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Auto workers can still resign from UAW and work during strike

Michigan’s right-to-work law, slated for repeal, is still in effect Read more

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Closed West Michigan nuclear plant has a buyer for its energy

Company cited ‘adverse financial viability’ in its closure, but believes problem is resolved now Read more

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Senate bill would allow cigar bar with bad paperwork history to skirt Michigan’s smoking law

Senate regulatory committee will consider bill at Thursday morning hearing Read more


Jennifer Granholm’s terrible, horrible, no good, very bad EV trip

Even NPR admits non-Teslas have a road trip problem after Energy Department staffers block charger and citizen calls 911 Read more


Michigan test results quantify COVID-era learning loss

Struggles in early grades predict trouble in later years Read more

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Federal court severely curtails civil asset forfeiture in Michigan

How lawmakers should respond Read more


32-hour work week would be the end of Detroit

If Detroit becomes a part-time town, it will stop being Detroit. Read more

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Despite talk of transparency, in 2023 Lansing is opaque as ever

Word and deed are in conflict in the state capital Read more

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How California learned to stop worrying and embrace fossil fuels

If sunny California can’t run on solar panels, why would anyone think cloudy Michigan can? Read more


Auto buyers have good reasons for avoiding e-cars

Electric vehicles are the least effective way of satisfying consumers' needs Read more

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House committee raises national security concerns with Ford partnership

Rep. Walberg of Michigan signs on to letter worrying that Ford will take a back seat to Chinese company CATL Read more

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U-M demands COVID-positive students leave campus housing

University recommends hotel stays for college students who fall sick, without accounting for cost Read more


Michigan’s got the bloated budget blues

Taxpayers get little return from spending increases Read more

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Ann Arbor firefighter wins appeal, receives unemployment benefits

Firefighter to get benefits after city fails to show at hearing Read more


In words and deeds, Whitmer sends mixed message on China

Speech demands Michigan reduce reliance on goods from China, while touting Chinese EV battery plants Read more


A new school year offers Michigan parents a new chance to engage

Here’s how to follow the goings-on in your school and school district Read more

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Whitmer touts 100% clean energy standard, doesn’t mention nuclear

Governor’s plan to push solar and wind could be elevated to state law this fall Read more

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Michigan energy regulator considers penalties for mass power outages

Public asked to weigh in on proposals to punish Michigan utilities for poor performance Read more

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Whitmer: Governor’s residence went days without power after storms

Not even the governor’s residence was spared the mass power outages of the last week Read more

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Nessel: AG opinion premature, but MiLEAP constitutional on its face

Facial review does not preclude future action, Nessel writes Read more

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No, Michigan climate policy won’t improve the weather

Protecting the vulnerable means keeping their lights on Read more


Freeway floods, power outages show Michigan failing at what matters

Pride precedes fall as weather event shuts down boastful state Read more


McMorrow blames racism for out-of-control state spending

...or something like that; it’s hard to tell Read more

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UAW says it is ‘strike-ready,’ supported by 97% of members

Sept. 14 ‘is a deadline, not a reference point,’ union president warns as practice pickets begin Read more

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Two Michigan lawmakers join Mackinac Center’s tax cut lawsuit

Some $714 million in state tax revenue at stake in action to restore lawful tax cut Read more

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