Celebrating When Graduation Rates Reach 47 Percent

Wayne State University cites increase from 26 percent Read more


Striking a Balance on Environmental Regulations

'No more stringent' will benefit Michigan Read more

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Lame-Duck Legislator Calls For Penalties on Distributing Straws

'I wanted to make a statement,’ says sponsor of a bill in the Michigan House Read more

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Bill Would Authorize Payroll Withholding For Lottery Tickets

For every $1 dollar spent on the lottery, players lose 40 cents on average Read more


Even Amended, Michigan’s Paid Sick Leave Would Cost Employers $1.1 Billion

But original proposal was much worse Read more

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Permits To Cut Your Own Trees? Fast-Moving Bill Says ‘Not Anymore’

Local governments could not ban tree removal on private, non-residential property Read more


Bullying is a Huge Problem – School Choice is Helping Solve It

Bold action is needed to give families more options Read more

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Licensure Reform A Lame Duck Launch Failure?

This one has bipartisan support, so failing to fly in 2018 not necessarily the end Read more

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Practical Short-Term Health Coverage Unlikely Unless Legislature Acts

Useful option made possible by recent federal rule change, but GOP hasn’t moved and Dems likely to oppose Read more


Michigan Should Adopt a Pilot Program to Fund Roads With Road Usage Charges

The state should look at a different source of funding for road maintenance Read more

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