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As part of our efforts on government transparency, we obtained data on the compensation of most public employees in the state. This information has been used to fact check claims about salaries, verify data from other open records requests, and hold government spending accountable.

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State of Michigan Spins, Puffs Economic Contribution Of Agriculture To Economy

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Salt Bill Would Raises Prices On All To Benefit One Company

The Michigan Senate came together on a bill that raises costs for all citizens to benefit one select company. … more

Most Michigan Schools Surveyed Still Buying Union’s Costlier Health Insurance

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Foreign Trade More Important To Michigan Than Any Other State

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Put ISD Funding on Education Budget Table

Gov. Rick Snyder has pitted a generous increase in overall student funding against cuts to certain kinds of educational services some families prefer. But it doesn't have to be an either-or proposition; there are other options that could be put on the table. … more

Sponsor Of Medicaid Work Requirements: They’re The ‘Right Thing To Do’

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Supreme Court Eyes Unions Politicking With Fees Compelled From Workers

Largely underreported is the fact that U.S. unions spent $1.7 billion during the 2016 election cycle, according to an analysis by the National Institute for Labor Relations Research. … more

Property Tax Revenue On a Slow Rise

The largest source of revenue for local governments is property taxes. They raised $14.0 billion for the state, schools, community colleges and local governments in 2017, a 2.42 percent increase from the previous year.  … more

School District Gets More From State For Fewer Students, Super Calls It Inadequate

Another public school official in Michigan is talking about inadequate state funding as one of the reasons his district is financially strapped. … more

Union Official Says Teachers In Second-Highest Paying District Need Second Jobs

The teachers union president at the Michigan school district with the state’s second-highest paid teachers says many of those teachers must work second jobs to “make ends meet.” … more

Michigan public school teachers are the highest-paid in the nation when the local cost of living is factored into comparisons. In terms of its purchasing power, the average Michigan teacher pay of $63,878 is equivalent to $71,773 elsewhere.

That’s what a nonprofit called EdBuild discovered when National Public Radio asked it to investigate. The organization used 2015-16 average salaries from every state to do the calculations.

… more

For the Record

A recent story in The Atlantic magazine about private versus public schools used examples from Michigan to illustrate some of its arguments, but was significantly out of date. … more
When it comes to Michigan's poor performance on standardized tests, perhaps more money isn't the solution. … more
A Utica Community Schools board member says the current way the state funds schools is broken. … more
An AFSCME union laywer made a quip about public sector salaries. Richard Trumka, the president of the national AFSCME, had his total compensation in 2017 increase to $315,368, a 7 percent raise from 2016. … more
The Center For Michigan's Truth Squad said it was hard to determine if the DeVos family profits from their involvement with a charter school. The Truth Squad failed to mention the DeVos family would be breaking the law if they did. … more
The United Automobile Workers union, or UAW, appears to be gaining new members by organizing graduate research students at colleges. … more
Across the state of Michigan, 61,000 people say they commute to work using public transit services; 96,000 people walk and 4 million people drive. … more
Gov. Rick Snyder presented his annual state budget recommendations to the Legislature on Feb. 7. They include a proposal to increase public school spending by $312 million, or as much as $240 per pupil. Reaction from school officials was mixed. … more
When the police have a reasonable suspicion that a crime has been committed they are permitted to seize a person’s property as evidence, or as part of an investigation. … more
Michigan House Minority Leader Sam Singh, D-East Lansing, recently touted a new report on school finance that claims Michigan’s public schools are underfunded. … more