In a recent press release, Michigan House Democrats criticized Republicans for taxpayer giveaways to corporations delivered through the Michigan Economic Development Corporation.

House Democratic Leader Tim Greimel and House Democratic Floor Leader Sam Singh both blamed Republicans for billions the MEDC has awarded Michigan’s largest corporations since 1995.

ForTheRecord says: The MEDC’s "flagship" Michigan Economic Growth Authority (MEGA) program was launched in 1995 with the blessing of both parties in the Legislature. More than $5.1 billion has been awarded in what are styled as "tax credits," and often amount to the state just writing a check to a company. When the original vote authorizing the program took place in 1995, Gongwer News Service reported that it wouldn’t have happened without support from Democrats, who provided 36 of the 68 votes that advanced the bill out of the House. That 1995 news article reported: Democrats supported MEGA all along, Rep. Kirk Profit (D-Ypsilanti) said.

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Some institutions of higher education have cracked down on free speech. Even in Michigan, universities have speech codes that restrict students’ speech, campus groups have prevented speakers from delivering talks and administrators have stopped individuals from handing out certain literature.

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