Whitmer ‘Tired Of ... Corporate Tax Giveaways’ But Voted For Dozens

Democratic gubernatorial candidate Gretchen Whitmer has tried to play both sides of the fence when it comes to her position on corporate welfare. … more

Noteworthy In 2017: School Pensions Reformed, No Annual Contribution Shortfall

For the first time in eight years, the state of Michigan put more money into its public schools employees’ pension fund than accounting rules require. Contributing less than that in most years is how a pension funding shortfall has grown large. … more

DTE Earns Big Gas Pipeline Profits, Lobbied For More Gas-Fired Electricity

More renewables and less coal means more gas, and DTE is big in the gas business … more

Utica Community Schools Responds to CapCon Article on District Finances

Utica Community Schools said that its revenue has grown only at a rate of $6 per pupil every year the last six years.  … more

Increased Enrollment In Detroit Schools Just Bureaucratic Reshuffling

For the first time in decades, the Detroit public schools district reported an increase in student enrollment. … more

Bridge Magazine Calls 'Foul' On Michigan Capitol Confidential Article

Michigan Capitol Confidential published a story on Feb. 26 about a Bridge magazine article that appeared under the rubric “Michigan’s Truth Squad.” The Center for Michigan had issues with the story. … more

A Lot Fewer Detroit Public Schools Teachers Rated 'Highly Effective'

A few years ago, while the highly regarded National Assessment of Educational Progress rated the Detroit public school district as the nation's worst urban school district, the district’s administrators determined that more than four out of five of its teachers were "highly effective," the best rating an Michigan educator can receive. … more

Detroit Schools Will Sell to a Prison, But Not a Charter School

After spending months fighting to prevent the sale of an abandoned building to a charter school, Detroit’s superintendent supports the sale of another property to a prison. … more

How Much Less Union Politicking If Supreme Court Bans Forced Fees?

The National Education Association contributed $29.8 million to political campaigns and causes during the 2016 election cycle, of which 99 percent went to Democrat or liberal causes, according to the website OpenSecrets.org. … more

Firm Gets $220,000 State Subsidy Deal, Files For Bankruptcy

In April 2016, a Michigan Business Development Program that gives state subsidies to select businesses approved a $220,000 grant for a Van Buren county produce wholesaler to expand a production facility in Paw Paw. That business went bankrupt in 2017. … more

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