Teacher Gets $80k Salary, Spends Half His Time on Union Work

At the latest Ann Arbor Public Schools board meeting, three teachers criticized the district teacher pay levels. Their pay last year ranged from $77,729 to $86,414.  … more

Michigan is Spending As Much on State Police Pensions as Salaries

The cost of providing retirement benefits for Michigan State Police employees nearly matched their gross pay last year, with most of the money going toward paying down debts incurred by decades of pension underfunding. … more

Michigan House Dems Propose State Contract Preference for Immigrants

Democratic lawmakers in the Michigan House have introduced a bill that would require state contract managers to pursue a goal of awarding at least 5 percent of the spending on state contracts to businesses owned by immigrants. … more

Detroit Schools Would Already Be in Deficit if Not for Teacher Vacancies, Extra State Money

The reconstituted Detroit public school district would already be back in a deficit if it had filled 300 teacher openings and was not getting extra “transition cost” money from a 2016 state bailout. … more

Do Millionaires Need More Subsidies?

State lawmakers are once again rushing to embrace another program designed to benefit a few at the expense of the many. The new proposal is known colloquially as “Good Jobs for Michigan” but if history is any guide, it will produce few of note.  … more

Business Subsidies Won't Drive Growth

In endorsing a proposal to give businesses more subsidies, The Detroit News says that failing to pass this package “stunts not just job creation, but the state’s population growth as well.”  … more

Pension Protestors Should Be 401(k) Supporters

Taxpayers are paying $2.5 billion more each year than they should for state-mandated school employee pensions. Lawmakers are getting pushback on a bill that would fix this. The people fighting against this should actually support the effort. … more

Michigan Universities Also Socked by Massively Underfunded School Pensions

Michigan’s public school districts are not the only educational institutions grappling with the financial burdens of a massively underfunded pension system. Seven of the state’s 15 public universities are also having to pay large sums to catch up on the public school system’s debt, which since just 2009 has risen from $12.0 billion to $29.1 billion. … more

Isabella County Closer to Allowing 200 or More Wind Turbines

Members of the Isabella County Planning Commission took another step toward preparing the county for wind turbines in their meeting Thursday night. … more

Detroit Can Fill Teacher Shortages 

During his first day on the job, Detroit Superintendent Nikolai Vitti was greeted with concerns about the district’s high number of teacher vacancies that have left many students without a full-time teacher. The new schools chief has a number of tools at his disposal, while state lawmakers could provide even more. … more

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