Kayak Tax Proponents Try to Disguise Cash Grab as Safety Measure

Last fall, some Michigan sheriffs began calling for a new tax on nonmotorized watercraft like kayaks, canoes and paddleboards. They say that requiring Michiganders to register these boats will generate needed revenue. … more

Union In Potential Landmark Case Gave To Sharpton, Progressives, Dem Party

While a union might be thought of as an organization that focus on workplace conditions and wages, the political activities of one union may lead to a significant change in labor law across the country. … more

State Partially Rolls Back Utility’s Rate Increase, Company Heralds Declining Bills

DTE energy claims its residential electric customers are seeing their bills “decline while infrastructure investments are increasing.” In reality, customers of the electric and natural gas utility are paying higher electric rates now than they were last October. … more

The Lawmakers that Voted for the Most Business Subsidies and the Least

Michigan voters can now see where their lawmakers have stood on state business subsidies from 2001 and into the current legislative session. … more

‘Guerilla Journalism’ Outfit Stings Michigan Teachers Unions A Second Time

Project Veritas, a controversial nonprofit known for journalistic sting operations performed under false pretenses, has released a second video this month exposing a Michigan teachers union official making embarrassing statements about union discussions and practices. … more

Token Symbols of Growth Damage the State Economy

When it comes to creating jobs, lawmakers find themselves in a dilemma. … more

Detroit Homes With Willing Buyers Get More, But Overall Assessments Plummeted

The median sale price of residential property in Detroit has almost tripled over the past eight years, the tax assessed value of that median-priced property has decreased by more than half during that time. … more

Detroit Teachers: Never Mind The $617 Million, What Have You Given Us Lately?

In 2016, Detroit Public Schools received a $617 million bailout approved by the state Legislature, wiping out its debt. Just two years later, Detroit's public school union members were holding signs complaining that the state isn’t spending enough money on public schools. … more

Nonprofit’s Response To U-M ‘Bias Response Teams’: A Civil Rights Lawsuit

A federal lawsuit filed Tuesday against the University of Michigan alleges the taxpayer-funded school’s Bias Response Team and vague disciplinary codes violate the First Amendment rights of some students. … more

Video Sting Group Claims Michigan Union Got Payoff For Alleged Child-Molesting Teacher

A nonprofit group known for undercover sting operations released a video Wednesday from its investigation into a Michigan teachers union fighting the dismissal of a high school teacher accused of sexual abuse involving a young girl. … more

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