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Some institutions of higher education have cracked down on free speech. Even in Michigan, universities have speech codes that restrict students’ speech, campus groups have prevented speakers from delivering talks and administrators have stopped individuals from handing out certain literature.

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Police Set Up Crime, Entrap College Student’s Cellphone and $100

Police created the circumstances for the crime to be committed and then did not arrest or charge the individual they lured. But they did keep his money and cell phone. … more

Federal Tax Proposal Not Perfect, but Good for Michigan, Nation

“Law and sausage,” German aristocrat Otto von Bismarck was reputed to say, “are two things you do not want to see being made.” Today’s sausage making in Washington, D.C., involves the final release of tax reform specifics that — if adopted — will mark the most comprehensive federal tax reform legislation since 1986. … more

Unions That Say Prevailing Wage Law Protects Retirees Mismanage Worker Pensions

According to Michigan Prevails, a union-supported advocacy website, a state law called the prevailing wage “strongly supports the construction industry by providing sound pension programs.” … more

Half Of Able-Bodied Michigan Medicaid Expansion Enrollees Don’t Work

A new report says that in Michigan, half the people in the able-bodied Medicaid expansion population do not work at all. … more

Why We Might Not Want to Require Rescue

A new bill under consideration in the Michigan Legislature would require people to help rescue others who are in danger. But it is unlikely to have a positive effect and may even do more harm than good. … more

When Firefighters Aren’t Allowed to Fight Fires

The state of Michigan doesn’t license firefighters (nor should it), but, similar to California, it does train prisoners for all sorts of jobs they cannot legally perform upon their release.  … more

Iron Mountain Schools Draws Flak for Novel Homeschool Co-op

A school district near the Michigan-Wisconsin border in the Upper Peninsula is getting pushback over the structure and funding of a co-op it runs with some homeschool families in the area. … more

Teachers Union Head Gets Annual $92,000 Pension Bonus, Courtesy of Taxpayers

Steve Cook started out as a para-professional teacher's aide and turned that into a $103,227 annual pension due to a sweetheart deal his union worked out with his former school district. … more

Local Governments Are Not in Debt Because of Less Revenue Sharing

The largest problem facing local governments is the amount of debt they have for workers in retirement. The debt comes in two forms: pension liabilities and government-funded medical insurance.  … more

New Analysis: Auto Insurance Costs Out of Control

The average cost of treating an auto accident injury in Michigan tripled over the last decade and is now more than five times the cost in the next most-expensive state.  … more

Michigan’s prevailing wage law requires contractors who bid on government construction projects to pay wages based on union pay scales provided by union officials.

For example, in Jackson County, there are 24 different pay classifications just for a boilermaker who has up to four years of experience.

The state agency in charge has identified well over 500,000 different wage classifications in Michigan. Yet, there are a total of 162,000 construction workers in the entire state.

… more

For the Record

The state's largest teachers' union is saying few young people want to go into teaching. But that didn't stop 440 people from applying for teaching positions last year at Kalamazoo Public Schools. … more
Patricia Poppe, president and CEO of CMS Energy, said the last thing she wants is somebody to say their electric prices are too high. Consumers Energy has the highest residential prices in the five-state region. … more
A claim by the state police that police abuse of civil asset forfeiture is rare deserves some scrutiny. … more
The Michigan Health and Hospital Association recently released two video advertisements aimed at drivers, encouraging them to contact their state representatives to oppose an auto insurance reform bill currently pushed by House leaders and Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan. … more
A progressive advocacy group is fighting to maintain a tax write-off which overwhelmingly benefits the wealthy. … more
The worst urban public school district in the country doesn't like competition. … more
David Lorenz of the Michigan Economic Development Corporation says he never focused on return on investment from the state's Pure Michigan tourism campaign. But his past comments seem to refute that claim. … more
Lawmakers in 18 states have adopted some form of tuition tax credit program that lets individuals or businesses claim a tax credit for donations that help students attend a private school. … more
The notion that some school districts have received less state dollars over the last few years is not accurate. Yet, the claims persist. … more
The state Treasury is concerned about losing $30 million if "driver responsibility fees" are erased. But that department didn't oppose $38 million in pet projects for legislators. … more