Oakland County’s New Chief Diversity Officer To Get Up To $143k

Brooks Patterson got $201,193 a year Read more

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Dues-Paying Membership In Teachers Union Has Collapsed Since Right-To-Work

MEA's persuasion and manipulative contract extensions not enough to keep teachers paying Read more

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Bills Would Slightly Ease, Not Repeal, Anti-Competitive Hospital Rationing Law

Action comes after state Certificate of Need commission tried to limit access to cancer treatment Read more


Dangers of the Regulatory State: Overly Precise Rules

Meticulous administrative rules can make criminals of the well-intended Read more

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Teachers Union HQ Contracted Out For Janitors, Opposes Same For Schools

Half of all Michigan school districts outsource custodial services Read more

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Whitmer Ran On Road Repair Promise, But Will Spend Less To Fix Them Than Last Year

$40 million less; her one suggestion was a steep gas tax hike Read more

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Teachers’ Pay Didn’t Fall, But Great Recession Did Drive ‘Reduction In The Rate Of Increase’

East Lansing illustrates one way this happened Read more

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Teachers Who Talk Down Their Profession Often Don’t Mention The Benefits

A decent pension and good health coverage for life among them Read more

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Term Limits Blamed For Philandering Politicians, No Local Casino, More

The excuse for everything Michigan’s political class doesn’t like Read more


Licensure Mandates Cost Michigan Jobs And Millions In State Revenue

Job restrictions also have disparate impact on youth and minorities Read more

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