Bill: No Diploma Unless Student Submits Intrusive Federal Aid Form

'FAFSA' college assistance form requires families disclose extensive personal finance data Read more


Analysis of the D.R.I.V.E. Alternative on No-Fault Reform

Proposal would increase lawsuits, incentivize fraud and drive insurers out of state Read more

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DTE Donated More Than $840,000 to Democrats, Pro-Whitmer Groups in 2018

Consumers Energy was also heavily involved in politicking Read more


If You Seek a Pleasant Road Funding Plan, Look About You

Lawmakers can spend more on roads without a tax hike Read more

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GOP Nearly Doubled Transportation Spending; Leftist Group Claims Republicans ‘Don't Care’

While controlling state government for eight years, Republicans authorized $7.4 billion in cumulative transportation increases Read more


EVs Have Already Had More Than Enough Taxpayer Help

It’s time for EV to compete or fail on their own Read more

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Corporate Subsidy Agency Lets Firm Walk With $140,000, No New Jobs

But a year later the company celebrated its 100th birthday Read more


Michigan May Have Turned a Corner on the Costs of State Employment

Benefits costs remain expensive but are declining Read more

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State’s Business Subsidy Cherry-Pickers Failed In Handout To Cherry Picker

Picking corporate subsidy winners and losers not like choosing fruit Read more


Worries Over Medicaid Costs No Reason to Oppose No-Fault Reform

Any increased costs would be dwarfed by the savings drivers will achieve Read more

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