Regulator: Utility Could Improve On Being Open And Transparent

Key industry stakeholders no-shows at meetings on utility’s power source overhaul Read more

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Low-Income School Districts In Michigan Get More Money, Not Less

But public education and welfare establishments keep claiming otherwise Read more

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Snyder’s 8 Years Get ‘B’ On DC Think Tank’s Fiscal Report Card

Business tax and pension reform helped his grade, gas tax hike did not Read more

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Who Pays If 17-Year-Old Offenders No Longer Jailed With Adults?

Juvenile justice programs cost more than adult prisons Read more

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Unintended Consequences When Employers Can’t Ask About Felonies

Study finds in some labor markets ‘Ban the Box’ lowers young black and Hispanic men’s prospects Read more

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Nearly 1,000 People Not Charged or Found Not Guilty Lost Their Property Through Forfeiture

Even if you aren’t convicted of a crime, you may lose your home Read more

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Granholm: Income Tax Would Be Lower If GOP Left It Alone

Republicans repealed scheduled reductions in former Democratic governor’s 2007 tax hike Read more


Don't Put Faith in Class-Size Reduction

Research shows little academic benefit for immense cost Read more

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Did This Teachers Union Call For Pay Cuts?

Teachers union alleges that teachers in Finland are paid more; they aren't Read more

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Township Hits Brothers With Fine For Removing Trees

Wayne County property owners could face $450,000 fine Read more

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