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Absent MEA Action, State Could Step In

MEA ducks question about having state inform members about right-to-work law

… inform union members, an MEA spokesman started to … allegations that the MEA is not fully complying … getting out of the MEA has proven to be a tricky … state. According to the MEA, its members can only … more

MEA Prez and VP should talk

… that for you . If the MEA is staying away from … its former members, MEA President Steve Cook … release posted on the MEA s own website. Cook … more

MEA Still Chasing Thousands Not Paying Dues Or Fees

Union says 7,000 not paying; MEA members can leave the union only during month of August

… despite promises by the MEA that it will send debt … thinks the MEA could lose as many as … week, Doug Pratt, the MEA's director of member … three months after MEA Executive Director Gretchen … more
August MEA opt-out postcard

MEA Upset at Having to Follow State Law

… choose. But the MEA is also upset at the … performance. Who, exactly, are MEA officials representing … backgrounds. Who, exactly, are MEA officials representing … of their rights, the MEA wrote: If [the … more

Union Threatens School District for Removing Illegal Language From Contracts

MEA sent 'cease and desist' letter to superintendent

… effect. Mary McGee-Cullen, a MEA Uniserv Director, sent … agreements. In the meantime, cease and desist … to me as I am their MEA representative. The … representatives that the MEA would allow the contract … more

MEA-Endorsed Candidate: Education Spending Is Up

… only way they (the MEA) can say that it is … agree with what the MEA is saying about spending. In … Snyder took office, the MEA, which is the state s … I don t agree with MEA on a lot of things, … more

MEA Concedes Large Percentage of ‘Conservative’ Teachers, Endorses 97% Democrats

… as conservative. The MEA represents more than 157,000 teachers, … same magazine, the MEA released its recommendations … partisan issue. MEA President Iris Salters … R-Rochester Hills, who the MEA has not endorsed, said … more

Union Tries to Block Election that Would Decertify it

MEA files unfair labor practice to derail decertification vote at Grand Rapids Community College

… for them. The MEA filed an unfair labor … independent union. The MEA is facing an exodus … month of the year the MEA allows members to quit. … judge. Additionally, one year ago, the MEA lost nearly 300 members … more

MEA: Too Many People Making $ Off Public Schools

MEA president made $212,848 last year

… as president of the MEA, a private organization … more

RTW 'Freeloader' Claim Still a Farce

MEA is the one freeloading off of teachers

… them. But a look at the MEA s just-released financial … more

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