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Workers who chose to leave unions want to fend for themselves but current law requires unions in union shops to negotiate their pay and work conditions. "Worker's Choice" gives employees the freedom to choose representation.

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School Choice on the National Stage

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Even With $500 Million Borrow-and-Spend, Detroit Schools Violates Building Codes

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After Election Season, Economic Liberty Please

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You Can Now Drink and Ride a Pedal Pub in Detroit

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For the Record

The Michigan ACLU has become the latest organization to join teachers unions, the public school establishment and others against Betsy DeVos as President-elect Donald Trump’s choice to be the U.S. secretary of education. … more
Years of persistent underfunding by state officials has led to the retirement system having a current unfunded liability of $26.7 billion. … more
In a piece criticizing school choice advocate – and future Secretary of Education – Betsy DeVos, an op-ed from the New York Times slams charter schools in Detroit. … more
Pension plans are not Ponzi schemes. Properly managed pension systems do not require a fresh stream of new entrants to work. And new entrants don’t help a system when it is underfunded. … more
Last week President-elect Donald Trump named Michigan philanthropist Betsy DeVos as his choice to be the U.S. secretary of education. And the attacks began. … more
In the latest issue of the Michigan Education Association's online magazine Voice, the union makes another claim about taxpayer support for education that doesn’t hold true. … more
Remember all those federal workers who said they'd quit if Donald Trump became president? They cost the government $65 billion a year. … more
A popular video by a rapper wants teachers to be paid like doctors. That would cost $12.8 billion alone to do that just in Michigan. … more
Overall, Hillary Clinton had an even 500 newspaper and magazine endorsements while Trump had 26. None of the Michigan newspapers tracked endorsed Trump. … more
In the most recent edition of the Michigan Education Association's online magazine, a retired Michigan teacher made a claim intended to portray how poorly teachers were paid years ago. … more