Two current members of the Isabella County Board of Commissioners have entered wind turbine lease agreements with a company called Apex Clean Energy. Isabella County has been asked to consider zoning changes regarding wind development.

Michigan Capitol Confidential published a story on the lease arrangements on July 10. The wind farm development company responded to a question about whether the lease contracts represent a conflict of interest for the elected officials who stand to benefit from them.

“Ultimately, local officials under advisement from their attorneys decide whether or not there’s a conflict of interest. Apex works diligently to ensure any potential conflicts of interest are disclosed, and we work to support the independent decisions of local elected officials.” – Cat Strumlauf, public affairs associate, Apex Clean Energy, Inc.


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A “bottlenecker” is someone who uses the power of the government to limit competition in the market and artificially boost their own profits. Bottleneckers use a variety of methods to achieve their goals, including tax loopholes, regulations, occupational licensing requirements, minimum wage laws and many more. The end result when these special interest bottleneckers succeed is fewer choices and higher prices for consumers, fewer job opportunities for workers and less innovation throughout the economy.

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