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Jocelyn wanted her granddaughters to have a better school experience than the one she remembers when she moved her family to Detroit 17 years ago. Jocelyn and her daughter, Janine discuss freedom of choice and how it’s reminiscent of the 1965 Voting Rights Movement.

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'Steve Cook' Bill Would Prevent Private Union Employees from Spiking State Pension

The Lansing School District has allowed the president of the state's largest teachers union to remain on its payroll for years as part of a “pension spiking” scheme. Last week legislation was introduced in the state Senate to prohibit such schemes. … more

Mackinac Center Study Gives a How-To When Changing the Constitution

A new study published by the Mackinac Center for Public Policy makes the case for a new state-led process for amending the U.S. Constitution.  … more

Poll: Just 1 in 3 Know Wind Energy Depends on Fossil Fuels

Only 35 percent of voters know about wind-energy’s dependence on fossil fuels, according to a poll recently commissioned by Mackinac Center for Public Policy. … more

Taylor School District Refuses to Inform Teachers They Don't Have to Financially Support the Union

The Taylor School District has defied an order from the Michigan Employment Relations Commission that schools post a notice stating that teachers are no longer obligated to financially support the union as a condition of employment.  … more

Will Poll Hurt Legislation Aiming to Give Energy Utilities Monopoly?

Efforts to return the state’s two major electric utilities, Consumers Energy and Detroit Edison, to virtual monopoly status appear to have run headlong into an obstacle. It is a poll that found nearly 3 out of 4 people are against it. … more

'Big Oil' and 'Big Wind' Keep Public in the Dark About Wind Dependence on Fossil Fuels

The secret that neither “Big Oil” nor “Big Wind” wants the public to know is that wind energy is roughly two-thirds fossil fuels – mostly natural gas. Both of these entities have a stake in keeping this fact a secret as long as possible.  … more

School District Has to Spend $1 Million to Improve 'Failing' Academic Performance

The state of Michigan determined a school district's high school was failing academically, a decision that the district had to spend $1 million to fix. But had the state factored in the students' socioeconomic background, that "failing" school would get an "A". … more

Collection Bins for Clothing and Used Goods Targeted as Nuisances

While some charities use collection bins for receiving clothing and used goods, they may also face opposition from local governments that cite public-nuisance concerns as justification for banning them. … more

Open Letter to Steve Inskeep of National Public Radio

NPR mischaracterized a Mackinac Center study on right-to-work and then wouldn't respond to our questions. So we are writing a letter. … more

Low or High, Great Lakes Water Levels Always Blamed on Global Warming

Michigan legislators once tried restricting the sale of bottled water for fear of running out. Today, water levels are high. … more

For the Record

What's to stop a school district from breaking the law and using its resources to support the passing of Proposal 1 on May 5? There's $2 billion at stake. Would a $100 fine be enough deterrent? … more
State of Michigan workers averaged 10.7 days of sick leave on average in 2013-14. That was on top of an average of 18 days of vacation taken. … more
Forest Hills Public Schools Superintendent Dan Behm may want to talk to one of his high school government teachers on just what the state constitution says about school funding. … more
Michael Moore made a movie criticizing corporate welfare and received $845,145 in corporate welfare from the Michigan Film Office. Chris-Teena Constas made the movie celebrating corporate welfare and didn’t get any money from the state. … more
Detroit has 90 percent of its conventional high schools failing academically. A recent study by a respected Stanford University research group found Detroit charter schools should serve as a model for other communities. Yet, a coalition led by the Skillman Foundation found fault with charter schools in their report. … more
In a TV interview, State Rep. Rose Mary Robinson said she didn't support the state's film tax credits. But five days later, she voted for it. … more
The president of the largest teachers union is trying to get a $2 billion tax hike approved by saying the budget has been cut to the bone. Actually, it's increased by nearly $5 billion in the past three years. … more
The Lego Movie is being criticized for an anti-business theme with 'President Business' cast as an evil tyrant. But even 'President Business' didn't have taxpayers subsidize a movie company that had nearly $3 billion in profits in 2014. … more
As much as 80 to 90 percent of of the total cost of public transportation is picked up by taxpayers. Can we afford for it to get any more popular? … more
There are several Detroit Public Schools that sound a lot like charter schools but don't perform like their competitors. See: Medicine and Community Health Academy at Cody (That's a DPS school.) … more