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Analysis: State's Decision to Deny Wolverine Power Plant Smacks of a Double Standard

The Department of Natural Resources and Environment today announced the denial of the permit to install applied for by Wolverine Power Supply to build a new 600 megawatt coal fired power plant near Rogers City. DNRE claims to have based its decision on a finding by the Michigan Public Service Commission that the company failed to demonstrate the plant was needed to meet future supply needs. Michigan residents should demand that the same standard regarding the need for new power be applied to all new proposed power generation including wind power. Of course that will not happen from Gov. Jennifer Granholm's administration, which is a cheerleader for alternative energy even though it will raise the cost of energy bills for consumer and businesses in the state.

DNRE did not make the decision to deny the Wolverine permit based on the inability of the company to meet federal and state clean air requirements. The new coal fired power plant would undoubtedly be subject to stricter air quality standards and be cleaner than many existing power plants in the state that are decades old. Apparently the Granholm administration has decided which sources are acceptable for generating power in the state regardless of what state and federal law allows.

When state leaders disregard the rule of law by picking winners and losers, they create a high-risk environment for future capital investment in Michigan. Their actions foretell a dim future for job creation in the state. Perhaps the decision that Michigan will not need additional power is a self fulfilling prophesy.


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