Third Time A Charm For ‘Raise The Age’ Juvenile Justice Reform?

‘Who pays?’ stalled bipartisan effort in previous two legislatures, but there appears a will to move it now Read more

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Respected Michigan Research Group Finds School Spending Up Since 1995

Citizens Research Council paints very different picture than recent MSU report Read more


State of the System

Criminal justice reforms should be made a priority Read more

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Lansing Stadium Subsidy: Big Promises, Little Information

City claims massive return on investment; experts say no way Read more

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Watch The Fine Print On ‘Green Jobs’ Claims

Speculation often treated as fact, and definition may be only in eye of beholder Read more


Pension Tax Affected 8 Percent Of All Taxpayers

It’s a lot of people and a lot of revenue Read more

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Taxpayer Backlash Coming Over Billions In Amazon Subsidies

But the rebellion against corporate handouts hasn’t reached Michigan Read more

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If At First ... Legislature Looking To Rein In Auto Insurance

Special interests halted past reform efforts Read more

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Medical Welfare Programs Look To Price Another Year Of Life

Is a beneficiary’s ‘quality-adjusted life year’ worth the cost of a drug? Read more


Union Membership Continues to Drop Nationwide

The Janus decision is having an effect on membership Read more

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