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Does Michigan Impose Unconstitutional Fees On Criminal Defendants?

State Supreme Court to rule on fees in criminal cases Read more

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State Dems Want Public Education To Do And Spend More

Universal preschool programs could cost taxpayers $826.5 million Read more

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Kent County Agency Wants 10 Years To Fill Open Records Law Request

Agency says it will cost $241,000 Read more

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Madonna Helps Charter School Detroit Tried To Block

She’s in for $100,000 as effort underway to renovate abandoned Detroit school Read more


Michigan Schools And Families Were Hurt By 800,000 Lost Jobs

Public school establishment complaining about cuts that happened 10 years ago Read more

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Detroit Public Schools Fails To Respond To Overdue Open Records Request

It’s the law Read more

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Who's Moving Up In Next Year's Michigan Legislature

Party breakdowns, and who's new in Senate Read more

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Teachers Union Could Face Millions In Clawback Payments To Workers

Federal class-action lawsuit contends compulsory fee payments violated government workers' free speech Read more

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Legislature Makes Strong Pro-Israel Statement, U-M Goes Other Way

Broad bipartisan majorities approved anti-boycott contracting law; U-M hosted Israel boycott conference Read more

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Farm Lobby Says 1 In 6 State Jobs Due To Ag; Economists Call ‘Manure’

Federal statistics classify 1.1 percent of Michigan jobs as farmers or farm workers Read more

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