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Many people believe public schools need more money until they hear how much the schools spend each year per pupil.

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For the Record

Former Gov. Jennifer Granholm’s use of Dr. Seuss-like rhymes to entertain delegates at the Democratic National Convention this week took a dark and hyperpartisan turn in a stanza mentioning the Flint water tragedy. … more
During her appearance before the Democratic National Convention, former Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm tried to channel Dr. Seuss as a way to take political shots at Republicans. … more
When it comes to having the best information about what is right for children’s education, there is no substitute for their parents. … more
In some places in Michigan last week, unleaded gas was under $2 a gallon. The last time a gallon of gas cost $3 or more in Michigan was in November 2014. … more
Actor Mark Ruffalo has lobbied for tax handouts for his films, but has a problem with giving tax money to police departments. … more
As Republican Party delegates head to Cleveland to nominate a presidential candidate, most are probably unaware that the convention is being hosted by a taxpayer-funded hotel. … more
House Minority Leader Tim Greimel (D-Auburn Hills) has a history of promoting false or inaccurate claims in the ongoing debates on public education. He did it again. … more
How much money public schools get in Michigan isn't necessarily tied to which party is in control. … more
East Detroit Schools’ “deficit” problem had nothing to do with property tax receipts. … more
Utica Community Schools required contributions to the public school employees pension system rose from $24.4 million in 2013 to $46.8 million in 2015. … more