FCC Chairman Denounces State, Local Obstacles To Faster Internet 

‘You need to have a consistent policy ... at the federal level’ Read more

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Restrictive Fence Ordinance Makes Unhappy Neighbors

Grosse Pointe Woods bans privacy fences Read more

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Cure For Poverty: Hold A Full-Time, Year-Round Job

Just 2.7 percent of those who do in Michigan fall below the poverty line Read more


How to Control the Pension Debt

The costs of pension liabilities have grown out of control Read more

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Whitmer Approved $4.51 Billion In Corporate Handouts, Denounces Opponents’ ‘Giveaways’

Dem candidate for governor says she may ‘unleash’ more if elected Read more


Choice Satisfies Most Parents, Appeals to Most Voters

New surveys highlight favorable experiences, need for more options Read more

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Troy Teacher's Pay $106k, Challenges Legislator On Low Teacher Pay

‘What are we doing in Michigan about this, Senator?’ Read more

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This Is What It’s Like When Media Covers Teachers In America

Expect a distorted picture Read more


Prisons Are Not a Jobs Program

Closing Ojibway is tough, but necessary Read more

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Union Sues Teacher For Exercising Her Right-To-Work Option

Michigan banned compulsory union fees in 2013, MEA still trying to collect them Read more

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