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On House Bill 4001, Michigan Senate Republicans deny immediate effect, preserve tax cut

State will cut tax rate from 4.25% to 4.05%, not issue one-time checks of $180 Read more

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Feds give Michigan $110M to install 127 EV chargers

Michigan will spend $866K per installed charger; Federal goal is to build ‘a nationwide network of EV chargers’ Read more

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Top Michigan Democrat blames DTE Energy for slow response to ice storm. Now what?

Will Rep. Abraham Aiyash’s criticism of Michigan energy giant translate into action? Read more

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Michigan Senate Republicans held the line on House Bill 4001; will Democrats change the rules?

Two months into majority leadership in the legislature, Democrats look to change the rules of the game Read more


Whitmer’s tutoring plan is too little, too late to fix learning loss

Michigan students might have coped better with learning loss if governor had not vetoed a similar GOP plan in 2021 Read more


Taxpayers to spend $680K per job at Ford’s Marshall battery plant

Bad math and bad business make good politics for those playing on public confusion. Read more


Sixty by 30: Whitmer slow-walks Michigan taxpayers into paying for all college education

The word ‘free’ should never be used when doling out taxpayer money Read more

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Train company in line for $15M subsidy sent contaminated soil to Wayne County

Norfolk Southern made the choice to send the toxic soil to Michigan, says Wayne County Executive Warren Evans Read more

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Tucker Carlson joins the Overton Window podcast

Fox News host joins Mackinac Center podcast to talk life and political commentary Read more

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U-M requires COVID boosters for students who live on campus

Lancet study concludes natural immunity is superior; U-M decides shots should still be mandatory Read more

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Michigan leaders seek $750M for Ford site in Marshall

‘Not a cent’ of site-readiness funds will go to Ford directly, officials say; but the plan could bring the automaker nearly $1 billion in direct incentives and tax abatements Read more

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Ann Arbor schools’ mask mandate did not stop the spread of COVID-19

District imposed a mask mandate when students returned to school in January Read more

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How Michigan reps voted on ending traveler vaccine mandate

Along party lines, Michigan’s delegation to U.S. House votes to keep forcing foreign visitors to take shots Read more


Sustainability-linked bonds: Another arrow in the ESG quiver

Bonds would offer governments a financial incentive to make bad decisions Read more

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Axios: The EV is not ready for prime time

What a journey from Michigan to Florida reveals about range anxiety and the electric vehicle Read more


Hohman: Michigan economy needs to catch up

Michigan hands out corporate welfare to cover up for a poor business climate. It doesn’t work. Read more


After Ohio train derailment, time for a sober look at Line 5

Whitmer must face reality: Pipelines are far safer for transporting volatile materials than rail, truck, or airplane Read more

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Part-time grocery worker says AG had to intervene in dues skim

Michigan attorney general’s office helped employee use his legal right to opt out of union membership Read more

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EU votes to “effectively” ban sales of gas vehicles after 2035

The same year Michigan will quit coal, the European Union will quit the internal combustion engine Read more

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MEDC asks $5,700 for nondisclosure agreements

Government-by-NDA has been business as usual in Michigan. But the Mackinac Center insists on transparency Read more

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Why a Michigan paraprofessional left his union

Since 2012, membership ranks of support staff in the Michigan Education Association have shrank 56% Read more


Michigan Rep: 102nd Legislature is off to a rocky start

Michigan lawmaker bemoans lack of debate, regular order and transparency at Capitol Read more

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GAO estimates $60B in unemployment fraud during pandemic

GAO report blames both administration and equipment for the failure, says Department of Labor needs antifraud strategy Read more

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Don’t call it learning loss, says Ann Arbor superintendent

Superintendent Jeanice Swift disputes value of the term “learning loss,” admits COVID affected “trajectory of growth” Read more

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In the Michigan House, COVID-19 policy is for staff, not members

Members are encouraged to follow the guidelines, but twice this year, representatives have shown up to cast votes after testing positive Read more

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