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Three Former State Representatives Crowd The Race For Michigan's 13th Senate District

Marty Knollenberg, Chuck Moss, Rocky Raczkowski, Ethan Baker and Al Gui face off

To say the race for Michigan’s 13th Senate seat is crowded would be an understatement. The Republican primary includes three former state representatives and two newcomers who say they are in it to win it. … more

Obamacare's Survival up to State Legislators

Figures for Halbig's Michigan impact

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit has just ruled that the federal health care law does not authorize insurance subsidies provided through health care “exchanges” that were set up by the federal government. Only exchanges set up by the states can qualify for these taxpayer subsidies. … more

Pricey GOP Primary Race For Michigan’s 4th Congressional District

State Sen. John Moolenaar and retired businessman Paul Mitchell discuss Export-Import Bank, energy and health policy

Michigan’s 4th Congressional District is shaping up to be one of the most expensive House of Representative primary races this cycle in a campaign without an incumbent. … more

Mitchell Ad About Moolenaar: Truthful or Over the Top?

‘The ad he is using is very deceitful’

State Sen. John Moolenaar voted against a state-run Obamacare exchange in 2011 and against the Medicaid expansion in 2013. So why is he being accused of helping put those laws into place in a new campaign ad from his Congressional primary opponent? … more

Incumbent’s Voting Record, Philosophy Challenged In Michigan's 107th

Rep. Frank Foster vs. Lee Chatfield

In Michigan’s 107th House District Republican primary incumbent Rep. Frank Foster, R-Pellston, is being challenged by Lee Chatfield, of Levering, a teacher at Northern Michigan Christian Academy. … more

Proposal 1 of 2014: Summary and Assessment

On Aug. 5 Michigan voters will be asked to approve or reject Proposal 1, which would modify the state’s personal property tax. The legislation that would go into effect if Proposal 1 were approved by voters creates three new exemptions for certain businesses that are currently subject to the personal property tax. … more

State Budget Has Increased Almost $5 Billion the Past Three Years

The state will spend about $4.7 billion more than it did in 2011-12, according to the Senate Fiscal Agency. An increase in federal money accounts for $2 billion of that $4.7 billion increase over the past three years. … more

Sentencing Reforms Could Save Tax Dollars

Council of State Governments issues recommendations

All criminal justice systems face competing tensions of protecting public safety while not overburdening taxpayers, and Michigan’s is no exception. … more

Educators Facing Off In Michigan's 59th House District

Superintendent Roger Rathburn vs. teacher Aaron Miller in the Republican primary

With just a little more than two weeks go before the primary election on August 5, the candidates are hitting the ground hard in West Michigan. … more

Pension Malpractice and Fund Raids

Everyone's doing it!

Both the pension dodge and the raid on a fuel tank cleanup fund have both featured in the Michigan Legislature’s playbook over the past decade, as documented by MichiganVotes.org: … more

Stances on Corporate Welfare a Difference In Michigan's 39th House Race

Rep. Klint Kesto vs. Deb O'Hagan

Deb O’Hagan has been involved in business activities and local Republican politics for years and founded the Lakes Area Tea Party. She is taking on Rep. Klint Kesto primarily for his support of the Medicaid expansion and Common Core. … more

Hunting Fees Going To Private Landowners

Grant program aims to improve deer habitat

"I can't tell you how happy I am to hear that Michigan DNR is giving my license fees to a dozen private land owners, including five private hunt clubs," said outdoors-man Tom Wills, sarcastically. … more

Conventional District Sidelines Successful Charter To Financially Benefit Itself

Livonia Public Schools abruptly terminates Hinoki International School

While enrollment in the Livonia Public Schools district has been declining, a charter public school in its shadow has been growing in popularity. And now that growth could come to an abrupt halt. … more

Michigan Future Report Doesn't Add Up

Academic research favors low-tax states

Yakovlev found that a 1 percent increase in average tax rate led to a 1.9 percent decrease in gross state product growth from 1977 to 2000. Similar effects were found on other measures: increases in taxation rates lead to fewer new businesses in a state and a higher probability that residents will migrate to lower taxed states. … more

State Board Prez Fights Parental Choice

A growing push back against charter schools

The president of the Michigan State Board of Education said there are “detrimental effects” on education performance with a school marketplace where parents are left to decide. … more

MichiganVotes Weekly Vote Report: Key Votes From 2013-14

While the Legislature is adjourned for a primary election campaign break, the Roll Call Report is reviewing key votes of the 2013-2014 session. … more

Michigan 8th Congressional District GOP Primary Getting Feisty

Former Sen. Mike Bishop vs. State Rep. Tom McMillin

When it comes to major federal issues such as health care, energy plans and the role the government should have in banking and housing, Republicans Tom McMillin and Mike Bishop have very similar views. … more

What Do Teachers Want to Support?

RTW allows them to skip union's political bent

The NEA passed resolutions taking an “anti-fracking” position and encouraging members to boycott the office-supply store Staples, because the U.S. Postal Service has contracted out nonunionized work to them. … more

MEA Committee Urges Dems To Vote In GOP Primary

A division of the Michigan Education Association's political action committee, which is funded in part by teachers, is urging its members to cast votes in Michigan's 47th House District Republican primary even if they consider themselves to be Democrats. … more

Commentary: Agricultural Price Controls are the Pits

Michigan cherry farmers, others, affected

Government price controls do not work. The cherry industry in Michigan proves the point. The government is trying to force cherry prices to be high by lowering the supply. One farmer talked about people "literally dumping them alongside the road." … more

Meet James Hohman, Assistant Director of Fiscal Policy at the Mackinac Center. James discusses his latest project, an analysis of Proposal 1, the proposal on personal property tax reform that will appear on the August 5th ballot. Read more about Proposal 1 here: http://www.mackinac.org/20246

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