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This Week In Michigan - July 18

Michigan Views - Sit-down interviews and analysis with four of the Republican candidates for governor: Mike Bouchard, Mike Cox, Pete Hoekstra and Rick Snyder.

Governor Wanted - Michigan's Common Sense in Government and Smart Girl Politics asked the seven candidates for governor to sit down for a job interview. The five GOP candidates responded. These are the videos where they answer rapid-fire policy questions on four issues.

ABC News - A new poll shows Democrats especially vulnerable in November.

Detroit News - A rare death penalty trial in Michigan.

John Fund, On the Trail - Bill Gates predicts that teacher pensions will cause over 100,000 lay-offs in the coming years.

Cato@Liberty - San Francisco has decided to ban sugared soft drinks in vending machines on city property.

Two Guys Named Joe (podcast) - The political consultants discuss about the new gubernatorial poll, an endorsement from John McCain and drug testing in the 11th state senate district.

Carpe Diem - The new financial bill should really be called "The Lawyers' and Consultants' Full Employment Act of 2010."

Michigan Taxes Too Much - Right to Work legislation is a good start.

Cato@Liberty - The tea party is not so white after all.

Wall Street Journal - The big news in sports was LeBron James heading to Miami. Could the state's low tax rates have something to do with it?

ESPN - St. Louis Cardinals manager Tony LaRussa has come out in support of Arizona's controversial immigration law.


Quote of the Week

"I wish [Obama] would save his money and not come to Western Michigan. They were just swiping a Chinese charge card for [the stimulus] anyway, and my kid's got to pick up the tab." - Becky DeWind, co-owner of a Holland, MI company that received nearly $95,000 in stimulus money.


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