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Teachers Union President: It’s A Lousy Job And Young People Should Look Elsewhere

The state's largest teachers' union is saying few young people want to go into teaching. But that didn't stop 440 people from applying for teaching positions last year at Kalamazoo Public Schools. … more

This ‘Sleepy Old Monopoly’ Jams Region’s Highest Energy Rates on Michigan

Patricia Poppe, president and CEO of CMS Energy, said the last thing she wants is somebody to say their electric prices are too high. Consumers Energy has the highest residential prices in the five-state region. … more

Forfeiture From People Not Convicted of a Crime in Michigan Isn’t ‘Rare’

A claim by the state police that police abuse of civil asset forfeiture is rare deserves some scrutiny. … more

Which Special Interest Is Raking In Big Profits On Michigan Auto Insurance?

The Michigan Health and Hospital Association recently released two video advertisements aimed at drivers, encouraging them to contact their state representatives to oppose an auto insurance reform bill currently pushed by House leaders and Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan. … more

Progressive Advocacy Groups Wants Tax Loophole for the Wealthy

A progressive advocacy group is fighting to maintain a tax write-off which overwhelmingly benefits the wealthy. … more

Detroit School Boss: Charter Schools Are ‘Disastrous’

The worst urban public school district in the country doesn't like competition. … more

MEDC Downplayed Pure Michigan Return On Investment Claims? Oh Really

David Lorenz of the Michigan Economic Development Corporation says he never focused on return on investment from the state's Pure Michigan tourism campaign. But his past comments seem to refute that claim. … more

School Choice Opponents Hold Another DeVos Protest

Lawmakers in 18 states have adopted some form of tuition tax credit program that lets individuals or businesses claim a tax credit for donations that help students attend a private school.  … more

The False Claim That Won’t Die: School ‘Funding Cuts’ By The State

The notion that some school districts have received less state dollars over the last few years is not accurate. Yet, the claims persist. … more

Millions For Local Earmarks, But Not A Cent To Right An Injustice?

The state Treasury is concerned about losing $30 million if "driver responsibility fees" are erased. But that department didn't oppose $38 million in pet projects for legislators. … more

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Some institutions of higher education have cracked down on free speech. Even in Michigan, universities have speech codes that restrict students’ speech, campus groups have prevented speakers from delivering talks and administrators have stopped individuals from handing out certain literature.

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