Charles Murray U-M Event Illustrates Case For Campus Free Speech Legislation

A group of University of Michigan students interrupted about half of libertarian scholar Charles Murray’s speech on campus Wednesday, chanting, shouting, holding up signs and at one point turning off the lights in the auditorium. … more

Why Pension Reform Is Hard for Politicians

State and local governments across the country owe their employees and retirees billions more in pension benefits than they’ve saved to pay for them. To fix this problem, governments should stop offering benefits that can become an albatross around their necks. … more

Michigan's Top Cop Could Lose $161,903 In Double Dipping Benefits If Ousted

The embattled director of the Michigan State Police stands to lose about $161,903 if she is forced out before March 1, 2018 due to a lucrative state police program in which she is enrolled. … more

Liquor Store Owners Think It’s Great For State To Ban Nearby Competition

The state of Michigan is believed to have been the only state in the country that imposed a peculiar prohibition on one liquor store being located within a half-mile of another liquor store. … more

Charter Schools Face Funding, Facility Inequities

As Michigan charter schools seek to serve more families, they face some unusual challenges. A couple of recent developments highlight some of them and offer opportunities to help level the playing field for all public schools, charters included. … more

Taxpayers Deserve to Know Details of Business Subsidy Deals

Businesses that inked special deals with the state are going to collect $681 million from taxpayers this year. But residents cannot be told which businesses are cashing in and how much each gets. This is a failure of basic government transparency. … more

MSU Pulls Down Windmill Safety Guidelines After Industry Complains

The Michigan State University Extension Service pulled from its website a model zoning ordinance for wind energy developments after industry executives and lobbyists complained that its safety standards would impede wind farm development. … more

Sheriffs Float the Idea of a Kayak Tax

Some Michigan sheriffs are calling for new laws and regulations requiring owners of small, non-motorized watercraft to register their boats and pay fees to the state.  … more

University of Michigan Violates Open Records Law

The University of Michigan withheld emails in violation of the Freedom of Information Act by claiming they were protected conversation under law but none of those emails met that standard. The withheld emails involved comments University of Michigan President Mark Schlissel made about President Donald Trump and were eventually released after a settlement of a lawsuit. … more

Happy Anniversary Tax Hikers

Mark Twain is alleged to have said, “I saw an unusual thing today; it was a politician with his hands in his own pockets.” With the start of the new fiscal year this week, voters should pause and reflect on the umpteenth time Lansing politicians reached deeper into taxpayers’ pockets. … more

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There aren’t many policies that get near unanimous support from economists, but free trade is one of them. Despite this, a central theme of the 2016 presidential campaign, heard from both political parties, was that free trade was somehow harmful to the United States and corrective action was needed. Mark Perry, an economics professor at the University of Michigan-Flint and scholar with the American Enterprise Institute, makes the case for why President Trump’s assessment of free trade is misguided.

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