Some Perspective: Michigan is Stronger Today

The state is in a more resilient position to weather an economic storm than at any time before Read more

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Michigan Licensing Bureau Vs. Dr. Fauci On Off-Label Coronavirus Treatment

Fauci tells MDs, 'Yeah, of course' - prescribe it; state agency threatens their license if they do Read more

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What Is An 'Essential Business' Under Government Lockdown?

More questions: Why shouldn't a gift store be able to make deliveries? Read more


Stimulus Amendments Push More Renewable Subsidies 

Solar and wind set to profit handsomely from COVID-19 response Read more

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Economist: No Sanitizer Because ‘Selfish People Demanding Price Be Held at $1’ Bought It All

Under ‘price gouging’ bans, after the lucky first few, ‘everyone else gets nothing’ Read more


Reporting or Promoting?

Why transparency of business subsidy programs shouldn’t be controlled by administrators Read more

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If Only Other Stores Could Have Raised Toilet Paper Prices

Buyer happy with $1.75 per roll from convenience store versus 32 cents and no rolls at big stores Read more


MDE Memo Sends Wrong Message

Families need more flexibility Read more

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Detroit School Problems Weren’t Caused By Coronavirus Or Funding ‘Disparity’

The ‘poor districts get less’ claim goes against years of data collected and posted by state officials Read more


Emergency Powers Under Michigan Law

A quick overview of how these rarely used laws work Read more

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