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Tamika Harrison bounced from school to school growing up in the Detroit Public Schools. The experience contributed to her dropping out and later getting her GED. She is now turning to charter schools to spare her son the same experience.

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Teachers Union Rails at For-Profit Charters While its Leaders Spike Own School Pensions

The Michigan Education Association has long criticized charter schools for making a "profit" in public education. Yet, the MEA's own executives have orchestrated deals to spike their own public-school pensions while working for the private union. … more

You Don't Need $92,000 a Year to be 'Economically Stable'

The United Way has released a report that says the vast majority of Michigan residents need a lot more money in order to be financially “stable.” The claims paint a distorted picture. … more

Is State's Prevailing Wage Law at Risk of Being Tossed?

The deck could soon be stacked in favor of repealing Michigan’s prevailing wage law which is estimated to cost taxpayers more than $224 million annually. … more

Teachers Union Presidents Extract Lucrative Benefits from Schools - For Themselves

Luigi Battaglieri was a teacher in the Fraser Public Schools, earning an annual salary of $34,659. Through a special deal with the school district, he used his years with the Michigan Education Association and his private-sector six-figure salary to give him an annual $85,000-plus state pension.  … more

Michigan's Economic Recovery More Than Just the Auto Industry

Michigan's recent economic growth is substantial and can't be attributed just to the booming auto industry. … more

District Doesn't Take Evaluations Seriously, Now Laying Off its Best Teachers

A Hazel Park high school principal claimed he had to lay off some off the district's best teachers. However, it the district had followed through on proper policies, that shouldn't have happened. … more

Critics of Growth Projections in House Road Plan Should be Unnerved by Pension Underfunding

Michigan's and every other state’s budget process rely on future projections. Budgets are always forward-looking and rely on estimates of future revenue. … more

The Government Incentive to Seize Property

One police chief in the U.S. called seized property "pennies from heaven." The Mackinac Center for Public Policy held a forum that included the ACLU and a Ann Arbor state representative discussing abuses of asset forfeiture. … more

Asset Forfeiture Package of Bills a 'Solid First Step'

An attorney with a civil liberties public interest law firm told Michigan lawmakers that a package of bills on civil asset forfeiture reform is a “solid first step." … more

Prevailing Wage Repeal is Sound Policy

For two decades the Mackinac Center for Public Policy has recommended repealing the state’s prevailing wage law. It is an expensive restriction that artificially raises the cost of state-funded construction projects. … more

For the Record

The government's rules and regulations are in the Code of Federal Regulations, which is 103 million words. A report states it would take 5,727 hours to read it all. … more
State reformers keeping throwing money at Detroit Public Schools' problems. But that hasn't worked in the past. … more
A Detroit Free Press editorial claims unemployment in Michigan has "creeped down at alarmingly slow rates." But a chart says otherwise. … more
The statewide news service MLive has sent mixed messages in its reporting on Michigan public school funding issues, appearing to cite conflicting data to match the conclusions of different stories or editorials. … more
MLive says the state needs to raise taxes for the roads and Michigan can't cut its way to prosperity. Except the state budget has increased by $3.9 billion since 2010-11. Where's the cutting? … more
To help pass a special education millage, Kalamazoo Public Schools sent out a letter with a claim it has cut $10 million in the past five years. It's own audited budgets tell a different story. … more
Detroit Free Press Columnist Brian Dickerson told readers that 'Michissippians' don't think Michigan can compete with New York, Ohio, North Carolina and Tennessee. But Michigan has had a higher percentage of job growth than those states the past five years. … more
A Taylor Public Schools teacher is quoted by the teachers union as saying they'll be accountable as soon as schools get more money. … more
What's to stop a school district from breaking the law and using its resources to support the passing of Proposal 1 on May 5? There's $2 billion at stake. Would a $100 fine be enough deterrent? … more
State of Michigan workers averaged 10.7 days of sick leave on average in 2013-14. That was on top of an average of 18 days of vacation taken. … more