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You, Too, Can Be A Certified Media Fact-Checker For Just $99

The Poynter Institute is a nonprofit that caters to the journalism profession. It is offering certificates in fact-checking to “bloggers, writers, reporters, editors, publishers, teachers and anyone who is interested in fact-checking.” … more

Do High Tax States Grow Faster?

A Democratic state senator suggested in a committee hearing this week that Michigan should not lower its income tax rate because higher-taxed states are experiencing faster economic growth. … more

Michigan Wants to Fine Schools for Indian Mascots But Not for Violating State Laws

One school district could be fined as much as $1.62 million because the State Superintendent doesn't like their mascot. Yet, school districts routinely break state laws with impunity. … more

Extra Caution Needed On 'Average' Teacher Salary Claims

While average salaries for teachers may be down in many districts, that doesn't mean teachers are taking making less. … more

Close To Immortal: Michigan Won't Close Failing Public Schools After All

On second thought, the state of Michigan won't be closing any of the failed public schools. Instead, they'll be "entering into discussions." … more

How Many College Bureaucrats Does It Take To Answer A Records Request?

Oakland County Sheriff's department receives 1,600 plus open records requests a year and has one employee making $48,724 a year processing them. At the University of Michigan, it's a different story. … more

Obscure Websites and Protecting Great Lakes

Nearly a half million dollars of the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative went to an obscure website to expand "food web knowledge." … more

Teacher Making $53,000 Says She Could Earn More as a Waitress

A public school teacher claims she could make more as a waitress. … more

Michigan's Largest School Districts Breaking Teacher Pay Law

As many as 18 of Michigan’s 20 largest public school districts may be violating the law by not giving their best teachers a “significant” merit pay opportunity. … more

Who Watches the Union’s Fake News Watchers?

The National Education Association posted an article about how teachers are helping students spot "fake news." … more

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It took more than a year but the City of Detroit now allows pedal pubs to live up to their name. Customers are now allowed to drink alcoholic beverages while peddling these unusual pub platforms.

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