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Food Stamp Abuse Rate Up, But Enrollment Down

From 924,643 enrolled in 2012 to 684,001 last year Read more

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State's Purchasing Manual Includes Unlawful Union Preference

So-called prevailing wage requirement still applies in manual; spokesman says it’s a mistake Read more

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Property Taxes Up $638 Million In 2018

Driven down by Lost Decade and Great Recession, Michigan property tax collections now up six years in a row Read more


Homeowner: Are All Uses Not ‘Permitted’ By Zoning Forbidden? 

That’s what one Michigan city appears to claim Read more

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Even Without Tax Hikes State Will Collect $1.2 Billion More Next Year

Gov. Whitmer's proposed tax hikes would make it $2.6 billion more Read more

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State Requires Welfare Truancy Sanctions, Can’t Say How Many Sanctioned

Household’s welfare benefits are cut off if a child is truant Read more

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Republicans Imposed Medicaid Work Requirements; Governor Wants to Undo Them 

Gov. Whitmer wants U-turn on making able-bodied medical welfare recipients get a job Read more

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Vox Media Criticizes Government Subsidies — But Took Them

‘Media on a government dole’ raises questions about independence and more Read more

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Tax Parity? Or Just A Big Tax Hike On Many Michigan Small Businesses?

Gov. Gretchen Whitmer proposes increasing tax rate on many businesses from 4.25 percent to 6 percent Read more

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Michigan Road Funding Doubled In 10 Years

That’s not counting governor’s newly proposed 45 cent gas tax hike Read more

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