Warren Council Votes Self Free Lifetime Health Care; $228 Million Short On Workers’ Benefits

Unfunded liability for promised retiree health care benefits is double city’s annual revenue Read more

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Schools With Many Poor Families Get More Per Kid In Michigan, Not Less

Activist calling for illegal teacher strikes still makes claim Read more

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Look For The Union Label On Legal Pot Shops?

State marijuana regulators propose unauthorized union privilege as condition of licenure Read more

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Teachers Filing Union Unfair Labor Complaint Appear To Be Doing Well

Average pay at their Macomb district $79k; $100k+ not uncommon with optional duties Read more


Targeted Tax Preferences are Unfair

Entrepreneurs drive employment and prosperity Read more

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Local School Union Claims Unfair Labor Practice, Cites Cuts That Weren’t

Teachers union says its members lost money, but don’t blame state taxpayers Read more


What You Really Need to Know about Michigan Charter Schools

MLive errs in comparison of academic performance Read more

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Tlaib Against Corporate Welfare Except When She Votes For It

In Michigan House she voted ‘yes’ on giving $1.031 billion to corporations Read more

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College Instructors Not Getting Rich, But Downtrodden A Stretch

$69k community college instructor, union president laments poor pay in newspaper essay Read more

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Teacher Shortage? For Physics Maybe, But Not Phys-Ed

Union pay restrictions prevent schools from filling some slots Read more

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