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Union Head’s Latest Media Tall Tale: Teachers Get No Time For Conferences

MEA President Steve Cook says teachers don't have any time to go to work conferences during the school year. But the Lansing School District gave its teachers 746 days to attend conferences on school time last year. … more

Cities hurt budgets with police/fire pension spiking schemes, blame state

The city of Lansing has several retired police and fire employees who make more in retirement than they did while working. The reason? Pension calculations that reward employees who can pile up overtime as they near retirement. … more

Hundreds Apply, But Grand Rapids Union Claims 'Teacher Shortage'

The Grand Rapids Education Association is promoting a myth that there's a teacher shortage. That district received as many as 740 applicants for one teaching position. … more

Unflattering Comparisons Never Made About Male-Politicians – NOT! 

Despite a Democratic state rep's claim, unflattering comparisons aren't made just about women. … more

State Revenue Up Almost Twice The Amount Of Defeated Income Tax Cut

Michigan's taxes through June have generated an extra $875.9 million compared to the same time period in 2016. And some politicians said the state couldn't afford a cut to the income tax that would have cost $463 million. … more

84 Companies Offered $63.8 Million Michigan Taxpayer Dollars In 2016

Gov. Rick Snyder told a radio station he doesn't believe in buying companies into our state. Yet, the state approved $63.8 million in 2016 to 84 companies. … more

It Failed

Excellent Schools Detroit was an operation that said it would fix Detroit's troubled public schools in 2010. It never happened and now Excellent Schools Detroit has closed. … more

Substitute Teachers Paid Fraction Of Full-Time Rate, May Explain Why They’re Hard To Find 

A short-term substitute teacher at Rockford Public Schools is paid $75 a day. The cost of a full-time teacher's health insurance can cost the district $71 a day. … more

Union Head: Teachers Get No Time to Attend Professional Conferences

MEA President Steve Cook says teachers have no time to attend professional conferences during the school year. Yet, the MEA holds its own conferences during the school year. And the state law and the union contracts the MEA negotiates mandate professional development time. … more

Beware the Union Label on Teacher Pay Newspaper Columns

The Detroit News has granted Michigan Education Association President Steve Cook a regular forum in its editorial section to express his union’s views on the teaching profession in this state. Cook has repeatedly promoted false claims and disingenuous themes about teaching. … more

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A non-insurance based health care model called Direct Primary Care is gaining traction in Michigan because it saves money and provides better access to doctors.

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