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Workers who chose to leave unions want to fend for themselves but current law requires unions in union shops to negotiate their pay and work conditions. "Worker's Choice" gives employees the freedom to choose representation.

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As Michigan House Considers Electric Monopoly Bill, Observers Fear Price Spikes

The state’s largest electric utility has plans to phase out the use of coal and that could increase costs for consumers due to volatile price movements in the primary alternative, natural gas. … more

Why School Choice is So Valuable

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Infrastructure Funding Principles

Advocate for high-quality, well-funded roads as a public good that serves taxpayers’ interests. Taxpayers will pay for poor government roads one way or another — through excessive taxes, vehicle repairs or an impeded economy.  … more

Pew Trust: State Pension Managers Failed Even To Meet Own Funding Estimates

When the state of Michigan made its contributions to the public school employees pension system in 2014, the amount wasn't even enough to prevent the system from going even further into debt. … more

SEIU Sues Its Own Members for Banquet Hall They Paid For

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Don’t Impose Granholm-era Mandates on Michigan Energy

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Bill Closing Possible Loophole In Photo ID Voting Law May Be On Fast Track

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More Than 18,000 in Michigan Voted Without a Photo ID This Election

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ACLU: Study Finds Detroit's Charters May Outperform, But Their Competition Hurts Regular Schools

ACLU Michigan Executive Director Kary Moss says that charter school success in Detroit comes at the expense of the city's traditional public schools. … more

For the Record

In 2015, the Michigan Education Association said it was done losing members because of right-to-work. About 17,000 members didn't listen and left since the proclamation. … more
The Michigan ACLU has become the latest organization to join teachers unions, the public school establishment and others against Betsy DeVos as President-elect Donald Trump’s choice to be the U.S. secretary of education. … more
Years of persistent underfunding by state officials has led to the retirement system having a current unfunded liability of $26.7 billion. … more
In a piece criticizing school choice advocate – and future Secretary of Education – Betsy DeVos, an op-ed from the New York Times slams charter schools in Detroit. … more
Pension plans are not Ponzi schemes. Properly managed pension systems do not require a fresh stream of new entrants to work. And new entrants don’t help a system when it is underfunded. … more
Last week President-elect Donald Trump named Michigan philanthropist Betsy DeVos as his choice to be the U.S. secretary of education. And the attacks began. … more
In the latest issue of the Michigan Education Association's online magazine Voice, the union makes another claim about taxpayer support for education that doesn’t hold true. … more
Remember all those federal workers who said they'd quit if Donald Trump became president? They cost the government $65 billion a year. … more
A popular video by a rapper wants teachers to be paid like doctors. That would cost $12.8 billion alone to do that just in Michigan. … more
Overall, Hillary Clinton had an even 500 newspaper and magazine endorsements while Trump had 26. None of the Michigan newspapers tracked endorsed Trump. … more