School Board Says DeVos 'Unfit' For Advocating Policies It Practices

East Lansing schools big outsourcers; but board attacks Education Secretary pick for pro-privatization stance

The East Lansing Public Schools’ Board of Education passed a resolution this week expressing board members’ view that Betsy DeVos should not be the next education secretary, according to the news site MLive.

MLive reported: “The board says DeVos is unfit for the position because she masks her privatization agenda with propaganda cloaked in the mantra of 'choice,' and because she has never attended a public school, sent her children to a public school or worked in a public school.”

ForTheRecord says: It’s ironic the East Lansing board cited privatization as a reason DeVos is unfit for education since the district was an early leader in saving money by outsourcing food services, custodial services and transportation services to private companies.

For example, in 2003, the district hired a private firm for custodial services and reported that it saved $800,000 as a result.

In 2004, East Lansing Public Schools’ Director of Finance Maria Bolen said, “I feel like we’re the wave of the future, on the cutting edge.”

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