Below is the Michigan Capitol Confidential coverage and analysis of school districts claiming cuts. For our page linking to teacher contract analysis, please click here.


Lake Orion Describes $13 Million Increase in Spending As Budget Cut

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Highland Park: Spending Up, Revenue Up, Red Ink Up -- Wants More Money

School District Exaggerates Funding Loss by $66 Million

Sky Not Falling on Saginaw Schools: Fewer Kids, More Teachers After Snyder’s First Budget

Headlines Screamed Mass School Layoffs, Reality Tells a Different Story

School District Seeking Tax Hike Challenged on Dollar Figures

The 32 Percent Teacher Pay Hikes at Birmingham Schools

When School Fee Hikes Count as ‘Budget Cuts’

Farmington Teacher Contract Raises Salaries in Tenth Year by $16-20k; Super Says Teachers Not Feeling Valued

Schools Use Creative Accounting to Exaggerate Fiscal Challenges

How $10 Million Spending Increases Become K-12 Budget Cuts

Carman-Ainsworth Schools: Multi-Million-Dollar Deficits and 6.7 Percent Raises

The 'Real World' vs. Public School Budget Cuts

Clarkston Average Teacher Salary Beats Inflation by $10K Over Last Decade

L’Anse Creuse: Cuts Claimed While Spending Is Up; Teachers Pay Zero for Health Benefits

Coleman Schools: 23 Percent Fewer Kids, 23 Percent More Spending Per Kid and One-Ninth the Average Health Co-Pay

Rochester Schools Reduce 6.5 to 7.5 Percent Raises by Half-Point - Declares Budget Cut

What Does the Average Teacher in Ann Arbor Really Make?

Bay City Public Schools Claims $24 Million Cut, Budget Continues to Grow

Will the Snyder K-12 Plan Really Cause 40-Student Classrooms in Novi?

Spending Mysteries at Utica Schools

Rochester Schools Raise Pay, Report Cuts, and Blame Governor

Does the Lansing School District Reall Pay 'Below the Poverty Line' for Teachers?

West Michigan School Super Claims Budget Cuts - But Do the Numbers Add Up?

The Compensation of An “Unappreciated” and “Devalued” Spanish Teacher

'Budget Cut' Doesn't Mean the Same Thing to Public and Private Sectors

Decade of Cuts Is Claimed by School District Giving 14 Percent Raises Over 24 Months


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