Average Detroit Student Missed 32.73 School Days Last Year

70% of the district’s 50,875 students were chronically absent, vs. 20% statewide Read more

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Will Troy’s Crackdown On Distracted Driving Spread?

City tickets drivers talking on handheld cellphones Read more

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Consultant: Green Jobs A ‘Lobbying Effort,’ Not Real Data

Activists claim 240,000 solar jobs, federal data indicates 3,295 Read more


Happy Tax Freedom Day, Michigan!

It took Michiganders 105 days to earn enough income to pay all their taxes this year. Read more

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Legislative Open Records Bills Overcome Constitutional Hiccup

Other legislatures figured out separation of powers glitch, Michigan’s may be about to also Read more


Local Governments Get a Raise From Property Tax Payers

Tax limits still allow plenty of growth Read more


A Steady Decline for Unions Under Michigan’s Right-to-Work Law

The birthplace of the modern labor movement finds workers increasingly opting out Read more

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Project Gets $100,000 Taxpayer Subsidy, Creates Zero Jobs, Firm Returns Just $26,000

Officials had boasted ‘additional good-paying jobs for years to come’ Read more

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AFSCME Michigan Pays Women 85 Cents For Every Dollar For Men

If measured using simplistic pay gap methods used to tarnish others Read more

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Federal Prison For Trout Trafficking Raises Proportionality Concerns

Scholar says federal sting operation and prison sentences look like overcriminalization Read more

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