Michigan Employment Up, Food Stamps Down

No government program can substitute for strong economic growth Read more


New Business Subsidies Authorized in Michigan

Lawmakers overwhelmingly supported corporate welfare Read more

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Unions Continued Steady Membership Decline In 2018

Percentage of total workforce in unions down from 10.7 to 10.5; government unions down a bit more Read more


How Right-to-Work Affected Michigan’s State Employee Unions

See the status of five of the state's top unions Read more

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Spending Interests Wrong: Schools in Low-Income Areas Get More, Not Less

Media keeps repeating advocates’ misrepresentations Read more


More Budget Reform Ideas for 2019

Plenty of useless spending can be cut this year Read more

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Right-To-Work Repeal Bill Denies Government Workers’ Civil Rights

Michigan Dem’s legislation appears to defy US Supreme Court’s 2018 Janus ruling Read more


Michigan Charter Schools Turn 25

Quarter century later, educational choice needs renewed vigilance Read more

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Michigan Roads Benefit From Decline In ‘Fix Now Pay Later’

Engler and Granholm used state credit card for road repairs, kicking costs into future Read more

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Administrators: 98 Percent Of Michigan Teachers Average Or Above

Just 1 out of every 384 Michigan teachers deemed ‘ineffective’ by their school’s administration Read more

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