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Weekly Roundup - August 21

Detroit Free Press - The smoking ban has drastically hurt many businesses across the state.

Mackinac Center - A much-praised study commissioned by 7 newspapers about school consolidation is not only plagiarized, but contains seriously "flawed analysis."

Education Week - The "edujobs" bill is wasteful with tax dollars and harmful to schools.

Detroit News - Sen. Carl Levin is hit in the face with a pie delivered from the Left.

Carpe Diem - Billionaires in America have pledged their money to charity; is society better served if they use it to create jobs instead?

The Blog Prof - Michigan's unemployment rate only decreased because people left the state.

Michigan View - Will Detroit Democratic leaders support for Rick Snyder?

Two Guys Named Joe (podcast) - Political consultants Joe DiSano and Joe Munem speculate on the Lt. Governor selections for both parties, tea partiers taking over the GOP convention and possible scandal with one Secretary of State candidate.

Los Angeles Times - Who is teaching LA's kids?

...teacher unions call for a boycott of the LA Times over the paper's analysis of teacher effectiveness.

Reuters - Barney Frank calls for the abolishment of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. In other news: Pigs fly!


Quote of the Week

"Few seem to realize the similarities between today's rallying cry of net neutrality and the demands in the 19th century that Washington regulate the rails. The railroads were the Internet of their day, a network of communications, goods and services linking the country together. The Interstate Commerce Commission (ICC) was created in 1887 to ensure fairness and set rates, much as net neutrality proponents today want the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to regulate traffic on the Web. The unintended result: Regulators protected incumbent railroads from competitors, suppressed new technologies, and left consumers with fewer choices and higher prices."

-          Gordon Crovitz in the Wall Street Journal


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