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Weekly Roundup - Sept. 18

NRTW - Both candidates for governor "punt" on right-to-work.

Michigan View - Some former congressional "spendaholics" are now taking a U-turn.

Grand Rapids Press - The court should end the forced-unionization of child care workers.

Ann - Bernero says Snyder is a wimp and a nerd.

Michigan View - Stabenow says female politicians are better legislators than men.

Mackinac Center - Michigan schools contract out more than ever.

The Blog Prof - Irony: Politicians are now calling for the government to help businesses who were harmed by the "stimulus."

Fox News - Vice president Joe Biden's "Summer of Recovery" meant construction, not jobs.

Wall Street Journal - The president takes a pass on helping school children in D.C.

Hit & Run - Los Angeles got stimulus money going to $5 cups of coffee and $2 million jobs.

POLITICO - Democrats fret over John Dingell's "safe" seat.


Quote of the Week

"A retired teacher paid $62,000 towards her pension and nothing, yes nothing, for full family medical, dental and vision coverage over her entire career. What will we pay her? $1.4 million in pension benefits and another $215,000 in health-care benefit premiums over her lifetime. Is it 'fair' for all of us and our children to have to pay for this excess?"

-New Jersey Governor Chris Christie


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