State's Corporate Welfare Partner Claims Thousands of Economists Support Stadium Subsidies

But economists uniformly oppose dinging taxpayers for projects like $125 million Kalamazoo facility Read more


Superintendent Earns Praise Painting School – Which Would Be Illegal If He Were Paid

Painting isn’t dangerous and Michigan should eliminate its license Read more

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Michigan Chamber of Commerce: Union-Backed Ballot Proposals Will Harm Business 

Employers may find it hard to manage their business under paid leave measure Read more


A Plea for Skepticism about the MEDC: An Open Letter

Lawmakers should take a closer look at economic development programs Read more

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Subsidies For A Few And Tax Hikes For The Rest Worked Poorly Here

All the former governor’s selective corporate handouts couldn’t overcome her huge tax hike or the Great Recession Read more

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State Corporate Welfare Didn't Work For Greenville

Centerpiece of previous governor’s economic policy, has also been favored by current candidates Read more


Michigan’s Trial Courts Have a Major Funding Problem

The statutory scheme that keeps them running is set to expire in 2020 – and there’s no back up plan in place yet Read more

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Medicaid Dues Skim May Come To An End, After All

Friends, relatives of disabled individuals among those swept into public sector unions Read more

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Election Night: More Corporate Handouts or More Personal Income Tax Cuts?

As expected, both candidates have different plans for economic growth Read more

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Municipal Governments Blame State For Their Property Tax Hikes

A presumption that state assistance should only go up Read more

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