Election Season In Detroit, And Here Comes Another Transit Scheme

One candidate hoping to become Detroit’s next mayor has proposed a magnetically levitated transit system called “skyTran.” … more

Taking the Pension Task Force to Task

There is a well-established pension funding principle that was missing from the recently published report of the Responsible Retirement Reform for Local Government Task Force. The principle is that governments should pay for the promises they make to employees as they make them. … more

Less Than A Year After Bailout, Detroit Schools Again Scramble to Stay Afloat

The Detroit public school district had to leave 300 vacant positions unfilled, sell $10 million in property, and use a one-time transfer of $15.7 million left on the “old” district’s books to keep from racking up another round of deficits and debt. … more

School Officials, Teachers Unions, Media All Complicit In Edu-Disinformation

Teachers unions, public school administrators and the Michigan Department of Education have falsely portrayed the financial condition of public school teachers in an apparent effort to undermine reforms enacted by a Republican-controlled state legislature.  … more

Trump Labor Secretary Joins Bipartisan Call for Licensure Reform

President Trump’s secretary of labor, Alexander Acosta, called for states to reform their occupational licensing rules to encourage job creation. The Obama administration had also previously called for major reforms. … more

‘Public Education’ Not Easy to Define

Public schools universally work with profit-making entities to advance their work. … more

State Licensure Mandate Ensnarls Another Hair Braider

The state of Michigan issued a cease-and-desist order to a hair braider in a Kalamazoo salon last year for washing a customer’s hair without a license. … more

Governor, Lawmakers Disagree Over Heavy 'Vaping' Regs

A dispute between the governor and legislators means Michigan is the only state without taxes or regulations specific to e-cigarettes or vaping. Most states ban minors from buying or vaping e-cigarettes, while seven levy taxes on the product. … more

As Feds Expand Forfeiture, Michigan Looks to Restrict It

The Trump administration is gearing up to expand federal forfeitures, a law enforcement tool that enables the government to confiscate people’s property before they are convicted of a crime. … more

Wayne County 'Jail Fail' Site Moves Closer To Subsidized Redevelopment

An aging criminal justice complex in Detroit informally known as the “Fail Jail” may be another step closer to being reworked, though without the Major League Soccer stadium some had hoped for. … more

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A non-insurance based health care model called Direct Primary Care is gaining traction in Michigan because it saves money and provides better access to doctors.

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