Three States Will Refuse Federal Benefit That Makes Staying At Home Pay More Than Working

A Michigan Democrat explained the problem Read more

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Wind, Solar Firms Picked For Granholm’s Governor Mansion Soon Went Broke

Detroit Free Press reported the installation meant she’s not kidding on renewables Read more

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Cities Across Michigan Are Banning Airbnb — This Bill Would Stop Them

It would allow short-term rentals to be regulated but not banned Read more


Metrics for Michigan: Slow Rolling to Normal

Governor’s plan may mean restrictions last far longer than those in other states Read more

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Michigan Health Department To Athletes: Never Mind CDC, Wipe Those Surfaces

CDC: ‘Risk is low ... generally less than 1 in 10,000’ Read more


Is ‘Vacc to Normal’ Back to Normal?

Gov. Whitmer has not indicated whether she’ll give up unilateral control Read more

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Union President Wants Teachers Paid ‘What They’re Worth’

But union contracts just rewarded a regional teacher of the year with five years of no raises Read more

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2006 Law Requires Annual State Pandemic Plan ‘Effectiveness’ Reports; It Didn’t Happen

Legislators also didn’t explain how to assess a plan’s effectiveness before the fact Read more

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Former Gov. Granholm’s Clean Energy Promises Go National

New secretary of energy’s Michigan schemes were announced with fanfare but failed in silence Read more

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Auditors Find State Overpaid Medicaid Home Health Vendors $39.4 Million

Could be worse: A previous audit found a $160 million loss Read more

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