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Noteworthy news that you may have missed this week…

POLITICO - Tuesday had 13 primary elections around the country; did the 'center' fight back?

Detroit Free Press - The Detroit City Council is considering banning employers from questioning whether an applicant has been convicted of a felony.

Grand Rapids Press - A technicality stops the Hangar42 studio $10 million tax credit. The Mackinac Center, a critic of the film subsidy program, originally broke the story about this controversial tax credit and notes, "All but three legislators voted 'yes' to launch the film subsidy adventure back in 2008."

...And MLive reports that the director of the embattled state agency that granted the tax credit for Hangar42 is retiring after being the center of a "storm of criticism."

Detroit News - An editorial says that more transparency is needed for the Michigan Film Office and its tax credits.

Mackinac Center - Huron Valley Schools Superintendent Robert O'Brien earned $418,965 in his final year, according to the MIRS Capitol Capsule.

Grand Rapids Press - Why consumers boycotting BP won't make much difference.

Two Guys Named Joe (podcast) - Joseph Munem says: "This week on TGNJ: Mackinac Island became the deck of the USS Missouri as Michigan 'leaders' surrender to Canada over DRIC. Silly/important endorsements. How many push-ups can Joe DiSano do?"

Off the Record (video) - Discusses the governor race, what went wrong during the Granholm administration, and a Michigan Chamber of Commerce endorsement that raised some eyebrows. Guests are Kathy Barks Hoffman, Vicki Thomas, Chris Christoff and Mark Hornbeck joining senior capitol correspondent Tim Skubick.

Carpe Diem - Eight reasons college tuition is going to be the next bubble to burst.

Let's Be Fair! - A government report on health care shows why we need tort reform.

National Post - A Canadian soccer league for kids makes a rule that if a team wins by five or more goals, they automatically forfeit the game.

Wall Street Journal - President Obama has apparently decided to move ahead on 'Cap and Trade' with remarks at Pittsburgh's Carnegie Mellon University. "The time has come, once and for all, for this nation to fully embrace a clean energy future," Obama said. "I want you to know, the votes may not be there now, but I intend to find them in the coming months."


Quote of the Week

"Private-sector job creation almost stopped in May. The 41,000 jobs created were dwarfed by the 411,000 temporary and low-wage government jobs needed to administer the census. Last year's stimulus having failed to hold unemployment below 8 percent as predicted, Barack Obama might advocate another stimulus - amending Article I, Section 2 of the Constitution, which mandates a census every 10 years. If it were every year, he could take credit for creating 564,000 - the current number of census takers - permanent jobs."

-          George Will


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