of Michigan sees it. The state has ruled that most anything goes as long as the municipalities don't use a few magic words - "Vote Yes; Elect; Support." … more
WXYX-TV did a story about the salaries of the emergency manager and other top administrators for Detroit Public Schools. The TV station also allowed Detroit teachers to comment about their pay, but never mentioned what Detroit's teachers earn on average. … more
Here's the proper way to describe the Supreme Court case on compelling public sector employees to financially support a union or lose their job: “Let’s say you are a vegetarian but your boss requires that you pay for meals provided in a workplace cafeteria that only serves meat. When you object, the cafeteria manager calls you a ‘freeloader,’ and if you refuse to pay, state law requires your boss to fire you.” … more
The city of Detroit says it would take 10,000 hours of research to determine how many total hours of "comp time" it's police department employees have accrued over their careers. That's problematic considering the department has a history of overtime fraud and is liable for employees' compensatory time one way or another. … more
The deplorable conditions of some Detroit Public Schools' classrooms that triggered a series of sickouts by teachers can't be blamed on a lack of money. Detroit Public Schools per pupil funding is much higher than the state average. … more
The president of the Detroit Public School teachers union made what has now become a clichéd and erroneous claim when she said the state has been cutting money to state education. … more
Last month the Detroit Free Press published a sympathetic story by columnist Rochelle Riley about a Detroit Public School principal named Kenyetta Wilbourn who pleaded guilty to bribery and tax evasion charges. Wilbourn used her position to put relatives on the payroll, took kickbacks from vendors and wrote fake grant requests. … more
Like many in the media, Crain’s Detroit Business questioned the need for a law restricting municipal campaigns promoting local tax hikes. A sympathetic story quoted one of the critics, the mayor of Rochester Hills. But flyers mailed by that city last fall implied citizens may die if they vote 'no' on an upcoming property tax hike. … more