Public Health Officials Oppose Placing Limits On Their Power

Restraints will bring ‘suffering and death’ Read more

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More Michigan Teachers Per Student Now Than 10 Years Ago

A modest 2% decline in teacher numbers swamped by 8.6% plunge in enrollment Read more

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State’s Initial Epidemic Responses Guided By ‘Worst Case But Possible’ Scenario

The reality fell short Read more

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Legionnaires’ Disease Spike Cited To Justify Extended Lockdowns, But They May Have Triggered It

Argument related to campaign to ban unlimited government by emergency order Read more

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88% Of Detroit Third Graders Below 'Proficient' In Reading; New Law Held None Back

Law that bars moving along children who can’t read filled with exceptions Read more

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Politicians Believed ‘Grim’ COVID Messaging Would Be The Most Effective

Telling public you won't die 'if you're lucky' a long way from 'minimization of public panic and fear' Read more

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Benton Harbor Schools Held Back No Third Graders In 2020-21 School Year

District cited in liberal nonprofit’s panic about law to restrict promoting children who can’t read to next grade Read more

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Another Granholm Green Energy Winner That Was A Bust

$50 million taxpayer dollars down the tubes Read more

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Population Fell In Post-Bankruptcy Detroit, City Revenue Rose

The school district saw a modest enrollment increase after its 2016 bailout Read more

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Liberal Nonprofit News Site Paints Unfair Picture Of Reading Retention Law

ProPublica fails to mention specific exemptions to being held back Read more

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