Bill Would Authorize Payroll Withholding For Lottery Tickets

For every $1 dollar spent on the lottery, players lose 40 cents on average Read more


Even Amended, Michigan’s Paid Sick Leave Would Cost Employers $1.1 Billion

But original proposal was much worse Read more

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Permits To Cut Your Own Trees? Fast-Moving Bill Says ‘Not Anymore’

Local governments could not ban tree removal on private, non-residential property Read more


Bullying is a Huge Problem – School Choice is Helping Solve It

Bold action is needed to give families more options Read more

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Licensure Reform A Lame Duck Launch Failure?

This one has bipartisan support, so failing to fly in 2018 not necessarily the end Read more

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Practical Short-Term Health Coverage Unlikely Unless Legislature Acts

Useful option made possible by recent federal rule change, but GOP hasn’t moved and Dems likely to oppose Read more


Michigan Should Adopt a Pilot Program to Fund Roads With Road Usage Charges

The state should look at a different source of funding for road maintenance Read more

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Michigan Democrats Slam Changes To Minimum Wage Law — While Paying Their Interns Nothing

Economist: Wage mandate ‘ends up hurting the people it is supposed to protect’ Read more


More Insights from Mackinac Center’s Corporate Welfare Scorecard

New leadership brings hope for cutting corporate handouts Read more

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Up 10 Percent And $3.2 Billion, State Still ‘Starved For Revenue’

Long-time budget analysts stuck on half-empty Read more

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