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LG Chem: A Look Back At the Failed Predictions

Company generated more press releases than batteries

… manufacturing plants for LG Chem were going to make Michigan … federal investigation, LG Chem is being made to repay … more

Obama-Promoted Battery Plant Moves to 'Rolling Furloughs' As Company Pulls Back on Jobs Projections

LG Chem received $151 million from feds, $100 million from state

… President Obama visited the LG Chem battery plant in Holland, … production and grow," said LG Chem Spokesman Randy Boileau. … more

Dead Batteries

LG Chem, a battery company based … taxpayer money."  LG Chem is a Korean-owned company … more

Terrible Track Record

Government's 'green' venture capitalism experiment a failure.

… Solyndra, A123 , LG Chem , Energ1 and others, … more

Cost to Revive Economy With Battery Plant Subsidies: $5 Trillion

… by the Korean firm LG Chem. The federal contribution … output for a year.) LG Chem's owners are not the … more

Analysis: Michigan Taxpayers to Write $100 Million Check to Korean Battery Maker

… Korean battery maker LG Chem. The MEDC in effect … in May. It absolves LG Chem's American subsidiary, … more

Michigan Taxpayers Writing Check to Second Electric Car Battery Maker for $100 Million

… to the Korean firm LG Chem for a Holland plant, … both A123 Systems and LG Chem.* "Refundable" means … more

Electric Vehicle Battery Subsidy Failures Evident Early On

Former Gov. Granholm defends her policies in Detroit Free Press article

… failed promises of LG Chem ; the GOP reviving … Johnson Controls and L.G. Chem. Nearly $600 million … 2012. ~~~~~ See also: LG Chem: A Look Back at … more

Michigan Senate Revives Corporate Welfare Scheme Governor Vowed to End

Bill authorizes $50 million from state for another electric car project

… by the Korean firm LG Chem is now operating in … alternative energy scheme using this particular … Obama and the company. LG Chem was given $151 … more

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Police seize assets of Michigan residents who have not been charged with crimes. One man was told he could get his belongings back for a price. Another had his bank accounts frozen and was unable to pay bills. He also lost property he called "auctionable." Last year, law enforcement raised over $20,000,000 from seizing personal property.

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