Newspapers, Experts Agree: Climate Causes Plummeting, Record High Water Levels

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Use Better Assumptions to Pay for Pensions

Lawmakers should pay close attention to state pension systems Read more

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Public Sector Pay Transparency All About Accountability

House-passed bill only goes half-way Read more


Bad Arguments for Government Broadband in Metro Detroit

Government-provided internet puts taxpayers on the hook Read more

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Bill Would Tax Residences For Local Business Improvements

Municipal governments, corporate welfare agencies, special interests all on board Read more

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Michigan Teacher Pay Complicated Enough To Spin Many Narratives

Taxpayers ask a lot, pay a lot putting a teacher in front of a classroom Read more


More Talk, Less Action for Troubled School Districts?

Whitmer’s budget encourages creation of more committees Read more

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Michigan Officials Skeptical of Controversial Drug Rationing Program

Who decides what another year of life is worth to a person? Read more


How Tax Policy Gets Poked Full of Holes

States should lower rates across the board instead of giving targeted exceptions Read more

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Do Teachers Buy Classroom Supplies? Districts Say ‘We Do’ And Have Receipts

Grand Rapids Schools Issues Over 170 Cards Employees May Use for Purchases Read more

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