Bill Authorizes Herding Cats — Literally

Legislation authorizes ‘community cat’ programs for ‘community cat caretakers’ Read more


Beyond the Fight over Social Studies Standards

Michigan families need more educational freedom Read more

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Regulated Enough? Bill Imposes Licensing Mandate on Hunting, Fishing Guides

Current guides say state should enforce existing rules, not write new ones Read more


Questions About Traverse City’s Fiber Network Plans

Board set to vote on action soon Read more

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Billions In Michigan Taxpayer Dollars Flowing To Big 3

Shhhhh! State officials refuse to reveal how much Read more


Cutting Hair or Working as an Athletic Trainer in Michigan May Get a Bit Easier

Bills would lessen some licensing restrictions Read more

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Whitmer Approves Further Delay In Watered-Down Teacher Ratings

Public school establishment resists accountability Read more


No-Fault Reform Plans Will Save Drivers Money

Both Senate and House bills empower Michigan drivers to reduce their insurance premiums Read more

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Communities Again Say 'No' To Industrial Wind Farm Developers

But state’s big utilities look to install hundreds of turbine towers Read more


On Road Funding, Voters May Not Be As Dumb As You Think

Bridge Magazine op-ed only considers tax hike option for more road funding Read more

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