Michigan Teacher Pay Complicated Enough To Spin Many Narratives

Taxpayers ask a lot, pay a lot putting a teacher in front of a classroom Read more


More Talk, Less Action for Troubled School Districts?

Whitmer’s budget encourages creation of more committees Read more

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Michigan Officials Skeptical of Controversial Drug Rationing Program

Who decides what another year of life is worth to a person? Read more


How Tax Policy Gets Poked Full of Holes

States should lower rates across the board instead of giving targeted exceptions Read more

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Do Teachers Buy Classroom Supplies? Districts Say ‘We Do’ And Have Receipts

Grand Rapids Schools Issues Over 170 Cards Employees May Use for Purchases Read more


Doubling Down on Government Preschool

New Whitmer pre-K proposal would further restrict family options Read more

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How Independent Will Michigan’s New Redistricting Commission Be? 

California’s experience provides cause for concern Read more


It’s Never Enough: Government Beneficiaries Always Want More

Michigan budget goes up; groups receiving funds still complain Read more

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Michigan Law Clear: Taxpayers Not Teachers Buy Classroom Supplies

Union spin notwithstanding, districts give teachers purchase cards or other compensation Read more


A Teacher Union Fact Check on School Choice

Nearly everything you read is wrong Read more

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