Charter Schools Targeted By Veto To Protest At Governor’s Detroit Office 

Regular district schools get raise but not charters, which have more poor and minorities Read more


Lawmakers Should Let Good Jobs for Michigan Expire

Research shows state jobs programs are ineffective, expensive and unfair Read more

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Court Denies Records Request For Controversial Activist’s Texts With Mayor

Nikki Joly could get life for arson that killed five pets Read more

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Politicians Bet Taxpayer Dollars On Soccer, Taxpayers Lose

Lansing mayor said games would bring in big-spending fans Read more


An Update on Criminal Justice Policies in Michigan

By most measures, the state has been improving Read more

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Is There Really A Teacher Shortage? Grand Rapids Shows It’s Complicated

Many want to be basic classroom teachers, but some specialized positions stay empty Read more

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In Michigan, More Getting Richer, Poor Getting Less Poor

State has recovered ‘very strongly’ from Great Recession Read more


A Global Climate Strike Isn't Enough

Personal responsibility will do more for the climate than striking Read more

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CMU Tuition More Than Doubled Since 2000; Revenues Up But Enrollment Stagnant 

State higher education funding is down, though Read more

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MSU Tuition, Overall Spending Up Big Since 2000; State Funding Down

More spending, higher costs mean more student debt Read more

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