Pay Hikes Fewer But Still Happening At Fiscally Stressed Michigan School District

Falling enrollment and rising pension expenses mean cramped raises at Wayne-Westland Read more


Michigan Should Move Forward With Medicaid Work Requirements 

Work requirements empower people to become financially independent Read more

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Fiat Chrysler And Ford To Get $131M From Michigan Taxpayers; Earned $26.4 Billion Last Three Years

That subsidy program expired in 2019, but GOP lawmaker trying to bring it back Read more


Strengthen State Spending Limits

Government assistance allows more government spending under state limits Read more

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Union Tribunals’ $10,000 Hit On Electrician Brings Federal Labor Lawsuit

Former union contractor now working for wife's nonunion shop — and she was also threatened Read more

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Highest-Pay School District’s Union Compares Teacher Pay To A Minnow

Average teacher pay is $82,065 at this Macomb district Read more


Michigan Wins by Attracting Everyone

College graduates and young people aren’t special Read more

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US House Would Overturn Michigan's Right-to-Work Law

Michigan voters rejected similar union overreach in 2012 Read more

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Newspapers, Experts Agree: Climate Causes Plummeting, Record High Water Levels

Looks like a Great Lakes consensus Read more


Use Better Assumptions to Pay for Pensions

Lawmakers should pay close attention to state pension systems Read more

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