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Teacher, Poet, Pizza Guy - At $82k Says Side Job Needed To Pay Bills

But also said his pay is ‘by no means terrible’ at the Ann Arbor school district Read more


National Groups Push Music Therapist Licensing – Which Benefits Themselves

Michigan’s up next in considering music therapist bill Read more

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‘Right Now’: Timetable For Group’s ‘Stop Burning Fossil Fuels’ Demand

But 75% of Michigan homes are heated with gas, and renewables produce just 8% of electricity Read more


Mislabeled Good Jobs for Michigan Program Would Be Added to the Business Subsidy Scorecard

Corporate handouts continue to be ineffective Read more

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Even Without 45-Cent Gas Tax Hike, Transportation Spending Up 58 Percent Since 2011

That’s after inflation, and $350 million more is projected by 2021 Read more

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Enacting A New State Law Costs $272,500, On Average

All those ‘Dead On Arrival’ position-taking bills cost money too Read more

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Octogenarian Bailiffs Finally Get Dismissed From Detroit Court

‘One of my favorite stories of government run amok’ Read more

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Ann Arbor Teacher Doesn’t Like Betsy DeVos, Or School Choice

Gets $97k in salary and wrote a musical satirizing secretary of education Read more


Lack of Money For Universities Didn’t Cost Michigan Amazon – Or Economic Growth

There is little relationship between state spending and results Read more


Will Wild Rice Really Save The Great Lakes?

Without prioritization, it’s hard to know if Great Lakes Restoration money is well-spent Read more

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