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Star International Academy is the highest ranked high school in Michigan on the Mackinac Center for Public Policy's Contest and Performance report card for both 2014 and 2012. The study and a database of every school in the state can be found at www.Mackinac.org/CAP.

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Here are the Top-Rated High Schools in Michigan

Star International tops Mackinac Center report card in 2012 and 2014. … more

How Much is Too Much to Pick the State's Chief Executive?

How much is too much spending on TV advertisements to see who becomes the next governor when so much is at stake? … more

Did 'Republican Budget Cuts' Lead to a $51.7 Million Deficit and No Toilet Paper in Schools?

While two years ago politicians blamed GOP budget cuts for a lack of toilet paper and the union said neighbor schools received more money, neither was accurate and obscured why the Pontiac School District was in a financial crisis. … more

Our Growing Occupational Licensing Regime

On Dec. 4, the Mackinac Center will host Dr. Morris Kleiner of the University of Minnesota to speak about occupational licensing at a free lunch event in Lansing. … more

Detroit Shows that Poverty is Not Stopping Parents from Opting for School Choice

More Detroit students in poverty attend charters than go to Detroit Public Schools. … more

Rough Road for Pension Reform in New Senate?

Many Senators who supported reform are leaving

Seven of the 20 state senators who voted to reform the state’s school employee retirement system two and a half years ago will leave the legislature at the end of this year. That puts a continuation of the Senate’s current on-the-record position in favor of reforming the Michigan Public School Employees Retirement System (MPSERS) in doubt. … more

Film Subsidy Supporters: Mich. Program a Failure

Production companies sold loyalty to Michigan but when the subsidy was cut back, “There was a cartoon-sized hole in the wall where they ran out of the state.” … more

Is This School One of the Best in Michigan or One of the Worst?

New report card shows the differences in how schools are measured

If you ask the Michigan Department of Education, Covert High School is not a good school. But on a new report card, the school 40 miles west of Kalamazoo is the No. 1 ranked conventional public high school in Michigan. … more

No, the GOP Did Not Win Because of Gerrymandering

House, Senate seats the result of where people choose to live

Voters who tend to prefer Democrats are packed more closely together, often in urban areas. Republicans are spread out, more likely to live in suburban and rural areas. … more

Bill Would Ban Red Light Cameras

Legislation not expected to move in lame duck A bill that has been introduced would prohibit law enforcement agencies from using photo radar devices (photo cop cameras) as the basis for issuing traffic tickets. … more

For the Record

The Pontiac Schools will have been in deficit for 15 years if it completes its 10-year plan to erase a lingering deficit that started in 2008-09. … more
Union president claims teachers may lose homes, average salary $64,721. … more
Local MEA-affiliate says school funding is up. … more
How do you get politicians to approve of spending $500 million on a film subsidy that pledged to create jobs but ends up with fewer jobs than it did before taxpayers coughed up half a billion? … more
Weingarten’s total compensation is higher than ever at $557,875 in 2014, according to the AFT’s LM-2 report. … more
Pensions are part of the compensation for teachers and other school employees. Teachers mostly spend their day in the classroom. … more
The Calhoun ISD is projected to receive $8.3 million more state dollars in 2014-15 than in 2011-12, despite fewer students. … more
In 2007, the state of Michigan awarded Tesla Motors a $602,000 tax credit. Now it is restricting them. … more
In FY 2011 payments were $1.091 billion. Payments in the FY 2015 budget are $1.226 billion. … more
Firing an “incompetent contractor” may be proper, but it’s difficult to see how that would generate any significant savings. … more