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This Week In Michigan

And the beat goes on for Hangar42 Studios:

Detroit Free Press - Hangar42 probed over tax credit.

NPR Michigan (podcast) - Hangar42 looks like a 'possible shady deal.'

WTOL 11 - Rep. Robert Dean aide resigns over film flap.

Grand Rapids Press - Attorney General Mike Cox subpoenas, searches state film office over Hangar42.

Connect Mid-Michigan - Meanwhile, the MEA rallies state teachers in Lansing. CMM asks, which is a better solution for schools? Raising taxes or teachers contributing 3% to their retirement?

Grand Rapids Press - Grand Valley State University could not get some local business owners to sell property to them at a price they want, so the university has decided to turn to the state to use eminent domain to take the private property by force. The warehouse owners are "astonished and disappointed."

Mackinac Center Blog - Property rights expert Russ Harding says GVSU is overstepping and that eminent domain should "only be used as a last resort."

Two Guys Named Joe (podcast) - Political consultants Joe DiSano and Joe Munem discuss the most recent poll in the race for governor and the Cox campaign claims television ads were stolen and posted on YouTube.

Republican Michigander - Bouchard supports a "revenue neutral" expansion of the services tax.

Carpe Diem - America's wealth has skyrocketed over the past half-century.

The Blog Prof - South Carolina elections show that it's not the Republicans who are racist.

Los Angeles Times - The city of Maywood, CA, which has over 28,000 residents, has decided to privately contract for all of its services.

Wall Street Journal - President Obama's Gulf Spill commission is filled with environmental activists already predisposed against drilling. There is only a single engineer and no experts on oil or drilling.


Quote of the Week

"Populism in the United States is a trickier proposition than in, say, South America. Here, the private sector isn't automatically a suspect proposition. Bill Clinton played the populism card as well as anyone. Harry Truman and JFK had famous fights with big steel. But none of these Democratic presidents routinely pistol-whipped private interests in the language [Obama] does. No previous president assembled a Cabinet with not one member from the private sector, as now."

-Daniel Henninger, Wall Street Journal


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