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This Week In Michigan

MLive - Hangar42 told contractors talking to media would 'kill the deal' for film incentives

...Walker reviews zoning regulations for controversial movie studio

Grand Rapids Press - Questions surrounding Hangar42 may indicate "bigger concern" of film credits.

Detroit News - Detroit should become the "Sam's Club" of cities.

Michigan View - Cost of Levin and Stabenow EPA vote: 90,000 jobs. - Higher education costs have been skyrocketing above inflation for decades.

Gubernatorial Race - A poll of Republican candidates shows Hoekstra in the lead, while a separate poll of both parties shows Hoekstra and Dillon up slightly.

Two Guys Named Joe (podcast) - "Political consultants Joe DiSano and Joe Munem discuss endorsements in the race for governor, is Mike Cox now in the lead?"

Off the Record (video) - "This week the governor has trouble with state worker retirements, more commercials are airing in the race for governor, and new polling data on Michigan's top political contest is released."

Blogging for Michigan - Controversial environmental activist Van Jones says Gov. Jennifer Granholm is the "gold standard" for governors in the clean energy economy.

The Blog Prof (video) - Rochester Community Schools has voted to eliminate academic class rank, with no explanation of why.

Cato - Why do leftists hate 'Robin Hood'?

Forbes - Where Americans are moving: In 2008, more than 10 million Americans moved from one county to another; this interactive map shows you where we have been going.

Wall Street Journal - Americans are addicted to owning homes.


Quote of the Week

"[Greece] could happen here, too. In Detroit, where two generations of political leadership have perpetuated the fiction that you can lose half your population, a goodly chunk of your residential tax base and most of your commerce and still function like it's 1975. In Michigan and New York and California and New Jersey, each in their own way living a fiscal lie that will take a generation - and probably some draconian cut-backs - to unwind. In the United States, whose debt load is exploding under an administration clearly in a hurry to enact a sweeping agenda supported by a steadily diminishing portion of the electorate."

-Daniel Howe, Detroit News


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