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Democratic Party Political Director Linked to Mysterious Tea Party Political Party

A tea party organizer says he has found the smoking gun that links the Democratic Party to the controversial "Tea Party" that is running candidates and seeking official ballot status in Michigan.

A "Jason Bauer" is listed on recent federal election documents and state campaign donation documents as the "political director" of the Oakland County Democratic Party. A "Jason H. Bauer" signed the affidavits as the notary on nine of the mysterious Tea Party Political candidates' paperwork turned in to the state of Michigan.

A "Jason H. Bauer" has registered twice to run for office in Oakland County, once as a Democrat in May of this year. Both times, the Auburn Hills home address given by "Jason H. Bauer" is the same as the "Jason Bauer" who is identified as the Oakland County Democratic Party political director on the state and federal campaign documents.

The "Jason H. Bauer" signature on the Oakland County document also appears substantially similar to the notary signatures on the Tea Party political party candidate filings revealed this week.

Bauer didn't immediately return a message left for him at the Oakland County Democratic Party headquarters. A message left for the party leaders wasn't immediately returned.

Jason Gillman, a tea party organizer from Traverse City and author of the blog "Michigan Taxes Too Much," discovered Bauer's involvement while trying to dig up information on the newly formed Tea Party candidates.

"I couldn't get hold of these people (candidates)," said Gillman, who then said he knew that they had to file affidavits of identity with the state when running for political office. "Otherwise, it's like these people don't exist."

While reviewing the documents, he saw that Bauer had signed them.

"We have an important election coming up in November," Gillman said. "What I found is that there are forces out there that would like things to stay the same and they will go to all lengths to try to deceive people so they can keep it that way."

On the Oakland County Democratic Party website, Jason Bauer was listed as the contact and a member of the Host Committee for the party for Mike McGuinness, the chairman of the party.

The Detroit Democratic Party Meetup Group has a Jason Bauer page. On that page, Jason Bauer introduces himself as a member of the Oakland County Democratic Party and as a candidate for the Auburn Hills City Council. When Bauer filed paperwork to run for the Auburn Hills City Council, he identified himself as Jason H. Bauer.

On the Federal Elections Commission website, Congressman Gary Peters itemized his donations. A May 4, 2009, donation of $200 lists Jason Bauer as the contributor and lists his employer as the Oakland County Democratic Party and his occupation as "Political Director."

Jason H. Bauer, an Auburn Hills resident, is listed on the Oakland County Democratic Party website as being on the Host Committee for a birthday party for the chairman.

The Secretary of State website lists a Jason H. Bauer as being an active notary in Oakland County. His notary status expires in July 2016.

The number for Jason H. Bauer is listed on the Oakland County government listing of 2008 Democratic precinct delegates.

That number was called and a man answered.

The reporter asked to speak to Jason.

"Who is this?" the man said.

The man was told it was a reporter from Michigan Capitol Confidential

"Oh, you have the wrong number," the man said.

The reporter repeated back the number and asked if that was correct.

"Yep," the man said.

The reporter said he would try the number again. A second time, no one answered and no answering machine picked up.

The Michigan Democratic Party has denied being involved.

Chetly Zarko, who recently passed away, uncovered the petition drive necessary to create the Tea Party and discovered it was being done by Progressive Campaigns Inc. out of California. Their website has a client list that includes a campaign issue supported by George Soros, a well known supporter of Democrat causes. PCI also was involved with the Reform Michigan Government Now petition that was supported by Democrats and opposed by Republicans.

The Mackinac Center for Public Policy exposed that the designed purpose for RMGN was to re-write the Michigan Constitution in favor of Democrats. The proposal failed to gain ballot status in Michigan.

The Detroit Free Press has reported that the Tea Party leader is Mark Steffek, who is a retired autoworker and UAW steward. Grassroots tea party activists have not been supportive of unions.

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