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One day, a Detroit grocer didn't get his ice delivery, the next day, he decided to go into the ice making business. Thirty-five years later, U.S. Ice has become a Detroit success stories with plans to expand beyond the city's borders. The secret ingredient: service.

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Almost Entire County Commission Overthrown After Spending Splurge

The results of the August primary election was dramatic for one county in northern lower Michigan. Of seven members of the current county commission, only one will be on the fall ballot. … more

Major Sectors Growing as Michigan Unemployment Hits 15-Year Low

Employment in Michigan has grown in nearly every job sector since 2009. In addition, the state’s unemployment rate is the lowest it has been in 15 years.  … more

Study: $15-An-Hour Minimum Wage Would Kill 281,000 Michigan Jobs

A recent study by a conservative think tank found that raising the state minimum wage to $15 an hour would cost Michigan the equivalent of 281,000 full-time jobs in 2021. … more

Detroit Had More Corruption in One Day Than John Oliver Found in Charter Schools Over 10 Years

A national talk show comedian's 18-minute takedown of the nationwide charter school movement concluded the schools have been allowed to “run wild,” based in part on financial scandals. … more

Management Model No Guarantee of County Pension Soundness

When a Michigan county offers employees a traditional defined benefit pension plan, it has two options for management: keep it in-house or farm out the management to the Municipal Employee Retirement System of Michigan (MERS).  … more

Survey: Most Michigan Schools Outsource Noninstructional Services

In recent years, public school districts in Michigan have increasingly contracted out at least one of three noninstructional services covered by the report — food, custodial, or transportation.  … more

How a Government Transparency Request Can Take Months

The Michigan Department of Environmental Quality took a full four months after we sent our first request to get us the information we requested under the Freedom of Information Act. … more

Study 'Segregates' School District Borders By Ignoring Key Data

A national study claimed Detroit and Grosse Pointe schools are the most segregated in the country, but ignored millions of dollars Detroit Public Schools receives. … more

Petty Restrictions on Tobacco Endanger Respect for Law

Herbert Hoover said, “The worst evil of disregard for some law is that it destroys respect for all law.” … more

The Most Important State Election This November: Michigan's Next House Leader

In early August, primary voters in Michigan’s 110 state House districts decided which Republicans and Democrats would face off against each other for state representative races in November. … more

For the Record

The state superintendent of public schools said putting two public schools near each other and asking them to compete is a waste of taxpayer dollars. But what if one is failing and the other excels? … more
This year will mark the first time since charter schools opened here in 1993-94 that the number of Michigan charters goes down. … more
Union president says a teacher who made $51,000 plus in 2014-15 needs subsidized housing. … more
A persistent theme in the narratives promoted by teacher unions is that their members are so grossly underpaid that many qualify for food stamps. It's a rare occurrence. … more
Overspending every year by millions isn't the blueprint of how to run a business. … more
Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton made a campaign stop in Michigan this week at which she pitched clean energy as a way to build the economy. … more
The City of Detroit's response to fixing its out-of-date payroll system? The check is in the mail. … more
The state was hoping to become a world capital for advanced batteries in 2010. Five years later, there were just 918 battery manufacturing jobs. … more
Former Gov. Jennifer Granholm’s use of Dr. Seuss-like rhymes to entertain delegates at the Democratic National Convention this week took a dark and hyperpartisan turn in a stanza mentioning the Flint water tragedy. … more
During her appearance before the Democratic National Convention, former Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm tried to channel Dr. Seuss as a way to take political shots at Republicans. … more