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Proposal 2 Voting Map

Only Two Counties Voted for Proposal 2

Many voters in counties near cities or schools under emergency oversight supported Prop 1

… voters' rejection of Proposal 2, a ballot initiative … all but two rejected Proposal 2 on Tuesday. In … more

Prop 2 Means More Arbitrary Teacher Placements

'Last In, First Out' would be reinstated

… placement decisions. If Proposal 2 passes, however, union … will happen often if Proposal 2 is passed is that school … more

Voters Avert Disaster by Rejecting Proposal 2

… to be worried. Proposal 2 s failure indicates … labor-friendly inoculation; Proposal 2 would have empowered … more

Proposal 2 Power Grab Demands Review of Government Unionism

… resoundingly defeated Proposal 2 , it is appropriate … initiative tantrum. Proposal 2 would not just have … while in approximately 20 others it is mandatory … more

Proposal 2 Is Not Simply About Collective Bargaining

… ballot initiative Proposal 2 was merely about establishing … membership. The lawyer for Proposal 2 , Andrew Nickelhoff, said , … more

Unions Rig Proposal 2 Business 'Support' List

Workers trained to coerce, intimidate business owners for their support; ignored some requests

… bankrolling and supporting Proposal 2 have touted the business … recruiting "took kit" that Proposal 2 supporters provide after … more

Proposal 2 Would Declaw Emergency Managers in Proposal 1

… November ballot, some proposals are bound to impact … best example is how Proposal 2 impacts Proposal … issues pass. Proposal 2, which elevates union … more

SEIU 'Dues Skim' and U-M Research Assistant Bills Brought On Proposal 2

Issues brought to the forefront by the Mackinac Center cited by UAW President as reasons for ballot proposal

… in bringing about Proposal 2 . That's what United … recent interview . Proposal 2 on the 2012 ballot was … more

What Will Cities Do To Solve Their Pension Problems?

Part 2 in a series looking at municipal retiree funds in the state

… country. There is proposed legislation in the … has only put away 32 cents on the dollar … to new employees in 2004. The city now operates … to new employees in 2005 and is paying down … more

$1.6 Billion in Savings Lost Under Prop 2

Proposal 2, the Protect Our … taxpayers should Prop 2 pass. Prop 2 gives government unions … more

Proposal 2 Is Not Good For Government Union Workers

...or taxpayers, as Illinois shows what can happen when unions get nearly everything they want

… main supporters of Proposal 2 , which would guarantee … happen in this state if Proposal 2 gives those unions … Based on a projected $27 billion cash deficit … more

Proposal 2: More Power for Government Unions

… state about the ballot proposals on the Nov. 6 ballot. … 4 Today: Proposal 2, The 'Collective Bargaining' … this week explaining Proposals 1 through 5.) Monday: … vote on Proposal 2 would allow government … more


Prop 2 Would Protect Union Bosses at the Expense of Qualified Teachers

… teacher corps. If Proposal 2 passes, however, it's … more

Making Sense Of The Complicated Ballot Language For Proposal 1

Personal property tax cut would result in $500 million tax decrease when fully phased in

Proposal 1 on the Aug. 5 ballot … increase. It reads: "2. Require Local Community … who researched the proposal and wrote a policy … jobs in Michigan. 2. Require Local Community … more

BREAKING NEWS: 'Protect Working Families' Lists Proposal 2 Business Supporters Without Their Knowledge

… website promoting Proposal 2 , lists 598 small … business supports Proposal 2. The Proposal 2 supporter's … more

Making Sense of Michigan's Ballot Proposals

Chart explains supporters, opponents and what the six proposals mean for Michigan

… with six statewide proposals that could reshape … most attention is Proposal 2 , which would enshrine … Union more than $32 million since it was … more

NYT: Prop 2 'An Embarrassing Loss for Labor'

… the failure of Proposal 2 is an embarrassing … also pointed out that Proposal 2 received about 600,000 … more

Why Are Some Tea Party Supporters Fighting Proposal 1 In Michigan?

