Possible Fire Sprinkler License Would Be Nation's Most Restrictive

‘Work experience’ requirement exceeds requirements for practicing law Read more


How to Prioritize the Budget to Spend $1 Billion More on the Roads in a Single Year

Redirect money from Indian gaming, arts and cultural spending, AgBio research and more Read more

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Detroit Mayor’s Bodyguards Collected $190,000 In Overtime Last Year

2018 overtime payments more than $40,000 higher than 2017 Read more

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New Licensure Mandate And Fees Make It Harder To Be A Midwife

If fewer enter the profession, expectant mothers may have fewer choices Read more

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Bill Would Ban Naming Roads After Politicians

The honor would be limited to fallen service members and first responders Read more


Not Much Difference Between Current Corporate Handouts and Recliner Subsidies

Slouching towards subsidies Read more

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Report: Michigan Police Kept $15 Million Taken Mostly From ‘Little Guys’ In 2018

‘Police do use it to raise revenue’ Read more

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Voters In More Than 700 Michigan Towns Said ‘Yes’ To Local Road Taxes

While Lansing squabbles over how much is really needed Read more

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Why Is Michigan In The Airport Business?

Lawmaker asking questions but not finding answers Read more

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Farmington Officials Boldly Go Where Others Failed: Government Broadband

Taxpayers end up holding the bag when results fall short of promises Read more

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