State Law Restricting New Clinics May Limit Promising Cancer Treatment

Critic accuses health care rationing commission of mission creep Read more

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Michigan’s Roads Appear Middling-To-Poor, Not The Nation’s Worst

It depends on who you ask Read more

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State’s Pension Fund Managers Get The Big Bucks — Not The Governor

$438k for highest paid executive branch employee was a 7.9% increase from 2017 Read more


Senate Bill Revitalizes Skepticism about Corporate Handouts

Policymakers and the public should question undisclosed expenses Read more


Michigan Teacher Pay Scales: Top Out Fast, Then Go Nowhere

That’s the union contract most teachers accept when they enter the profession Read more


No Such Thing As An Average Teacher Salary In Michigan

One teacher saw a $19,166 increase over three years; another, $435 over seven Read more


Michigan’s Ineffective, Unfair and Expensive Corporate Handouts

The state should get out of the business of providing business favors Read more

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Teacher, Poet, Pizza Guy - At $82k Says Side Job Needed To Pay Bills

But also said his pay is ‘by no means terrible’ at the Ann Arbor school district Read more


National Groups Push Music Therapist Licensing – Which Benefits Themselves

Michigan’s up next in considering music therapist bill Read more

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‘Right Now’: Timetable For Group’s ‘Stop Burning Fossil Fuels’ Demand

But 75% of Michigan homes are heated with gas, and renewables produce just 8% of electricity Read more

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