… ins and outs of what Proposal 1 would do in Michigan, … Hohman said. 2. This will lead to future … members. This proposal cuts taxes and pays … explanation of Proposal 1 of 2014: ~~~~~ See … more

Predators Back In the Classroom? It Could Happen

Proposal 2 would overrule state laws mandating certain protections

Supporters of Proposal 2 say an ad claiming the … Association, says Proposal 2 would not change the … more

Prop 2 Supporters Putting Out Questionable Info

The proponents of Proposal 2 have been less than … list and disagree with Proposal 2. One company called … more
Sunshine Week

Prop 2 May Put FOIA on Ice for Media, Others

… Detroit News on Sept. 27, 2012.) Proposal … unions and the public. Proposal 2 could make discovering … more

Michigan Ballot Proposals

… commentary on the following proposals expected to appear … repealed Prop 2: Election Update! … regarding these ballot proposals as Center analysts … Election Update! "25 x 25" Amendment voted … more

Vernuccio Talks Prop 2 on Fox Business

… with the defeat of Proposal 2 last week. Vernuccio … Show on WILS AM1320 in Lansing and wrote … more

Media Resoundingly Rejects Prop 2, Prop 4

Only two weekly newspapers support either of the union-backed plans to alter the state constitution

… Election Day looms, Proposal 2 and Proposal 4 are without any … endorsed Proposal 2 , which would allow … more

Prop 2 Supporters Say States Without Unionized Teachers ‘Among the Worst’ On Standardized Tests — Michigan Scores Lower Than Them All

… group supporting Proposal 2 , the collective bargaining … just one variable like Proposal 2's proponents are … click here .) For 2012, the average ACT … more

Prop 2 Supporters Misled on Other States

The proponents of Proposal 2 made the rounds claiming … constitutions and therefore Proposal 2 was nothing new or radical. Their … more

Collective Bargaining a 'Right' to Coerce

… stuff. The union-funded Proposal 2 would amend the Michigan … coerce another group. Proposal 2 would label that power … more

Proposal 1 a Referendum on PA 4

… state about the ballot proposals on the Nov. 6 ballot. … reject Public Act 4 of 2011. A "yes" vote keeps … this week explaining proposals 1 through 5.) Proposal … predecessor, Public Act 72 of 1990. Among other … more

Prop 2 Would Change at Least 170 Laws

… that proponents of Proposal 2 claim the constitutional … amendment. The lawyer for Proposal 2, Andrew Nickelhoff, … more

Prop 2 Supporters Change Name

… Plenty if you re Proposal 2 . The unions behind the proposal to change the state … Families. We know Prop 2 would apply mostly to … more

Voters Reject Special Interest Power Plays

Proposals 2-6 soundly defeated

… soundly defeated. Proposal 2, which would have enshrined … in a landslide 58%-42%, as did Proposals 3 through 6. F. … more

Constitutional Convention Won’t Fix Michigan’s Problems

On Nov. 2, Michigan voters will face Proposal 1, which will ask … the first place. Proposal 1 will be on the … constitutional convention and 72 percent did likewise … more

Constitutional Convention Won’t Fix Michigan’s Problems (Michigan Capitol Confidential)

… Problems" ). Michigan voters on Nov. 2 will face Proposal 1, which will ask … version of the April 2010 Viewpoint on Public … the first place. Proposal 1 will be on the … more

UAW President Bob King Admits Proposal 2 Was About Right-to-Work

… union claims that Proposal 2 on the 2012 ballot wasn't about … voters soundly rejected Proposal 2 in November, 58 … more

Proposal 2 Would Cost Taxpayers $1.6 Billion Per Year, New Analysis Says

'Protect Our Jobs' initiative will be voted on in November

If Proposal 2 were to pass this November, … savings would be due to Proposal 2 superseding Gov. Rick … more

$1.6 Billion in Savings Lost Under Prop 2

Proposal 2 would fundamentally … taxpayers should Prop 2 pass. Prop 2 gives government unions … more

