Corporate Subsidy Agency Lets Firm Walk With $140,000, No New Jobs

But a year later the company celebrated its 100th birthday Read more


Michigan May Have Turned a Corner on the Costs of State Employment

Benefits costs remain expensive but are declining Read more

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State’s Business Subsidy Cherry-Pickers Failed In Handout To Cherry Picker

Picking corporate subsidy winners and losers not like choosing fruit Read more


Worries Over Medicaid Costs No Reason to Oppose No-Fault Reform

Any increased costs would be dwarfed by the savings drivers will achieve Read more

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Bill Authorizes Herding Cats — Literally

Legislation authorizes ‘community cat’ programs for ‘community cat caretakers’ Read more


Beyond the Fight over Social Studies Standards

Michigan families need more educational freedom Read more

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Regulated Enough? Bill Imposes Licensing Mandate on Hunting, Fishing Guides

Current guides say state should enforce existing rules, not write new ones Read more


Questions About Traverse City’s Fiber Network Plans

Board set to vote on action soon Read more

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Billions In Michigan Taxpayer Dollars Flowing To Big 3

Shhhhh! State officials refuse to reveal how much Read more


Cutting Hair or Working as an Athletic Trainer in Michigan May Get a Bit Easier

Bills would lessen some licensing restrictions Read more

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