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Weekly Roundup - Sept. 25

WXYZ 7 - Michigan's film incentive program has big problems.

Detroit Free Press - Movie incentives come at a huge cost.

... New Jersey has decided to end their film taxpayer subsidies.

Associated Press - General Motors says the Volt will go 25-50 miles per battery charge; down from its previous estimate of 40.

Michigan View - General Tso's motors?

Detroit Free Press - Gubernatorial candidates finally agree on one debate.

Wall Street Journal - Is John Dingell in trouble?

Heritage Foundation - The effects of the Obama tax plan on Michigan.

New York Times - "Fair pay" doesn't always mean equal pay.

George Will - The earth doesn't care what is done for it or to it.

WIRED - The federal government says that privacy doesn't exist in "public places."


Quote of the Week

"I'm the guy who can stare down the unions. The fact is, my opponent is trying to say I'm the tool of the unions. Bull! A bunch of them can't stand me."

-         Democrat gubernatorial candidate Virg Bernero


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