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Walled Lake Teacher Contract Analysis

The following is a detailed analysis of the current Walled Lake Consolidated Schools teacher contract. Walled Lake employs 990 teachers and enrolls 15,300 students. Of its $167 million operating budget, 87 percent is devoted to employee compensation.

 Salary Schedule 

  • Salaries are determined strictly by "steps," which use a matrix of years experience and graduate credit hours and degrees.
  • There of 25 "steps" on the schedule, so teachers get automatic pay raises (2-3 percent) for their first 25 years in the district.
  • 89 percent of teachers have graduate degrees and 80 percent have more than 5 years experience, meaning the vast majority of teachers' base salary is between $50,405 and $81,361.
  • The Michigan Department of Education reported the average teacher salary in Walled Lake in 2007-08 was $74,105.
  • In addition to step increases, the entire salary schedule increases by 1 percent each year.

Pension and Retirement Benefits 

  • Every teacher participates in the state-run Michigan Public School Employee Retirement System, a defined-benefit lifetime pension system
  • Pension calculation: highest 3-year average compensation X 1.5 percent X years of service
  • Retirement eligibility: 30 years of service at age 46 or 15 years of service at age 55
  • Teacher contribution:  5.4 percent of salary
  • After 55, subsidized medical, dental and vision insurance for life (employees never contribute more than 18 percent of premiums)
  • Annual pension based on average salary of $74,105 and 30 years of service: $33,347.25

Fringe Benefits 

  • District pays complete cost  of health insurance premium (approximately $14,500 annually)
  • Two health insurance options:
    • Plan A - MESSA Choices II with $100/$200 deductible and $10/$20 RX card, $40,000 life insurance, long-term disability, dental, vision.
    • Plan B - $1,200 cash payment, life, long-term disability, dental, vision.
  • Severance pay: $250 per year of experience (maximum of $7,500)
  • Substitution teacher pay for  50 percent of their accumulated sick/leave days upon retirement, resignation or termination

Bonus Pay for Additional Duties or Certification 

  • Certification with the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards: $2,000
  • Department chairpersons: $1,539-$6,928 (varies by size of department and experience)
  • Curriculum coordinators : $4,617-$6,928, (varies by experience)
  • NCA chairs get stipend of $3,600 or $1,800 (depending on their building)
  • Other wage rates for additional duties:
    • $27.40/hr for Saturday tests
    • $28.20/hr for summer school
    • $0.47 per minute for temporary substitution
  • Class of more than 30 students: 1/6-1/5 of salary
  • Elementary after school special education classes: 5-20 percent of salary (varies by class size)

Work Schedule 

  • Required number of work days: 179
  • Daily schedule: Begins 5 minutes before the first class and ends 5 minutes after the last class
  • Maximum of 7.5 hours per day at school (1,342 hours per year)
  • A 30 minute uninterrupted lunch period
  • Compensation day for every evening parent-teacher conference
  • Substitute teacher pay:
    • Working on "compensation days"
    • Training during the summer

Leave Time 

  • 11 days at beginning of school year
    • 2 for personal use
    • 3 days for bereavement
    • 2 days for non-Christian religious holidays
  • Unlimited accumulation of leave days
  • 2 years of leave time for joining military, Peace Corps, Job Corps or America Corps
  • 2 years of unpaid leave for childcare (seniority and tenure remain intake)
  • 2 years of personal illness/disability beyond sick days (unpaid)
  • 1 year for tenured teachers to attend school
  • All persons on leave can stay on district's health insurance plan
  • 12 weeks for birth of child, adoption, or family illness. Health insurance paid by district
  • Year-long sabbatical leave for tenured teachers at half salary and full benefits
  • 7 days for union business (union pays for substitutes) 

Compensation for Union President 

  • Union president is released from classroom teaching without loss of pay or fringe benefits
  • Additional stipend: $4,617-$6,928 (union pays half)
  • 10 per diems during summer 

Extra Curricular Activities Compensation 

  • Coaching (based on years of experience)
    • Head football, basketball, volleyball and wrestling coach: $4,617-$6,928 (assistants: $3,078-$4,619)
    • Head ice hockey, track, baseball, gymnastics, swimming, softball and soccer coach: $4,233-$6,351 (assistants: $2,693-$4,042)
    • Head  pom pom, cheerleading, golf, tennis, skiing and cross country coach: $3,078-$4,619 (assistants: $2,309-$3,464)
    • Middle school coaches: $1,924-$4,042
  • Music and Fine Arts (based on years of experience)
    • Band, orchestra, chorus and marching band: $1,924-$2,887
    • Assistant high school marching band and pep band: $770-$1,732
    • High school drama/musical producer: $7,696-$11,548 (may be split between teachers)
    • Middle school play director: $1,539-$2,309
  • Miscellaneous
    • High school forensics: $3,848-$5,774 (assistants: $2,309-3,464)
    • Senior class sponsor: $2,693-$4,042
    • Junior, sophomore, freshman class sponsors: $770-$1,155
    • Camping program: $770-$1,732 (four nights; prorated based on length of trip)
    • Supervisor of Reproductive Health Education: $770-$1,155
    • Yearbook: $1,924-$2,887
    • Student newspaper: $1,154-$1,732
    • National Honor Society: $3,078-$4,619
    • Elementary safety patrol: $385-$577
    • $28.72/hr for drivers education
    • $27.40/hr for After School Cable Television Production Manager
    • Intramural coaches/sponsors receive $18/hr

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