Michigan Press Association and Mackinac Center Joint Statement on Proposal 2 and the Freedom of Information Act

‘Chilling effects on citizens’ right to know’

… implications that Proposal 2 would have on … Release Monday, Oct. 22, 2012 Contacts: Michael … fired. If Proposal 2 is adopted it will … more

UAW Video Shows Political Influence

Proposal 2 on Michigan s Nov. … governor. This radical proposal and a campaign ad … who left the bench in 2008 to become a referee … more

Happy Anniversary Proposal A

… Michigan voters approved "Proposal A," a fundamental … current value. 2. Increase … the initial rollback, Proposal A capped property … inflation. The other Proposal A promises have held … more

Which Ballot Proposals Are 'Grassroots'?

… international bridge ballot proposals are not a grassroots … Haglund writes that the 2/3 tax limitation and … effort . If you think a proposal on the November ballot … AFSCME. Proposal 2: The 'Protect Our Jobs' … more

How the Chicago Teacher Union Strike Affects Michigan

Michigan Ballot Proposal Could Nullify State's No Strike Law

… said. "Unfortunately, [Proposal 2] the union-backed … benchmarks. The 26,000-member Chicago … reforms at risk." Proposal 2 will be on the … out on students in 2006. Paul Kersey, … more

Video Confirms Negative Union Stereotypes

… the union-funded Proposal 2 on Michigan s Nov. 6 ballot. Proposal 2 would give provisions … more

All Five Constitutional Amendments Soundly Defeated

Emergency manager law repealed

… Vernuccio said of the Proposal 2 defeat. The … Release Wednesday, Nov. 7, 2012 Contacts: Ted … percent in Michigan and Proposal 2 being defeated with … more

Do Teachers Really Need More 'Protection?'

… Association wrote that Proposal 2 goes beyond just … teach (Stoico v. DPS, 2003); allowed a teacher to … (Clark v. Swartz Creek, 2009); and has protected … more

County Prevailing Wage Law Could Add Millions To Taxpayer Costs

'Union-scale wages' means Muskegon County jail proposal will be extra pricey

… the price tag for the proposed Muskegon County jail … hook for an extra $2 million for the project. Prevailing … mean they'd pay about $2 million more," said … position to be spending $2 million more than they … more

Commentary: Prop 4 Supporters Promise Programs That Already Exist

Home-based caregiver proposal would lock SEIU unionization scheme into state constitution

… telling people what Proposal 2 won t do instead … Monette then says that Proposal 4 ensures that will … not mention the $32 million the SEIU has … more

Michigan's Voter Approved Ban On Racial Preferences Goes Before U.S. Supreme Court

… statewide ballot as Proposal 2. At the time, it was … Action , dates back to 2006 and the Michigan … basic argument is that Proposal 2 (MCRI) prohibits … more

School District Allows Union, Employees To Exclude Material From FOIA Requests

Legal expert says they are breaking the law

… requests could arise if Proposal 2 passes.The union-backed … Section 7 of that Act (423.507), 'An employer … more

School Districts Value Best Teachers $1 More Than The Worst

District officials said merit pay law is an 'unfunded mandate'

… districts could undo if Proposal 2 passes in November. … became effective Jan. 4, 2010, that said public … "effective" teachers got $2; and a teacher who "meets … made more money in 2011 than a biology teacher … more

State Department of Civil Rights Not In Line With Gov. Snyder's Views

Despite vote of state citizens, department files brief to overturn constitutional amendment

… institutions. It was Proposal 2 on Michigan's 2006 statewide ballot. … it passed by a 58 to 42 percent margin The … more

Union Contract: Teachers Can Be Caught in School Drunk Five Times and On Drugs Three Times Before Being Fired

Students are reported to the police on first offense

… Sector Proposal 2: The 'Collective Bargaining' … Substances" on page 92. That contract expired … Public Act 103 in July 2011. However, the union … more

Commentary: Unions Ducking the Truth With Proposal 2 Ad

Excessive union contracts have bankrupted cities, school districts

… essence tell viewers that Proposal 2 is a harmless plan even … constitution. Proposal 2 supporters don't want … more
Gas pump

Nation’s Highest Gas Tax Coming to Michigan?

