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State Worker Salaries Stagnate Due to Skyrocketing Cost Of Benefits 

Costs $122,959 to employ a state worker; $54,845 of that is benefits Read more

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Change In Basic Water Use Law Could Hit Michigan Farms

Bill aims at particular water bottler, could restrict fruit and vegetable growers Read more

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Strong Demand For Government-Owned Broadband – From Government Officials

Two more Oakland cities well-served by commercial broadband looking to enter the business Read more


Without Context, Water Use Claims Are Misleading (Million? Billion? Trillions?)

Water use debate often occurs in an information vacuum Read more

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These Teachers Earning More Under ‘Right To Work For Less’

Their union is getting less, though Read more

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Motorists Already Doing More For Roads Without Another Tax Hike

'Nothing?' Drivers paying $298 million more gas tax + $226 million more license plate tax in 2020 Read more

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Gov. Whitmer Says Michigan Carmaker Jobs Up; They’re Not

And subsidized job projections not the same as actual jobs Read more

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Detroit School’s Response On Costly Travel Expenses Raise More Questions

Read more

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Moving Company Reports More Customers Leave Michigan Than Move Here

State will likely lose another seat in Congress after next census Read more

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Motorists Still Paying For Engler And Granholm’s Road Debt

Payments on those bonds use transportation tax dollars that would otherwise go to fix today’s roads Read more

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