90 Hours A Week, 52 Weeks A Year: Detroit Cop Claims 2,617 Overtime Hours 

Police tell CapCon it will investigate; six officers claimed 2,000+ overtime hours Read more


The Michigan Budget Fight Is Not Over Roads – It’s Everything Else

Budgets should be in line with lawmakers' priorities Read more

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School Superintendent Gets Raises And Funding Hikes, Complains ‘Funding Broken’

Her districts’ inflation-adjusted increases range from 8.4 percent to 12.7 percent Read more

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71 Percent Of New School Employees Choose 401(k) Over Pension

Employees themselves now on the hook for pension underfunding Read more


Lawmakers Shouldn’t Bend to Bad Road Funding Policy To Meet Arbitrary Road Deadline

Lack of consensus on road funding not a good reason to shut down the government Read more


Website Calls Detroit Charter School ‘Struggling,’ Silent On Failing District Schools Nearby

Charter scored a ‘C’ on income-adjusted school ratings, but its conventional competitors got an ‘F’ Read more

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Michigan 'Teacher Shortage’ Claims Not Factual

‘Anecdotal and media reporting is not sufficient’ Read more


Governor Whitmer Stands Up for the Michigan Constitution

Veto of appropriations puts legislative scheme on hold Read more

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Back Pay Boosted Reinstated Cop to $201K 

Cleared of sexual misconduct, officer was highest paid Dearborn employee in 2018 Read more


Want More School Librarians in Michigan? Reform State Licensing Law

Community librarians just need a GED; school librarians need a master’s degree Read more

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