… Gov. Rick Snyder s proposal to replace the state … that appeared Feb. 2, 2012, in Michigan Capitol … same). The governor s proposal is contained in House … more

Prop 4 Would Put Union Scam in Constitution

… state about the ballot proposals on the Nov. 6 ballot. … 4 Tuesday: Proposal 2: More Power for Government … this week explaining Proposals 1 through 5.) Monday: … funneled more than $32 million from disabled … more
Capitol Confidential Vol. 2, No. 2

Tourism Taxes Approved

State and local tax burden approaching nation’s ten worst

… along with the tax proposal. This committee would … burdens. House Bill 4261, now Public Act 25 of 2007, allows convention … speculates that the proposal could actually depress … more

Prop 3 Would Cost Taxpayers Billions

… state about the ballot proposals on the Nov. 6 ballot. … 4 Tuesday: Proposal 2: More Power for Government … this week explaining Proposals 1 through 5.) Monday: … Unions Today: Proposal 3: '25 X 25' Renewable Energy … more

Property Tax Protections Assaulted Again by House

Eleven GOP members vote to undermine Proposal A

… result of passage of Proposal A in 1994, school … On March 24, for the second time … election days." Under Proposal A, school districts … Attack ," January/February 2009 Michigan Capitol … more

I'm Just a Bill

A sampling of proposed state laws, as described on MichiganVotes.org

… Twp. The bill proposes to give a subsidy … etc. SENATE BILL 552 Give "rewards" … D-Westland The bill proposes to authorize up to $250 … value would be between 2 cents and 6 cents per … more

Per-Pupil Spending About Even

… Oxford Foundation s proposed revision of Michigan s … elementary students [2] spent an average of $7,284 per pupil in 2010-2011, … school options. The proposal has received harsh … more

Weekly Roundup - Oct. 2

… a "net neutrality" proposal. ...leave to … questions GlobalWatt's 2009 tax incentive deal. Saginaw News … MEGA application. ABC 12 - GlobalWatt, state … more

November 30, 2012, MichiganVotes.org Weekly Roll Call

… reform choices: Passed 26 to 12 in the Senate To … extend from October 26, 2012 to January 9, 2013, … more

Activist's Critique of Prop 3 Study Completely Incorrect

Union of Concerned Scientists analysis of Mackinac Center study wrong on every single point

… Deyette at the pro-Proposal 3 Union of Concerned … the only study on the 25 percent mandate that … Center s study on Proposal 3 s economic impact. In … marginal costs of the 25 percent mandate above … more

Prop 5: Protecting Taxpayers from the Government

… state about the ballot proposals on the Nov. 6 ballot. … 4 Tuesday: Proposal 2: More Power for Government … this week explaining Proposals 1 through 5.) Monday: … burdens are 8 percent to 23 percent lower in states … more

The Price Tag on the Ballot Proposals

Constitutional changes would cost billions to Michigan taxpayers, citizens

… to judge many of the proposals extend beyond dollars … million. Proposal 2. Voting yes on Proposal 2 would give government … contribute to a union, as Proposal 4 requires) there … more

Poll: Voters Say Small Business Will Suffer Most With Minimum Wage Increase

Michigan residents also say they will tip less

… struggle more under a proposed minimum wage increase than … More than one in four (26 percent) said they … really be hurt by this proposal." Justin Winslow, … more. The remaining 2 percent were undecided. "It … more

Harris v. Quinn

… Foundation (NRTWLDF) filed a proposed federal class action … began to unravel in 2009 when a Michigan housewife … also filed a similar proposed class action in Illinois … their new union around $2 million a year. It … more

Freep Editorial Page Editor Not Going to be Bullied by Prop 2 Supporters

Stephen Henderson says he offered to meet anytime the unions wanted

… thrown under the bus by Proposal 2 backers who disagree … his opinion that Proposal 2 is bad for Michigan … more

