Watch The Fine Print On ‘Green Jobs’ Claims

Speculation often treated as fact, and definition may be only in eye of beholder Read more


Pension Tax Affected 8 Percent Of All Taxpayers

It’s a lot of people and a lot of revenue Read more

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Taxpayer Backlash Coming Over Billions In Amazon Subsidies

But the rebellion against corporate handouts hasn’t reached Michigan Read more

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If At First ... Legislature Looking To Rein In Auto Insurance

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Medical Welfare Programs Look To Price Another Year Of Life

Is a beneficiary’s ‘quality-adjusted life year’ worth the cost of a drug? Read more


Union Membership Continues to Drop Nationwide

The Janus decision is having an effect on membership Read more

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Court: OK For Wayne County To Seize Man’s Car For 3 Years

Legislators considering changes to state asset forfeiture law Read more

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State Employee Morale Drops As State Spending Rises

Gov. Whitmer is concerned Read more


Michigan’s Democratic Governor Pushes Special Corporate Tax Break

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Media Smokestack Images And Air Pollution Spin

Those billowing white clouds coming out aren’t what you may think Read more

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