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Michigan Supreme Court Looks At Intrusive Police Fingerprint Collecting

A Mackinac Center amicus brief backs ACLU's complaint, along with Cato Institute and others Read more

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Michigan School Revenues Up 47% Over Two Years

Feds pouring in $7.9 billion this year Read more


Masks in School and Misplaced Priorities

Children are more at risk from fatal accidents than from COVID-19 Read more

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Local United Way Raises Money For School Supplies State Already Must Provide

With $6.1 billion in federal COVID funds pouring into Michigan public schools money is no obstacle Read more

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Traverse City’s Government Broadband Scheme Falling Short, Yet Marquette Wants To Do The Same

Residents’ electric bills go up when municipal utilities’ broadband adventures can’t meet their debts Read more

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Grand Ledge Schools Get Heat For Hiring MSU Critical Race Theory Advocate

‘Schools are manifestations of the imperialist white supremacist capitalist patriarchal educational enterprise’ Read more

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U.S. Appeals Court Upholds State Health Department’s School Mask Mandate Authority

Turns back a raft of constitutional violation claims Read more

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State's Outdated Messaging On Vaccine Effectiveness Hides Recent Trends

Read more

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School Mask Agony: Two Public Education Systems, Two Policies, One Shared Building

It’s happening in Midland and illustrates parents' challenges Read more

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Could Be Worse: Study Finds Michigan’s Regulatory Burden On Business Less Than Nearby States

Mercatus Center finds this to be the least-bad Great Lakes state Read more

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