Gov. Snyder’s 2012 State of the State Address Included Five Proposed Government Expansions, One Limitation

… address included five proposed expansions of government … Release Wednesday, Jan. 18, 2012 Contact: Michael … of government in his proposal, only to rein in the … more

Gov. Snyder’s 2013 State of the State Address Included Eight Proposed Government Expansions, Two Limitations

… address included eight proposed expansions of government … Release Wednesday, Jan. 16, 2013 Contact: Ted O'Neil Media … of government in his proposal, only to rein in the … Gov. Rick Snyder s 2013 State of the State … more

Union-Supported Ballot Proposal Targets Right-to-Work, Recent Reforms

UAW-backed constitutional amendment would prevent future workplace choice

It was billed as proposal to prevent Michigan … officials. On March 2, United Auto Workers … the anti-right-to-work proposal would attempt to gather … the results of the [2010] election. But we … more

Deadlines Loom for Ballot Drives

… petition drive for proposed initiatives. Unlike … of State for the 2010 ballot . However, … constitution and another for proposed state statutes. … for good drivers by 20 percent and a proposal … more

Superintendent Praises Proposed School Pay Raise Reform Bill Awaits Snyder Signature or Veto

… contracts. House Bill 4152 has passed the … contract expired Aug. 29, 2009. Under terms of the … contract expired Aug. 25, 2010. There … more

Projection: Repealing MBT and Surcharge Creates 120,000-plus Jobs

… Gov. Rick Snyder has proposed replacing the tax … Michigan Business Tax 22 percent surcharge , … of the repeal, and 120,900 jobs by 2016. The … more

June 20, 2014, MichiganVotes Weekly Vote Report

Votes on “navigators,” pets, squatters, woodstoves, taxi-cartels, more

… following news reports that proposed federal Environmental … break. Senate Bill 324 , Require certification … Kincardine, Ontario, as proposed by an Ontario utility. Who … emissions limits: Passed 25 to 12 in the Senate To … more

June 13, 2014, MichiganVotes Weekly Vote Report

Education, e-cigarettes and guns

… around $2,300 when the Proposal A school finance overhaul … wholesale tax: Failed 17 to 21 in the Senate To … increasing to 15 percent in 2019, which would be equivalent … registration taxes: Passed 21 to 15 in the Senate To … more

The Worst Funded Pension Systems In Michigan

Part 1 in a series looking at municipal retiree funds in the state

… Bill 4804 has been proposed in the Michigan legislature … historic bankruptcy in 2013 was its grossly underfunded … Lincoln Park, is only 32 percent funded that … has put aside only 32 cents. Five of … more

How Cities Are Solving Their Pension Problems – and the Bill That Makes It Easier

Part 3 in a series looking at municipal retiree funds in the state

… Bill 4804 has been proposed in Michigan to help … a 401k-type plan in 2001. This has allowed … and here for Part 2 . ~~~~~ See … more

'Protect Our Jobs' Could Increase Gov't Secrecy

… it will be labeled "Proposal 2." If adopted, the measure … information. Under Proposal 2, nothing would prohibit … more

State Budget Has Increased Almost $5 Billion the Past Three Years

… budget that has been proposed, $21.73 billion is … projected to increase by $2 billion in fiscal 2014-15. In fact, … more than it did in 2011-12, according to … more

Gov. Snyder Keeps Pace in State of the State

Bipartisan track record to expand government

… into two categories: Proposals to expand government vs. proposals to limit it. Over … proposed expansions, 3.25 proposed limitations Gov. … proposed expansions, 2.25 proposed limitations Gov. … more

Numbers Game

Media inflates number of protesters at rally against worker freedom

… of the union-funded Proposal 2 ballot initiative, which … reporting that around 12,500 union members participated … against the unions on Proposal 2. So were the … more

Minimum Wage, Maximum Harm

… those who support the proposal: If raising … employer must pay him $2 an hour if the fact … other products, why not propose $100 per hour? Wouldn't … wrote in 1970 about a proposed increase in the existing … more

