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Weekly Roundup - August 7

Election 2010

The Michigan View - It's "The Nerd" vs. "The Virg" for governor.

Detroit News - The "Kilpatrick Era" comes to a close in Detroit.

Grand Rapids Press - Justin Amash wins big in West Michigan.

Petoskey News - MI-1 goes to a recount as Benishek holds a one vote lead.


WZZM13 - The primary investor for Hangar 42 film studio is charged with a felony.

...while contractors sue for back pay.

The Oakland Press - Milwaukee teachers fight for coverage of taxpayer-funded Viagra.

Bloomberg - Government-backed mortgage giant Fannie Mae seeks $1.5 billion more from taxpayers after its 12th straight quarterly loss.

Detroit News - More Hondas are built in the U.S. than Japan.

Daily Caller - "Michigan tax incentives for film production produces uncertain results, corruption, and political dispute."

Wall Street Journal - Some in Congress want to "adjust" income taxes for the areas people live. "A family with an income of $50,000 or even $1 million in Manhattan would pay less federal income tax than a family with the same earnings in Omaha." Or Michigan.

ABC - A report from Republican senators John McCain and Tom Coburn highlight "wasteful" stimulus projects for things like monkeys on cocaine, yoga, and research on the causes of hot flashes.


Quote of the Week

"Like awarding one little league team five outs per inning and six strikes per batter, then doing a victory dance because they have a good inning, President Obama applauded the 'success' of his GM bailout in a visit to Detroit last week."

-          Holman Jenkins in the Wall Street Journal


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