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The Hesters attended Detroit public schools and believe now as parents, families need to have buy-in to make school a success for their children. Upon research, they found a charter that best suits their needs and their daughters are excelling.

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Successful Public School System Would Charge Tuition, Screen Applicants

East Grand Rapids Public Schools will start charging non-resident students tuition to enroll in an advanced high school program. The district also will mandate that applicants meet certain academic and behavioral standards. … more

Feds to Michigan: End Anti-Competition 'Tesla Ban'

Michigan law is tilted so much in favor of traditional auto dealers that the staff of the Federal Trade Commission considers it anti-competitive, and has now said so in writing. … more

Corporate Welfare Isn't 'Essential' to a Vibrant Economy

MLive columnist Rick Haglund overstated the importance of the state's corporate welfare programs when he wrote it plays a “vital role” in Michigan and is “essential” if citizens “want to continue the economic and job growth we are experiencing today.” … more

Bills Attempt to Shine Light on Government-Seized Property

A package of bills designed to give the public access to information on property seized by, or forfeited to, government entities is under consideration by a state House committee.  … more

Pure Michigan Scare Tactics

The House GOP plan to fix roads would redirect $185 million of spending on “economic development” programs to road construction and maintenance. The Michigan Economic Development Corporation does not want its funding cut and responded with what is known as the “Washington Monument syndrome.” … more

Lansing Schools: MEA President Steve Cook's Deal Never Considered 'Long Term Thing'

In 1993, Steve Cook was a 25-hour-a-week teaching assistant in the Lansing School District who signed a deal that would get him an estimated $105,000 state pension while working for a private union. The superintendent who signed that deal said the school district never envisioned such a thing happening. … more

How Michigan Can Pay for its Roads Without a Tax Increase

A new road funding plan should include redirecting current or future state revenue to help pay for roads. … more

House Road Plan Relies on Reality

The Detroit News calls the proposed House Republican roads plan “fantasy” because it provides additional road funding from future tax revenue growth. But Michigan’s growth is real and this means more money for roads. … more

Property Tax Revenue on the Rise

Property tax revenue in the state of Michigan is starting to recover from the nationwide mortgage crisis and Great Recession of 2007 to 2009 as revenue has increased for consecutive years for the first time in eight years. … more

Affluent School Districts Don't Guarantee Better Academic Performance

Some parents in affluent Michigan school districts may be surprised to learn the local school isn’t just failing to give their kids a leg up, it’s holding them back. … more

For the Record

The statewide news service MLive has sent mixed messages in its reporting on Michigan public school funding issues, appearing to cite conflicting data to match the conclusions of different stories or editorials. … more
MLive says the state needs to raise taxes for the roads and Michigan can't cut its way to prosperity. Except the state budget has increased by $3.9 billion since 2010-11. Where's the cutting? … more
To help pass a special education millage, Kalamazoo Public Schools sent out a letter with a claim it has cut $10 million in the past five years. It's own audited budgets tell a different story. … more
Detroit Free Press Columnist Brian Dickerson told readers that 'Michissippians' don't think Michigan can compete with New York, Ohio, North Carolina and Tennessee. But Michigan has had a higher percentage of job growth than those states the past five years. … more
A Taylor Public Schools teacher is quoted by the teachers union as saying they'll be accountable as soon as schools get more money. … more
What's to stop a school district from breaking the law and using its resources to support the passing of Proposal 1 on May 5? There's $2 billion at stake. Would a $100 fine be enough deterrent? … more
State of Michigan workers averaged 10.7 days of sick leave on average in 2013-14. That was on top of an average of 18 days of vacation taken. … more
Forest Hills Public Schools Superintendent Dan Behm may want to talk to one of his high school government teachers on just what the state constitution says about school funding. … more
Michael Moore made a movie criticizing corporate welfare and received $845,145 in corporate welfare from the Michigan Film Office. Chris-Teena Constas made the movie celebrating corporate welfare and didn’t get any money from the state. … more
Detroit has 90 percent of its conventional high schools failing academically. A recent study by a respected Stanford University research group found Detroit charter schools should serve as a model for other communities. Yet, a coalition led by the Skillman Foundation found fault with charter schools in their report. … more