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This Week In Michigan - July 31

Detroit Free Press - A game maker sues the state over the film incentive program.

Detroit Free Press - The Freep says a Macomb Republican seeking a state Senate seat is using "heavy and unfounded allegations" against her rivals ... and the politician admits she doesn't even know if the charges are true!

The American Thinker - A look at the primary election for Michigan's 6th Congressional District.

New York Times - Britain plans to decentralize its single-payer health care system.

...while some in Congress plan to bring back the public option here.

ABC - Where is the oil?

TIME - Is the oil spill damage exaggerated?

POLITICO - In the early 1980s, the economy turned around through tax cuts and deregulation of government in 17 months. Why is it taking so long now?

ESPN - The latest ruling on Title IX is absurd.

The Blog Prof - A new bill introduced in Congress would require two years of military or civilian service.

Carpe Diem - Why are Americans really cutting back on visits to the doctor?

Investor's Business Daily - "The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled this week that customers in wheelchairs are being denied the full 'Chipotle experience' of watching their food being prepared because Chipotle's 45-inch counters are too high."


Quote of the Week

"If this biker was at the Manoogian Mansion party and witnessed Kwame, Bernard and Mike Cox getting lap dances while Carlita took a table leg to a stripper he needs to sign a book deal not an affidavit."

-Political consultant Joe DiSano in MIRS Capitol Capsule


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