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No Charge, No Conviction — But 956 People Still Lose Stuff To Cops

Michigan releases 2017 civil asset forfeiture report

… called civil asset forfeiture. Of those 956 individuals, … violation for which asset forfeitures are authorized, and … agencies involved in forfeiture proceedings collected … agencies must send data on forfeiture to the department, … more

Justice Clarence Thomas Takes a Broadside at Civil Forfeiture

Forfeiture is a big issue in Michigan

… big swipe at civil forfeiture laws across the nation. In … crime.) That’s because forfeiture involves charging the … him up. These forfeiture operations frequently … their interests in forfeiture proceedings. Perversely, … more

Bill Bringing State Closer To Ending Asset Forfeiture Abuse Advances in Michigan

House considers bill to require a conviction before police can take and keep a person’s property in most cases

… bill of a civil asset forfeiture reform legislative … to take up another forfeiture bill that he sponsored … Michigan civil asset forfeiture with Dan Korobkin, … through civil asset forfeiture,” Skorup said. “We … more

How Forfeiture Should Work in Michigan

New Mexico and Nebraska limit forfeiture to criminal cases

… recording studio under its forfeiture laws. It appears to be a case where forfeiture may be justified, but … example to talk about how forfeiture should be used. The … allegations are part of a forfeiture complaint filed in … more

Forfeiture: What Next?

Take a look at bonding

… the topic of civil forfeiture in Michigan recently. … to the current civil forfeiture system in Michigan, … among the worst-rated forfeiture laws in the nation, … when it comes to civil forfeiture would be for the state … more

House Judiciary Passes Civil Forfeiture Reform Bills

Good work, but more still to be done

… Michigan’s civil asset forfeiture laws. Currently, law … Irwin, would limit forfeiture in cases involving … outlawed civil asset forfeiture, and New Mexico recently … more

Retired State Police Officer: Forfeiture is 'Big Money' for Law Enforcement Agencies

A video report about the problems with civil forfeiture

… wrong with civil asset forfeiture occurred when he was … proceedings. Under civil asset forfeiture, law enforcement uses … proven guilty. With forfeitures, the property is guilty … search. “Consent search and forfeiture are good partners,” … more

Former State Trooper: Cops, Prosecutors Misuse Problematic Asset Forfeiture Law

‘Civil asset forfeiture erodes the public trust in law enforcement’

… that when civil asset forfeiture first began to be used … conduct civil asset forfeiture says the police are … curriculum on civil asset forfeiture for the department … procedures of civil asset forfeiture erodes the public trust … more

Michigan Radio Features Fight Against Forfeiture

Bipartisan groups behind push for reform

… Michigan's civil asset forfeiture laws. Civil asset forfeiture is a practice that … national survey of forfeiture laws. Michigan … than $250 million in forfeiture revenue since 2000, … more

Moving Forward on Forfeiture Reform

Michigan is only partway there

Forfeiture is the process of transferring … enforcement is using civil forfeiture — a process which goes … criminal system. In civil forfeiture, assets can be transferred … sending the assets from forfeiture to the state general … more