The V-Word

Public school establishment making false voucher claims in school funding debate

A proposed bill was introduced last … overwhelmingly rejected in 2000. She s referring … primary goal of the proposal is to make it easier … Article VIII, section 2 of the Michigan constitution … more

Big Business Supports Minimum Wage Hikes

Lobbying intended to hurt mom-and-pop competitors

… wrote in 1970 about a proposed minimum-wage hike to $2 an hour: "What good … big government . In 2009, Philip Morris teamed … minimum, typically 2 percent to 5 percent … more

Don't Extend Granholm's 'Blown Away' Program

Demand accountability instead

2005, Gov. Granholm proposed to invest $2 billion … $300 million through 2019 into a corporate … adventure, resurrecting a proposal that was floundering … scheduled to sunset in 2015. Before rubber-stamping … more

More Is Never Enough

… Gov. Rick Snyder s proposed 2 percent increased is … much more than the proposal. Michigan taxpayers … slightly decreased K-12 funding two years ago, … more

Extending Exemptions

… Gov. Rick Snyder's proposed business tax cut and … local, university and K-12 employees receive benefits every … budget gap, repeal the $2.2 billion Michigan business … more
Lemont School

'Survey of Pain' Says Taxpayers Need to Hurt More

… Pain." Tax hikes are proposed to alleviate the pain, … expecting layoffs in 2011 and 85 percent project … year Michigan enacted Proposal A and significantly … sizes will grow. And 21 percent of districts … more

Trim Corporate Welfare to $0

… up. The governor's proposed fiscal 2015 Strategic … Rick Snyder's fiscal 2015 budget we can examine … hand, Gov. Snyder has proposed $25 million in film … annually in fiscal 2015 that would best be … more

Michigan's 'Pay It Forward' College Tuition Plan Will Equal Higher Costs

… Michigan legislators are proposing it. Under what some … Detroit News on Feb. 27, 2014.) If financial … state of Oregon is proposing a similar program … more

Minimum Wage, Minimum Employment

… long list of policy proposals and counter proposals, including perhaps … With 2014 upon us, policymakers … minimum wage to $9.25 if elected. He should … more
A Prescription for Better Health Care

Ten Reasons to Reject State Obamacare Exchange

With a hat tip to the Goldwater Institute in Arizona

… to Michigan and to the proposed state exchange that … filed by Michigan and 25 other states, a separate … Both PPACA and the proposed regulations prohibit … over exchanges. "2. The federal government … more

March 7, 2014, MichiganVotes Weekly Vote Report

… The bill is part of proposal to essentially replace … "No" Senate Bill 821 , Revise 2012 personal property … initiative; the current proposal is intended to forestall … more

Dec. 9 MichiganVotes.org Weekly Roll Call Report

… available" jobs. Some of the proposed changes reflect what … health benefit: Passed 23 to 13 in the Senate To … collect money from a proposed mandate that would … employee s deposits up to 2 percent of salary, plus … more

Center Scholar Interview in Wall Street Journal

Prof. Richard Vedder on college subsidies

… of colleges and his proposal that seeks to tie … student aid was a mere $231 million. By 1981, … $500 to $5,350, the 2009 stimulus bill accelerated … entitlement. Fewer than 2% of Pell Grant recipients … more

State, Nation Have a Long Way to Go

Two new reports detail economic ranking of Michigan, U.S.

… some good regulatory proposals, the state ranks … country. The study looked at 200 variables including … of the country grew 2 percent. Overall, the … Michigan s future: "From 2000-2010, the study shows … more

April 27, 2012, MichiganVotes.org Weekly Roll Call

… and $12.68 billion proposed by Gov. Rick Snyder. … school budget: Passed 25 to 13 in the Senate … "best practices" grants proposed by Gov. Rick Snyder, … year beginning Oct. 1, 2012. This would appropriate … more

The Michigan Education Association says members may leave only in the month of August. The Mackinac Center for Public Policy has set up www.AugustOptOut.org to help inform MEA members of their rights.

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