Michigan's Republican-controlled Senate is reaching a milestone.

As of Feb. 24, the Senate — by its inaction to pass a bill that would end the “Home Health Care Dues Skim” — will have enriched union coffers by $4 million.

This “skim” resulted from a union scheme perpetrated while Jennifer Granholm was governor. The plan used a dummy employer and a stealth election to railroad 43,000 so-called home health care workers into the Service Employees International Union. That 43,000 has now swollen to 56,442.

Once this forced unionization was achieved, money started being extracted from the taxpayer-provided checks received by the so-called home health care workers. This money continues to be sent to SEIU as dues. Overall, the “skim” has netted more than $28 million for the SEIU.

Last June, the House passed legislation (House Bill 4003) that would outlaw the “skim.” But so far the Senate has refused to pass the measure.

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Meanwhile, every dollar the union receives from the “skim” can be used for political purposes. These could include everything from bolstering the re-election campaign of President Barack Obama to helping the Democrats try to recapture the Michigan House.


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