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A123 Files for Bankruptcy

Yet another failure of central planning

Electric car battery-maker A123 Systems has filed … just a few months ago A123 awarded sweetened … increases  top executives at A123 Systems have received. In … more

Job Numbers Vary Widely for Taxpayer Funded Electric Car Battery Maker A123 Systems

MEDC reported hundreds of jobs just prior to company's bankruptcy

… car battery maker  A123 Systems  was offered … just 16 days before A123 Systems filed for bankruptcy. … ending Sept. 30, 2012, A123 Systems reported having … the jobs number for A123 Systems was taken directly … more

MEDC Removes Video of Obama, Top Dems Praising Failed Battery Company

YouTube promotion showed Obama, Granholm, Levin and Stabenow promising thousands of jobs

… battery manufacturer A123 Systems. At the … Stabenow. Since then, A123 has shed money , … the initial roll-out, A123 is being acquired … initiatives. Michigan gave A123 Systems $100 million … more

A123 Logs Its Own List of Failures

Like Solyndra, hundreds of millions in government subsidies didn't stop company from going bankrupt

… Barack Obama highlighted A123 Systems during a White … way he envisioned. A123 Systems has become … green-energy failures. However, A123 Systems, which has its … administration trumpeted A123s Michigan battery plant … more

Video Shows President Obama, Top Politicians Praising Failed Green Company

Obama, Granholm, Levin, Stabenow and Energy Secretary Chu all praised troubled battery manufacturer

… subsidized and now-troubled A123 Systems battery manufacturer. The … battery manufacturer A123 Systems. A123 Systems, which opened … was filed against A123 Systems this week on … more

Government-Backed Green Energy Company Sweetens Package For Top Executives Despite Mounting Problems

In SEC filings, A123 Systems raises 'substantial doubt on the Company's ability to continue'

… lose their jobs. A123 Systems, which opened … Korea in February. A123 Systems, which received … Development Corp. said A123 Systems hasn't received … from them yet. But A123 Systems stated it expects … more

Electric Vehicle Battery Subsidy Failures Evident Early On

Former Gov. Granholm defends her policies in Detroit Free Press article

… to four companies — A123 Systems, Dow Kokam, … chronicaling the collapse of A123 Systems. In a   September … industry experts called A123 Systems " a risky venture ." Additionally, … Confidential showed how A123 Systems increased the … more

MEDC Boss Says Agency Changing; Has Long History of Backing Bad Companies

A look back at five MEDC-backed failures

… technologies. A123 SYSTEMS The lithium-ion … crowd. The failure of A123 Systems is now well … 2012. As of November 2012, A123 Systems had spent $115 … Business A123 Files For Bankruptcy Speedshape: … more

Terrible Track Record

Government's 'green' venture capitalism experiment a failure.

… failures like Solyndra, A123 , LG Chem , Energ1 … more

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