Job Makers: Sewing Beats Subsidized Solar in Snowy Michigan

3,380 sewing jobs vs. 2,100 solar jobs

The Capital News Service, part of the Michigan State University online news network, ran a recent story on solar energy. It quotes John Sarver, the president of the Great Lakes Renewable Energy Association, on the number of jobs in the solar industry.

Michigan has 2,100 workers in the solar industry, including manufacturers, installers, sales people and others, Sarver said.

“It’s a significant number and it’s growing,” he said.

The story followed this by saying the size and growth of the industry in Michigan is comparable to what’s happening in most states in the Great Lakes region.

ForTheRecord says: There were 3,380 sewing machine operators in Michigan as of May 2014, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Why not report stories about a homegrown occupation that employs more people, with no multimillion-dollar taxpayer subsidies?

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