At a gathering for the Democratic Socialists of America, Congressman John Conyers criticized both the administration of President Barack Obama as well as the tea party.

The 23-term congressman from Michigan's 14th district said the tea party is "small and dismissible" and noted that if he was president, White House press secretary Robert Gibbs would have "his bags packed" for "trashing the progressives of the left."

"Who's job do you think it is to get [Obama] straightened out and on the right track?"

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"Ours!" shouted the members.

It wasn't the first time Conyers has gone after the tea party movement, which protests government spending. In April, the congressmen said at the Michigan Democratic Party convention that the protestors' "rational abilities" were "compromised" while using the slur "teabaggers."

Conyers also said he was glad to be with people who believed in "this one world concept" and urged the founding of a "Department of Peace" before going on to criticize the Obama Administration for continuing the policies from the Bush Administration overseas.

"[Nobody] above the 10th grade believes you can win a war in Afghanistan."

Conyers remarks were posted on YouTube and can be seen here.


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