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Teacher Pay Rates Unusually Stable

Michigan teachers make more today than their predecessors did once you factor in inflation, according to the National Center for Education Statistics. … more

Watchdogs Sleep

A college public radio station reported there are "differing views" on whether or not teachers in a public school district had received raises. You know, there's a public database that answers that question. … more

As Soaring Pension Debt Eats Budgets, Teacher Says Reform ‘Makes No Sense’

South Lyon Community Schools contributions to the state school employees pension system has increased by $7.2 million since 2010. Yet, one teacher says fixing that "makes no sense." … more

U-M Student Newspaper: Shouting Down Speakers Doesn’t Infringe Free Speech

In 2016, protesters shut down a debate on Black Lives Matters at the University of Michigan by rushing into the auditorium and jeering and swearing until the event was canceled. … more

$500,000 Retirement Nest Eggs Likely Under Teacher Pension Alternative

How deep in debt is Michigan’s public school pension system? For every dollar paid to a public school teacher, districts must deposit another 37 cents into the state-run system, mostly to catch up on the accumulated debt caused by years of pension underfunding. … more

If This Is Considered 'Working' ... We'd Hate To See What Failure Looks Like

The Michigan Association of School Administrators says reforms to the public school employee pension system are working. Meanwhile, the retirement system's unfunded liabilities have grown from $12.0 billion to $29.1 billion from 2010 to 2016. … more

Lt. Gov. Brian Calley Underestimates Teacher Pay — By $26,000

Lt. Gov. Brian Calley needs a heads up on how much public school teachers earn in Michigan. … more

Michigan School Pension Debt Resembles Credit Card Junkie’s Fiscal Death Spiral

How much is the public school employee pension system underfunded? If it were credit card debt, a person with an income of $21,000 would have $29,100 of debt on their credit card. … more

Writer Insinuates Racial Politics in DeVos’ Hometown, But Events Rebut Claim

Holland Public Schools has the support of voters, who overwhelmingly approved two school property tax measures this month. The school district also is better funded than the nearby charter school. … more

Official State Plan for Failing Schools: Meetings, Plans, Discussions, More Plans

The term “gobbledygook” was created sometime in the 1940s to denote meaningless bureaucratic phrases, which often find their way into government press releases. The Michigan Department of Education is a frequent contemporary source of such language. … more

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