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Another Michigan Community Moving Toward Wind Farm Restrictions

DTE turbine tower plans for Beaver Township stumble on proposed zoning board recommendation

… Thursday to amend a proposed wind farm zoning ordinance … community. More than 300 residents from the … Energy submitted a proposal to the Michigan … outnumbered supporters by a 3-1 ratio. In the … more

How Much Less Union Politicking If Supreme Court Bans Forced Fees?

With compulsory fees coming in, teachers union spent $29.8 million on politics in 2016 cycle

… Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal proposed a constitutional amendment … example, has just under 3 million members who … campaign against the proposal. And in 2013, the NEA reported giving $3.6 … more

Some Teachers In This District In Line For 17 Percent Pay Hikes

But superintendent says his schools are underfunded

… Feb. 7. They include a proposal to increase public … school spending by $312 million, or as much … the Governor makes a proposal that is a 3% increase, and it's … more

Detroit Would Mandate Video Surveillance, Make Businesses Pay

ACLU, others concerned; live video to police from inside thousands of firms

A proposed ordinance in the city … images for at least 30 days. Detroit’s … applicable laws, the proposed mandate raises questions … currently operating with 230 businesses that have … more

Best Of The Best

CapCon’s most popular stories from 2017

… campus speech. The proposals would require Michigan’s … North Korea. No. 3 story: The Best-Paying … dropped. No. 6 story: Proposed Wind Turbines In Michigan … in the state at $80,334. Utica was followed … more

With Income Tax Rejected By Voters, East Lansing Looks at Spending Cuts

A common story: Residents will pay for years of pension underfunding by elected officials

… this week to a ballot proposal that would have imposed … will need to find $3 million in extra revenue … put the income tax proposal on the Nov. 7 ballot, … measure failed with 53 percent of voters casting … more

Another Local Politician Violates Election Law, Sanctions Again Unlikely

‘Elected officials ... violate the law far too often,’ says critic of taxpayer-funded tax-hike electioneering

… assessment. The proposal failed Nov. 7 by a 56-43 percent margin. There … residents to vote yes on a 3-mill property tax increase … said. The Fraser proposal would have imposed … more

Federal Tax Proposal Not Perfect, but Good for Michigan, Nation

Reform plans are on the right track

… since 1986. The proposed legislation would … highest rate, currently 39.6 percent, would remain … the first place. This proposal will allow more people … percent, 25 percent and 35 percent, depending … more

Sheriffs Float the Idea of a Kayak Tax

Just another example of the trough truce

… Lawmakers introduced a proposal in 2010 that would … 2007-10, the fund gave $4.3 million to counties … 2016, and stood at $3.1 million for 2017. But … division. That leaves just $3 million for the 83 county … more

City Income Tax Proposal On November Ballot Sparks Business Revolt

Chamber of Commerce official: ‘Time for cities to get back to their core functions’

… opposition to an income tax proposal the city council has … revenue increased from $33.0 million in 2013 to … the November ballot proposal. The measure, if approved … more

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